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Rhode Island Real Estate Appraisers Board

Rhode Island Real Estate Appraisers Board is a wing of the Division of Commercial Licensing and Regulation, which oversees the licensing needs of professionals engaged in various commercial fields. These professionals include real estate salesperson or real estate agents , brokers and appraisers. The Rhode Island Division of Commercial licensing and Regulation comes under the Department of Business Regulation, which has different divisions under its control. For the licensing and regulation of real estate appraisers, a separate board under the name Rhode Island Real Estate Appraisers Board exists, which follows the state as well as the federal laws while issuing licenses or certificates to the applicants.

RI Appraisal Board: Their Activities

The Rhode Island Appraisal Board has been empowered enough to administer and regulate real estate appraisers and also to hear and settle complaints regarding any of its licensees. The Board also has power to take punitive actions in order to insure compliance with state laws, rules and regulations. The Rhode Island Appraisal Board, while determining educational qualifications for appraisal licensure or certifications, takes into account the recommendations made by the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation. Hence, an applicant should visit the site of The Appraisal Foundation to know about the minimum educational requirements for licensure, although information can also be had from the site of Rhode Division of Commercial Licensing and Regulation.

Rhode Island Real Estate Appraiser License

There are four kinds of licensed appraisers in Rhode island. These are Trainee Appraiser, Licensed Residential, Certified Residential and Certified General. While you do not require any experience to become a Trainee Appraiser, the other categories of licensure are open only to experienced Rhode Island Appraisers. The Rhode Island Appraisal Board also offers licenses and permits to the appraisal licensees from other states. Thus, an appraiser with an appraisal license from other states can apply for a reciprocal license or obtain a temporary permit.

As it is now unlawful to appraise a real property in the state without a proper license or certificate from the Rhode Island Real Estate Appraisers Board, the demand for licensed appraisers are found everywhere and they are needed by every such industry that requires appraisal services.

Find a licensed real estate appraiser on visiting the site of Rhode Island Real Estate Appraisers Board.

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