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Real Estate Attorney US

US Real Estate Attorneys are legal professionals who endow with information on buying, selling or renting a property. In US about 735,000 jobs are held by lawyers and the number of jobs is expected to grow further. Real estate market in US is on Boom and at present is one of the major business in US. People buy property either to sell it or purchase a property to earn rent. As real estate includes huge monetary transactions so lots of legal paper work is involved, which is taken care by Real Estate Attorneys in USA. In US, attorney is also called lawyer, attorney-at law, attorney and counselor at law. It is necessary to get license to work as attorney-at-law in the United States that is given by the highest court of state or other jurisdiction. About 75% of lawyers acting both as advocates and advisors are practicing privately either in a law firm or solo. Such as in Texas, California real estate lawyers work mostly as a solo attorney. A lawyer in USA employed by a corporation is called 'House Counsel'.

Real Estate Attorney Job Description

Real estate lawyers do many functions related to your property but some among these are:
  • US Real estate attorney provide legal advice to his client, file his application and presents a case in any state court.
  • In some states of USA Attorney-at-law also performs real estate closings in which attorney's main function is to notarize the documents and disbursement of funds
  • Real estate attorney owing to his qualification provides prudent guidance thus removes the chances of errors in documents, figures and any other related matter. These errors can lead to litigation or other legal action.
  • Property lawyer set up a living trust for you to pass your property directly to your successors.
  • In commercial real estate, Attorneys are very helpful in doing real estate investments, sale and acquisitions etc.
  • Besides this all the legal matters related to foreclosures, mortgages, refinancing, financing, landlord, tenant matters are handled very carefully and professionally by an US real estate attorney.
Property lawyers are also specialized in purchase and sale contracts, non-disclosures, title and property line disputes, financing and escrow as well as commercial leasing. Real estate deals are administered and governed by:
  • Federal statutes
  • State statutes
  • Common law

How to become a Real Estate Attorney

To become a lawyer in US you need to have 4-years college degree, 3-years of law school. After that, one needs to clear bar exam to become a licensed US attorney along with a professional law degree from an accredited law school. Law schools in USA are recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) or the proper State Authorities. The American Bar Association set certain standards for library and faculty to promote quality in legal education. Besides this almost al the jurisdiction in United States require a lawyer to complete regular Continuing Legal Education (CLE). A judicial agency known as the State Bar of Texas or the Texas Bar under the control of the Texas Supreme Court undertakes all attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas. Based on that your studies you will be awarded:
  • LL.B (Bachelors of Law)
  • LL.M (Masters of Law)
  • LL.D (Doctors of Law)

Real Estate Law Courses

Many real estate law schools in USA provide education to the aspiring candidates. Such as
  • American College of Real Estate lawyers (ACREL): ACREL is a leading organization of real estate lawyers. The admission to selected candidates is given after reviewing their contributions to real estate and legal profession along with their experience as property attorney.
  • Abraham Lincoln University School of Law: The school of law provides legal education to the desired people. Abraham Lincoln University also provides to the students of Los Angeles live classroom support sessions free of cost.
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Law School: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Law School offers Degree programs, LL.M, S.J.D programs etc for lawyers in USA.

Real Estate Attorney Salary

Matters related to real estate needs paper work thus require a real estate lawyer. Property on lease for more than one year needs written legal document and fully signed by both the parties. Other legal formalities need to be done by an attorney. 5-day notice is served to a tenant who is not paying rent regularly. Further legalities are undertaken by real estate attorney that includes 14-day notice to tenant. It can be served in the form of e-mail or summon. All the salaried real estate lawyers in United States have set pattern and schedule for work and given salary according to the type and size of their employer. Law firm give more salary than earned by a solo attorney. US real estate lawyers are growing in number as the size of real estate sector is expanding and provide all the required legal information to their clients.
Baker & McKenzie
Baker & McKenzie law firm dealing in real estate along with other fields offers help in acquisitions, dispositions, exchanges, commercial leasing, real estate finance, real estate tax, real estate infrastructure, construction litigation and many more related sectors.

White & Case
White & Case is a leading law firm and was awarded as number one law firm in International law by Vault Guide (2008).

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