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Oregon Real Estate Agency

Oregon Real Estate Agency has many divisions and lead by the Commissioner who looks after the working of the agency. Real Estate Agency in OR was established in 1919 with an aim of protecting consumers. To achieve this regularization of the real estate sector is done by licensing the real estate brokers and sales persons.

Oregon Real Estate Agency enforces Real Estate Laws to the following real estate professionals:
  • Property Managers
  • Escrow Agents
  • Real Estate Marketing Organization
  • Brokers

Oregon Real Estate Board

Oregon Real Estate Commission/Agency takes the help from the Oregon Real Estate Board that has nine members. Seven members are from the real estate sector and two from the public who are appointed by the Governor. Members serve for the period of four years and Oregon Real Estate Board meetings are done six times a year. Board assists the Oregon Real Estate Agency in making rules, checking the process of license examination and find out more on the real estate matters happening in the reality souk.

Real Estate Agency of Oregon: Its Activities

Real Estate Agency in Oregon handles the matter related to the real estate license, renewal, examination, complaints and at the same time regularizes the real estate offices and many of the escrow organizations. Real estate professionals can also get education materials and attend the seminars for fresh information.

Oregon Real Estate Commission/Agency has the following divisions:
  • Office of Commissioner
  • Real Estate Board
  • Education Division
  • Licensing Section
  • Regulation Division
  • Information Systems Section and
  • Administration Service Section
Land development programs, telemarketing, drafting of rules and regulations is done by the Office of Commissioner. Regulation Division of the OR Real Estate Agency handles the complaints that comes from the consumer and through audit against the real estate professionals who break the real estate law.

Matters are investigated and also solved. Besides this regulation division also conducts the financial and record audits and under these audits land development offices, property management, escrow and real estate are covered. Audits programs are also done by the regulation division of Oregon Real Estate Commission. Through the Education Division the Oregon Real Estate Agency approves the real estate schools, curricula, makes the pre-licensing course, approves the instructors. Apart from this real estate news, journals and manuals are also published by the education division. Real Estate Agency of Oregon is thus a regulatory body that governs every aspect of licensing, education, exam and even checks the complaints. Administration services section and Information Systems Section administers the working of the Real Estate Agency of Oregon.

Contact details of the OR Real Estate Agency has also been given by

Oregon Real Estate Agency
1177 Center St. NE
Salem, OR-97301
Ph # 503-378-4170
Fax: 503-378-2491


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