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South Dakota Property Tax

South Dakota Property Tax system is supervised by the Property Tax Division of the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation. The main responsibility of the Division is to oversee the property tax assessment and enforce property tax laws of the state. Property assessment and tax collection are performed by the local government and the amount generated through it is used to fund various public services. While residential, commercial and industrial properties are assessed by local governments and the Property Tax Division plays a supporting role, the assessment of some public utilities or railroads is performed by the Division itself.

In order to ensure equality and uniformity in county property tax assessment practices throughout the county of jurisdiction, there is the County Director of Equalization, which also provides information on how your property valuation is determined in the state of South Dakota . After the assessment of your property is accomplished, a notice of assessment is sent to you, which lists the assessed value of your property. You may check that your property is listed correctly and the assessed value is what you expect if you sell your property in an open market.

Property Tax Appeal

However, if you feel that your property is valued more than your expectation, you can make an appeal to the local board of equalization. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the local board, you can move to the county board and then to the Office of Hearing Examiners and the Circuit Court in succession.

South Dakota Property Tax Rates

Moreover, the South Dakota Property Tax Rates are different for different counties and the information for the same can be had from the official site of the Department of Revenue and Regulation. There also exists SD Property Tax Relief and Exemption programs for qualified taxpayers. For example, veterans with permanent disability may be eligible for such Real Estate Tax Exemptions. For more information on property taxes in South Dakota, visit the official website of the Department of Revenue and Regulation.

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