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Oregon Mortgage Lenders

Oregon mortgage lenders offer many types of home finance loans to assist the borrowers and home buyers who don't have enough money to buy their homes. Oregon is one of best places to own a home and there are many urban areas, small cities and beautiful landscapes. Moreover, the state is known for its wonderful waterfront homes located in the coast of the Pacific ocean. Even though, every citizen dream of owning a home, most of them are unable to fulfill it due to certain financial problems. However, with the huge variety of home loans provided by mortgage lenders in Oregon, they can realize their dreams. Today, there are numerous local as well as nationwide lenders who offer different types of home loans at competitive rates.

Oregon Mortgage Lender Law

According to the mortgage law of Oregon, home loan lenders are required to get their license in order to operate in the state. A number of requirements are set by the licensing department and the applicants are required to fulfill them. Whether you are thinking to buy a waterfront property of a vacation home in Oregon, there are several types of loan programs to choose from. By finding out a reliable Oregon mortgage lender, you will be able to get a number of loan options that include fixed-rate loan, refinance loan program, FHA loan, adjustable-rate loan, VA loan, jumbo loan, conforming loan, home equity loan and home equity line of credit. Majority of the OR mortgage lenders also provide online availability and they are very easy to search. You will get some additional services when you seek the help of these online home loan lenders. The following are some convenient services offered by the online lenders.
  • Free loan quotes
  • Pre-qualification application
  • Online loan application
  • Fast loan approval
  • Friendly customer support
  • Mortgage calculators

Oregon Mortgage Lenders Association

The Oregon Mortgage Lenders Association regulates the code of ethics for the lenders in the state. It is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the ethical standard of the home loan lending business in the state. The association is comprised of lenders and many other individuals who are closely related to the mortgage industry in Oregon. The association provide education and training courses for its members to enhance their performance.

Finding a reliable mortgage lender is very important if you want to get the lowest possible loan rate in the market. Before approaching the lenders, you should check your credit rating and prepare a financial statement as they are surely going to ask for it. You are also required to check if the lender has any hidden cost or not. Some home loan lenders make many promises however they charge several hidden fees that are quite annoying for the borrowers.
Oregon Mortgage Lenders Association
Visit the official website of Oregon Mortgage Lenders Association to get all the details on the services provided by the organization. They association work to improve the mortgage lending business in the state of Oregon.
Mortgage X
Mortgage X has been specialized in providing a wide range of home mortgage services in most of the US states. The company also provide an online directory where they offer details on some of the most reliable mortgage lenders in Oregon.
At, you will be able to find comprehensive details on the top mortgage lenders offering several loan options in Oregon. You can get names, addresses and contact details of the mortgage lenders from the Website of the company.

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