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Real Estate Market News USA

Real Estate Market news in USA provides up-to-date information on the ins and outs of real estate sector of US. It is always nice to keep yourself updated on the latest housing scenario and property news in, and about the area you live in, or for that matter, the state or the city you put up in. USA is the biggest economy in the world and the most ethnically diverse nation. Each year USA sees immigration of large-scale from many countries. Housing Market information in US shows that housing needs were ever increasing but recently according to the US real estate news, housing market is in pretty bad shape. According to a private survey, 20 US Metropolitan areas are seeing slump in home prices. Foreclosures are increasing in number in US. One out of every 196 house owners, is affected by foreclosure. But this number opens other avenues as many homebuyers start looking to buy property in foreclosed real estate auction market. Lenders are using auction method to sell the properties of defaulters.

But on the other hand the real estate market is buyers' friendly, which is shown by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Recently MBA has revealed that there is the total rise in the number of mortgage application in USA. Significant drop in the loan rate is the major reason for this rise. Refinance loan has bypassed the fixed rate mortgage taken for 30 years. Even home prices in US are also facing the same thing. This year's drop is the biggest since 1990. The homebuyer friendly property news in USA, is naturally very bad for the seller. The homebuilders and real estate developers in USA are presenting so many incentives to the homebuyers such as granite countertops, steel kitchen appliances etc.

One of the main reasons for this slump is decrease in the number of jobs in USA. Real estate developers, mortgage lenders and homebuilders due to slowed down employment in US are also suffering a bit. The economic growth along with the slump in the housing sector also gets affected.

Amidst of this drop many places in USA are in news owing to their affordable housing, real estate market and beauty. Such as Northbrook, Ohio, which is a reasonable place to live. Many out-of-state investors and buyers are interested in buying a property in Ohio. Prices for houses are rational and Northbrook has the best housing to buy. Like this Towanda, New York is a worth place to live according to the real estate news in USA. Along with this Shiloh in Ohio, West Muffins in Pennsylvania offers affordable house prices to live.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is in the habit of doing surveys and to get the latest news in US real estate market and to do real estate market analysis. Recently a survey commissioned by NAHB has shown that 74% respondents are willing to pay not more than 10% of total amount for a home with lots of greenry.

Real estate market trends in USA on sellers' side are showing drop in the average commission rate of real estate agents. But to counterbalance the income the commission rates are high on the buyers' side. Slacken real estate market is showing a flip from seller to buyer. These sorts of US real estate news have really given a push to the mortgage brokers in US, as home sellers are willing to pay commission to these professional agents/brokers for selling their homes at the best possible price. Real estate agents are offering US real estate services with new ideas and tool to uplift the market.

Whether the home value rise or fall there are always the self-sellers in the market place. According to the National Association of Realtors, 85% of homes were sold through the brokerage system in 2005. Of the following left, 11% were FSBO sales, 1% first listed with a broker and then sold by themselves, 1% sold to a home buying company and the remaining 2% sold in the other ways. These results are prominent but the problem with such predictions was that homes are not stocks, bonds or airline tickets. Every property has its own inherent physical nature and only a few buyers are willing to miss an in-person, tactile examination of a property before making the final commitment. Now as a matter of fact, self-selling should increase when the markets are hot because homes are easier to sell. Vice-versa, when market slows the demand for listings, brokerage services should increase.

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