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North Carolina Appraisal Board

North Carolina Appraisal Board is a licensing authority for NC real estate appraisers, which endeavors to bring a very high standard of quality in appraisal practices. It also enforces state laws and the rules of Appraisal Board to makes it sure that its licensees follow the same in letter and spirit. If someone is found guilty of not obeying the laws properly, the NC Appraisal Board also holds disciplinary hearings and takes punitive actions.

According to the law, an person cannot work as a professional real estate appraiser unless he/she is licensed by the concerned authority, that is, North Carolina Appraisal Board. Moreover, the board does not award licenses instantly to just anybody. Instead there is a step-wise process and the applicant is required to be in possession of certain educational and other qualifications before applying for an NC appraisal License.

North Carolina Real Estate Courses

For example, you need to have completed 90 hours of classroom teaching in certain courses approved by the board in order to become a registered trainee. The 90 classroom hours also include 15 hours of National USPAP courses. While selecting appraisal schools that can help you complete these courses, make sure to settle on the one that is approved by the NC Real Estate Appraisal Board. After completing these courses, you can apply to the board with a filled-in application form, course completion certificates and required fees. You are also required to submit a criminal background check. After verification of your documents, the board will notify you of the appraisal exam that it conducts to test the knowledge of applicants.

NC Real Estate Appraisal License

When you pass the exam, a trainee number will be assigned to you, which enables you to practice as a registered trainee. Afterwards, you have access to other licensing categories, such as Licensed Residential, Certified Residential and Certified General, in that order. Alongside, you are also required to gain credits in continuing education in order to maintain your status as well as to move up in the licensing ladder.

North Carolina Real Estate Appraisal BoardThe North Carolina Appraiser Board is an important division of North Carolina Real Estate Board. This is because licensed real estate appraisers are helping a lot many professionals in their fields of work. Real estate professionals, such as brokers , realtors, sales agents or real estate agents are among those that require the services of NC Real Estate Appraisers quite frequently.

To know more about the North Carolina Appraisal Board, visit its official website.

North Carolina Appraisal Board
5830 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27609
Telephone: 919-870-4854
Fax: 919-870-4859

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