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New York State Appraisal Board

New York State Appraisal Board functions under the New York State Division of Licensing Services, which is the chief agency in the state to issue licenses for various professional services. As it is illegal to practice as a professional appraiser without an appropriate license from the concerned authority, it is important to acquire information about the procedures that the New York State Appraisal Board follows to issue licenses to various kinds of appraisers. First of all, you need to know the basic requirements for licensure or certification. The three basic requirements include standard of education, passing of a specific exam conducted by the board and finally experience in relevant field.

New York Real Estate Appraisal License

The applicants are required to have completed the appraisal courses approved by the NYS Board of Real Estate Appraisal before applying for a particular category of licensure. The available categories of licensure for the New York Appraisers are State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser/Appraiser Assistant, State Certified Residential Appraiser and State Certified General Appraiser. Along with the educational requirements, the board also requires experiences from the candidates. However, if an applicant does not possess the necessary experience qualifications, he/she can apply for an Appraiser Assistant license.

A licensee from other states of the US can also apply for special kinds of licenses to perform business in the state of New York. If the appraisal job is of temporary nature, the applicants can be issued a temporary license or certification.

If however the applicant wishes to continue business for a longer term, he/she can apply for a reciprocal license, which is valid for a period of two years.

NY Real Estate Appraisers

The New York real estate appraisers work in collaboration with a lot of real estate professionals. Real estate brokers, insurance agents, bank officials and real estate agents are some of the professionals that can't do without the help of New York appraisers. The job of the appraisers is to provide an estimation of the value of a real property. There are certain rules for the appraisers to follow while assessing the worth of a real property. Such rules are enforced by the New York State Board of Real Estate Appraisal in order to provide a security coverage to the consumers. It may happen sometimes that a New York appraiser is found to be in violation of such rules. On report of such misconduct, the New York State Appraisal Board takes appropriate actions and ensures justice.

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