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Texas Foreclosures

Texas (TX) Foreclosures count is increasing and have really affected the Real Estate sector. There are number of REOs, notice of defaults along with notice of trustee sale. Although the rate of foreclosure in Texas have decreased but the percentage is very less. The most common cause of TX foreclosures is the reshuffling of ARM. Changes in the adjustable rate mortgage have caused the huge difference in the monthly payment of Home Mortgage Loan . Some people are finding the monthly payment very hard to give and most of them lag behind in making the payment on time. The resultant is Texas foreclosures.

Other things that are bothering the housing market and causing foreclosures are, high cost of living and predatory lending. Most of the mortgage lender just to make client and time being profit are giving home loan without much research. Even if the present financial condition of the borrower is not good then also he/she is granted some loan. North Texas has the highest number of foreclosures. With this inventory of Texas foreclosure is on rise.

Most of the cases of foreclosure in TX have been seen in the subprime mortgage, which is given to the people having bad credit. The interest rate for this loan is high as compare to the normal home loan. Recently the adjustments in the subprime mortgage rates have also created the havoc of foreclosure in Texas.

Texas Foreclosure Laws

Judicial as well as non judicial foreclosure procedures are possible as per the Texas foreclosure laws. While the judicial foreclosure gets initiated with the filing of lawsuit, the commencement of non judicial procedures require the presence of the Power of Sale clause in the Deed of Trust. Moreover, as there is no right of redemption in Texas, you cannot reclaim the property already foreclosed by clearing all dues.

A non judiciary foreclosure usually takes 60 days for the completion of the entire process whereas a judicial one can take longer. The foreclosure timeline in Texas is shorter as compared to other States of the country and also Deficiency Judgement is permitted here.

Avoiding Foreclosure in Texas

For avoiding foreclosure most of the people prefer to have pre-foreclosure sale in which equities of the home are saved. If not this then the pre-foreclosure is followed by foreclosure auction and for most of the properties third stage that is Real Estate Owned also exists when homes are not sold during auction.

Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force

Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force comprising over fifty organizations is active in raising awareness about various options available for homeowners to avoid foreclosures in the State. Among the options open to an unfortunate homeowner is to seek assistance through Homeowner's HOPE Hotline which can be accessed at 1-888-995-HOPE and is available toll free 24/7 to all residents of Texas.

Other activities performed by Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force include research & analysis of foreclosure trends, fundraising, educating people about the existing and new foreclosure laws, promotion of the mortgage assistance programs available in the State and development of a system that can measure the effectiveness of the actions taken by the Task Force and similar agencies. For more, you can mail at or visit the site

How to Buy Foreclosed Homes in Texas

Home buyers and most of the investors are buying these foreclosed properties, as the price for the same is expected to rise owing to the declining rate. But still there are numerous foreclosure homes in Texas that can be bought. Therefore the overall scenario is still favorable for the buyers. Another thing that should be done immediately for stopping the foreclosure in TX is the direct talk with the lender. With this some of the most workable solutions can be found.

Sellers on the other hand are expecting the prices to go further up so that they can sell their pre-foreclosure homes before auction. In most of the cases home available for foreclosure in Texas remain in the market for 30 to 90 days. For buying or selling the foreclosure home always consult the mortgage broker or Real Estate Agent so that you can get professional help in finding the foreclosed home.

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