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Real Estate Foreclosures USA

In US Real Estate Foreclosures,according to the definition is where mortgage is foreclosed, which leads to the obliteration of a borrower's right in a mortgaged property.Thus mortgage scams and non-payment of Mortgage Home Loan lead to the foreclosures. Statistics have shown that US foreclosure filings' number have increased and got nearly doubled. There are about 130,511 new foreclosure filings and Texas has seen the highest number of foreclosed properties. The foreclosure epidemic in US is not a new thing but the crisis had also hit the market earlier. There is a lot of data on that. This is the fact that your credit and debt score greatly effect the foreclosure. Real estate agents and foreclosure realtors present foreclosures for sale, which also include foreclosed homes owned by the Housing and Urban Development Authority (HUD) & other Government agencies such as the US Treasury Department, Small Business Administration (SBA), and Veteran Administration (VA). Although right of borrower is brought to an end yet certain statutes give post-closure right of liberation and redemption. New York County provides foreclosure grant help that gives funding to the mortgage payment. Foreclosures procedure and proceedings by state differs a lot and each state in US has its unique law covering foreclosure process and point but US foreclosure can be broadly classified as:
  • Judicial Foreclosures
  • Nonjudicial foreclosures
Judicial foreclosures: In US this type of foreclosure requires the intervention of Court with some timeline. A lender files a complaint stating the debt and reasons to foreclose the property of a defaulter. A notice will be served to the homeowners in any of the following ways
  • Mail
  • Direct service
  • Publication of the notice
The defaulter is ordered to appear before court. If homeowner is found guilty by court then court will issue a judgment and give permission to sell the property under Sheriff's sale.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure: State Statutes undertake the non-judicial foreclosures in US without the court intervention. A default letter is mailed to homeowner. In some states notice of default is also issued at the same time. In case homeowner takes no action then a Notice of Sale is issued to homeowner & posted in public places. This notice is also recorded at County recorder's Office. At the end of legally given time, public auction of foreclosed property in USA is done.

Sheriff's sale: Auction of US foreclosed property, which is open to all and done at public place after court passes its judgment. The payment of amount in Sheriff's sale is made on the spot or a substantial payment is made and the rest is paid within 30 days. The procedure and time depends upon the individual state's laws of foreclosures in United States.

United States Foreclosure laws for each and every state are different. Such as type of foreclosure in California is primarily non-judicial with no redemption period. Minimum and expected month for foreclosure in California are four. Whereas foreclosure in Florida is judicial with five minimum and expected months of foreclosure. Also in Florida foreclosures there is no redemption period. Same like this, in Michigan and Utah (UT) foreclosures are both judicial and non-judicial. US Foreclosure Attorney is professional person who gives complete info and guidance to bring back the foreclosed property in US. Attorney or lawyer also provides info on taxes, tax relief, terms, tips and gives you the best possible advice. There exist many alternatives to the foreclosures, which are understood by the attorneys.

By filling a bankruptcy you can temporarily get relief for foreclosure and lenders' right to foreclose is for time being stalled. Online there are many US foreclosure blogs that give the latest information on the properties and rescue measures. There also exists blog on foreclosure grants. Online is a great source of books on foreclosure. Many forums and FAQs are given online in the websites for US foreclosure. In website, you can also get free foreclosure listings services. These listings/list show the foreclosed property in US, while some sites also give map of foreclosure listing throughout the United States of America.

Although numbers of options for getting relief are less yet one main rescue from foreclosure in USA is Foreclosure Bailout Loan that is 12-month lease and buy back loans. In this a lender buys the home for 12 months and sell the same to you after a stipulated period of time at the same price. Bailout Loan gives some relief from burden. Accepting a deed lieu of foreclosure is also an alternative.

Consequences of a foreclosed home are buyers' friendly but proper judgments need to be made. Realtors can show a foreclosed property. In both the cases US foreclosure homes can present great deal while buying a home, as a mortgage lender would like to sell the foreclosed home even at low price. But foreclosure buying is not as simple as it looks. Many companies deal in this field and it should be brought after having a counseling with an attorney or other professional agent. Do ask all the relevant questions that come in your mind. One of the most stable real estate investments is buying homes just before the foreclosure sale. These are called short sales. Lender not giving any warranty is the main problem with the foreclosed house in USA. At the time of foreclosure do check if the homeowner or tenant has evicted the home. Buying a foreclosure houses offered by bank, REO and VA are less risky in these cases and are at reasonable rates.

Types of foreclosures homes sale in USA can be
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Auctions
  • Bank Owned
In pre-foreclosures, owner lags behind in making the payment of mortgage. The foreclosed homes for sale by government agency is divided into three sections depending upon the legal body or private agencies doing the US foreclosures:

First Section: In this property is owned by the Housing and Urban Development Authority (HUD), Veteran Affairs (VA), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Second section: This section includes property listed by asset manager usually given by property lenders. Asset manager is responsible to handle pre-foreclosures valuations and do the examinations for lenders.

Third section: It includes banks or institutions owing property.

The United States Department of Agriculture also offers many real estate properties for foreclosures for sale.

Foreclosure evictions vary by state and one really needs to consult attorney if you are facing this eviction process. Evictions in case of foreclosure can go from 6 weeks to 6 months with an average of 10 weeks. Law firms, which are specialized and experts in residential foreclosures, can help you a lot by giving prevention services. Also the US foreclosure education is necessary to save yourself falling into a pit. Many foreclosure jobs related to Foreclosure Specialist, Bankruptcy Specialist, Mortgage Foreclosure Specialist and many other jobs on foreclosures keep coming in the market. These jobs can be done after getting training and necessary education in the related field. Many universities and private education institutes give training in this field.

Foreclosure listing given by agencies includes all the properties and homes to be auctioned. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and VA in USA give foreclosure prevention help to the homeowners. In this personal and financial information along with other documents are presented to the lender. A mortgage lender after reviewing your credit, debt and income history will decide the foreclosure case. The best way to judge your financial condition is calculate your monthly house payment including property tax and insurance. The amount should not exceed 40% of gross monthly income. According to the recent surveys and news, foreclosures market in US is expanding thus leading to the easy availability of foreclosed homes. provides full information on foreclosures, such as foreclosure laws in United States. The consultants of helps you make straightforward profit from foreclosure investments.

Web Site: offers property listing service of the foreclosed homes in United States.

Web Site:
Foreclosure Assistance
Foreclosure Assistance assist to bring back the aberrant mortgage. They offer number of repayment and restructuring plan.

Web Site:

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