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PA Property Tax

Pennsylvania Property Tax is not levied by the state of Pennsylvania, but by the local governments - municipalities, counties and school districts. The PA property tax rate, as a result, is not the same throughout the state and depends upon the area you live in. Moreover, only real estate in Pennsylvania is taxed and there is no tax for personal property. Furthermore, there are certain types of property that are not considered for property taxes in Pennsylvania. Such property includes places of worship, cemetery, charitable organizations, educational institutions and government property.

Pennsylvania Property Tax Rates

The rate of Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax is determined on the basis of two factors - the assessed value of your property and the millage rate of the taxing jurisdiction in which your property is located. In PA, property tax records are maintained, which provide valuable information regarding the assessed value of a real property. Millage rate is expressed in mills and a mill is equal to one thousandth of a US dollar. The assessed value of a property is multiplied by the proper millage rate to produce PA Real Estate Tax in a taxing jurisdiction.

PA Property Tax Relief

However, you can be exempted from taxation under certain Pennsylvania Property Tax Relief Program. Pennsylvania Property Tax or Rent Rebate Program, Pennsylvania Homeowner Tax Relief, Pennsylvania Homestead Exemption, Pennsylvania Farmstead Exclusion are some of the property tax relief programs available for certain categories of homeowners and renters in the state. These tax reliefs programs are based on age, physical disability and income levels.

Property Tax Rebate in PA

For example, the Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program is available for taxpayers of over 65 years of age, widow or widowers of over 50 years and people with disabilities with an income limit of up to $35,000. The maximum rebate you can get through this program can be from $500 to $650. You can visit the site of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue to get PA Property Tax/Rent Rebate Forms. You can apply online and the last date to get a refund or a rebate on the property taxes or rent paid in 2007 is Dec. 31, 2008.

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