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Oregon Foreclosure Process

Oregon Foreclosure Process must be followed for buying those affordable homes. The rates of these properties are very attractive thus allure many buyers for making some of the wise investments. Government foreclosure homes which cover HUD, VA and FHA homes, are the most sought after properties.

Oregon Foreclosure Laws

But for buying, selling and even for purchasing a new home, information concerning Oregon foreclosure law is must to have so that the whole process can be understood. OR foreclosure law has the provision for judicial and non judicial foreclosure with almost 180 days for the completion. Original homeowner enjoys the right of redemption and lender has the right of applying for the deficiency judgment. The whole difference in the process comes with the presence or absence of Power of Sale in the Deed of Trust or mortgage. If it is there then the process is judicial but if Power of Sale is not present then the process will take place by non judicial manner.

Foreclosure Process in Oregon

In judicial foreclosure process the redemption period begins after the date of sale and it is for 180 days. For this the notice must be filed by the borrower withing 2-30 days. Non Judicial foreclosure also have two options. If the procedure of the auction and foreclosure has already been defined then it will happen accordingly otherwise the following Oregon foreclosure process and procedure is followed:
  • The Notice of Default is recorded with the recorder's office in the county where property is located. The same notice before 120 days of the foreclosure auction is served to the defaulter.
  • For four successive weeks the notice of sale is advertised in the newspaper with one coming in every week. The last notice should be published 20 days prior to the sale.
  • The notice of sale contains the description of the property, amount that is owed, deed of trust information, time, place and date of sale.
  • Auction takes place on the said date within 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the place, which is mentioned in the notice. Except for the trustee anyone can make the bid.
  • Now the sale of the foreclosure property in Oregon can be postponed for 180 days but for this 20 days advance notice is issued to the earlier recipients' of the notice.
  • In case of non judicial foreclosure process in OR there is no provision for the deficiency judgment.
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