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Tennessee Foreclosure Law

Tennessee Foreclosure Law explains the foreclosure process that occurs when you stop making the regular payment of the Home Mortgage Loan . As per foreclosure law in TN judicial and non-foreclosures are present but the later is used more occasionally than the former.

Foreclosure Process in Tennessee

Judicial foreclosure process is executed with the court's order. In Tennessee, foreclosures occur with the deed of trust and this contains the Power of Sale note. The foreclosure process in Tennessee is executed in a following manner:
  • In Tennessee foreclosure notice of sale should have the name of borrower and lender, property address, description, time and place of sale.
  • Then this notice should be published for three weeks, once in every week in the newspaper of the county where property is located.
  • The first publication must be before 20 days of the date of sale
  • But if there is no newspaper in that particular county then the notice should be posted at five different public places 30 days prior to the sale.
  • 20 days before the foreclosure auction the notice of sale should be sent to the borrower if he/she possessed the property
  • Time of the foreclosure auction in TN is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on the specified location. Generally the location is the courthouse of the county.
  • The right of redemption is for two years but this right can be waived in the deed of trust
For every foreclosure process the TN foreclosure law is followed that specifies the procedure. Now if you are facing the foreclosure then do not waste even a single minute. Get the complete information on the foreclosure law, process and law firm that can work for you. But prior to all these consult your lender to find out the most appropriate solution to stop the process of foreclosure in Tennessee. has also provided the list of websites showing TN foreclosure law.
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