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Tennessee Mortgage License

Tennessee mortgage license empowers the home loan lenders and brokers to operate in any part of the state. It is essential for any individual who is involved in lending, originating, selling or processing of home loan products to have the mortgage license. Tennessee is a state in the US widely known for its fast growing economy. The housing industry has experienced a rapid development and it has attracted a large number of talented professionals to enter the mortgage market. If you are a citizen of the state thinking to become a licensed home loan banker or broker then it is important for you to fully understand the TN mortgage licensing requirements in order to make the correct application.

Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions handle the regulation of mortgage license for home loan brokers, bankers and lenders in the state of Tennessee. The department has set some prerequisites, which the applicants are required to fulfill in order to get their state license.

Tennessee Mortgage Broker License

As per the requirements set by the Department of Financial Institutions, applicants for mortgage broker license are not required to maintain any physical office inside the state. However, it is mandatory for the applicants to provide a minimum net worth of $25,000 to get their license approval. Moreover, the brokers are required to maintain a surety bond in amount of $90,000. Tennessee also has mortgage licensing requirements for loan officer and in-state branch offices. In addition, the brokers should pay $200 for registration and $600 for the licensing and investigation fees.

TN Mortgage Banker Licensing Requirements

Similarly with home loan brokers, mortgage bankers are not required to have any physical office within the state to get their license. However, it is essential for them to maintain a surety bond in amount of $200,000. The licensing fees for banker license remains the same with the licensing fees of the brokers. Moreover, the applicants are required to submit an audited financials with a minimum net worth of $25,000. There is no educational requirements for the managing principal.

Applicants could directly apply to the licensing department or seek some assistance from mortgage licensing companies that are available on the Internet. These companies provide pre-licensing education and training courses for the mortgage brokers and bankers looking for their state license.
Mortgage News Daily
Mortgage News Daily is an online news provider specialized in offering a wide variety of mortgage information. You can get details on the mortgage licensing process in Tennessee at the website of the company.
TN Department of Financial Institutions
TN Department of Financial Institutions is responsible for the regulation of mortgage licensing process in the state of Tennessee. Visit the official website of the department to find the latest licensing requirements in the state.
Integrity Mortgage Licensing
Integrity Mortgage Licensing can help you get your mortgage license in the state of Tennessee. They also provide reliable info on mortgage licensing requirements prevailing in the state.

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