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Oregon Property Tax

Oregon Property Tax is used to provide various public services, such as police or fire protection, education, sanitation etc at local level. Hence, the amount of your property tax in Oregon goes to the local government, such as county, city or township. There are two things that form the basis of your property tax, the assessed value of your real property and the fund required by your taxing jurisdiction for various public expenditures.

Oregon Property Tax Law

However, limits are placed on these factors by the Oregon Property Tax Law. The limits are exercised through a maximum assessed value and operating tax rates. Oregon Property Tax Assessment is performed every year by county assessor on all real property within a taxing jurisdiction. Alongside, the Real Market Value (RMV) is determined and the Maximum Assessed Value (MAV) is calculated for each real property. While the real market value is the actual value of a real property that a buyer is willing to pay for it in a fair market condition, the maximum assessed value is the taxable value limit specific to each property. The lesser of the two is called the assessed value, which is used for the purpose of Property Tax Assessment in the state of Oregon .

Property Tax Appeal Oregon

In case you are not satisfied with the estimated value of your property, you can make an appeal for rectification in the assessed value. This can be done by approaching your county board of property tax appeals and convincing them of your claim by citing relevant supporting documents. Such documents may include comparable sales data or appraisal reports. Your OR property tax statement includes property tax bill as well as your value notice. Other kinds of taxes, charges, fees or assessments may also be included in your tax bill. Such additional charges depend on the services provided by your districts and may not be based on the value of your property.

Property Tax Information

With the introduction of Internet, getting vital information on property tax features has become completely hassle free. For more information regarding other aspects of Oregon Real Estate Tax, such as property tax records, rates, exemptions, etc, visit the official website of Oregon Department of Revenue.

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