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Oklahoma Foreclosure Law

Oklahoma Foreclosure Law can be conducted via judicial as well as non-judicial way, but judicial foreclosures in OK are more common. The processing period is of about 186 days without the right of redemption.

Foreclosure Laws in Oklahoma

According to Oklahoma foreclosure law, out of court foreclosures are not allowed in many cases so the lender must get the orders from the court to initiate the foreclosure process in OK. Mortgage lender first of all gives the warning letter to the borrower, which should be for the period of 35 days and after this he/she files a complaint in the court. But if the default has occurred for three times then there is no need to send the notice of intended foreclosure to the borrower according to the foreclosure law in OK. The court then send the notice to the defaulter who needs to respond within 20 days. But if this does not happen then the court give judgment against the borrower.

Foreclosure Notice of Sale

Foreclosure law in Oklahoma needs the notice of sale to be recorded in the county with recorders office where foreclosed property is located. Notice of sale is also advertised in the local newspaper of the county where Oklahoma Foreclosure Home is located. It should be published for four consecutive weeks, once in each week. The date of first ad should be at least 30 days before the date of sale. The notice should contain the lender and borrower's name, description of the property, sale's location and time.

Foreclosure Auction

Property is then appraised for the auction. After which, at public auction the property is sold by the Sheriff. The opening bid should not be less than two third of the appraised value. If property has not been appraised then there is no need for the minimum bid. The highest bidder then give the cash or certified funds. These should be equal to 10 percent of the bid. The whole foreclosure process starts again if Sheriff's sale has been canceled.

The lender within the 90 days of the foreclosure sale can go for the deficiency judgment. But if there is a confirmation of sale from the court then there exists no right to redeem the property in OK. has also listed websites on Oklahoma foreclosure law. You can check these for further help.
Foreclosure has the entire information on the foreclosure law, notice of sale, redemption of the property and other features of foreclosure in OK.
Foreclosures To
Foreclosures To explains the Oklahoma foreclosure law in detail and with this your understanding regarding foreclosure increases to a great extent.
Foreclosure has explicitly gone through the foreclosure laws in Oklahoma. You can find the details of the OK foreclosure process.

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