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SD Foreclosures

South Dakota Foreclosure with the borrowers' inability to make the payment is going higher. Even there has been seen considerable rise in the number of notice of defaults, which is the initial step of the foreclosure in SD. As the home value is declining, sellers are finding the selling of their home before and in pre-foreclosure phase very difficult. This is also increasing the number of South Dakota foreclosure. Foreclosures in South Dakota are also causing changes in the economy as a whole.

South Dakota Foreclosure Laws

Mortgage lender can foreclose the property either by judicial or non judicial foreclosure process in South Dakota that can take place on deed of trust or mortgage. Timeline for the completion of the foreclosure in SD is of 90 days. Orders from the court are necessary for the judicial foreclosure as no document concerning Power of Sale is there in the security instruments. But in case of non judicial foreclosure, lender is pre-authorized to carry out the foreclosure if there is any default in regard to the payment of Home Mortgage Loan . Either lender or their representative execute the process of foreclosure in South Dakota. Lender's representative is also called trustee. Power of Sale Guidelines for non-judicial SD foreclosure are:
  • For four weeks the notice of sale is published in the newspaper of the county appearing once in each week.
  • 21 days before the foreclosure sale/auction, the notice of sale should be served to the borrower and lien holder in a written form.
  • The said notice should contain the name of the lender, borrower, property's description, time, place and date of the sale and mortgage date.

  • The time for the sale can be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and done by the sheriff of the county where property is located. The certificate of the sale is given to the highest bidder.
  • In South Dakota foreclosure auction can also be postponed and for this notice of sale is advertised in the same newspaper in which the original notice was published.

Foreclosure Redemption

Right of redemption varies from case to case. 180 days redemption period exists if the size of the foreclosure property is 40 acres or less than that. If the property is vacant then the time period is of 60 days.

SC Foreclosure Listings

If you are looking for the foreclosure home in SD then you can check the online listing for the same. Along with this you can go through the newspaper, consult the Real Estate Agent and lender. Mortgage lender also own REOs. You can also check the list of websites having South Dakota Foreclosure homes that is given by
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