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Ohio Property Tax

Ohio Property Tax is levied on all kinds of residential, agricultural and commercial property throughout the state of Ohio. However, it is the counties and other local governments that usually levy and collect real property taxes in Ohio. All real property, with the exception of certain categories of agricultural land, is taxed at 35% of fair market value. The market value of real property is determined every six years, locally, by county assessors. But it is only the third year after reappraisal that equalization adjustments are made.

Ohio Property Tax Rates

Ohio Property Tax Rates are different for every taxing jurisdiction. The tax rate is determined, locally, by legislative authority taking into account the budgetary expenses of the relevant taxing jurisdictions, such as county, municipal corporation, township or school district. Moreover, the property tax rate must be approved by the local voters before it can be implemented. According to the Ohio Real Estate Tax Law, the governmental units can not levy property taxes more than 1% of true value without the approval of the voters. This 1% of taxable value is better known as 10 mill limitation.

OH Property Tax Records

Your property tax bill is computed on the basis of the assessed value of real property you own within the state of Ohio . The officials of taxing department perform reappraisal of your property every six years and records are kept with the offices. You can access information regarding any Ohio Property Tax Records by visiting the official sites of relevant taxing department.

Such Ohio Property Tax Records help you know a great deal about the assessed value of real property and many other valuable information. Ohio Property Tax Relief is also available in the form of Property Tax Credits, Homestead Exemptions, Percentage Rollback and Tax Reduction Factor. For more information regarding property tax in Ohio, visit the official site of Ohio Department of Taxation.

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