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South Dakota Association of Realtors

South Dakota Association of Realtors (SDAR), a member organization of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), is a statewide professional organization catering to the needs of real estate practitioners in a constantly changing environment of real estate in South Dakota . The organization serves its members, who are commonly referred to as Realtors, with industry specific information, discounted products, political leadership, legislative advocacy, quality education and professional training.

The Code of Ethics, which is compulsory for every member to abide by during business practices, sets the realtors apart from others, as it tends to inculcate the highest ethical and professional standards in them. Thus, Realtors can find the magnitude of their businesses and also profit margins soaring to newer heights as members of South Dakota Association of Realtors.

South Dakota Realtors Association: An Overview

Founded in 1944, South Dakota Realtors Association, which is also known as South Dakota Board of Realtors, today has a membership strength of about 1750 realtors. There are 11 local boards of Realtors affiliated with the SD Board of Realtors and any real estate licensee willing to join SDAR is required to become a member of any of these boards at first.

All these members of local boards are also the members of South Dakota Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. These local boards assist the South Dakota Realtors Association in providing many of its real estate services to its members. Among many of these services, Real Estate Multiple Listing Services (MLS) is the prominent one.

SD Association of Realtors: Their Services

The membership to South Dakota Association of Realtors brings access to huge database resources and a number of real estate services to the realtors. Besides, members are provided with opportunities to develop professionally, advocacy in legislative matters, networking facilities, Realtor Benefits Program, Legal Action Defense Fund and many more. Consumers are also benefited, as they find it extremely convenient to use SDAR resources for finding home or hiring the services of local realtors.

Visit the official website of South Dakota Board of Realtors to find more about it.

South Dakota Association of Realtors
204 North Euclid Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: (605)224-0554
Fax: (605)224-8975

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