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Vermont Mortgage License

Having Vermont mortgage license is essential for any professional who is involved in selling, lending, originating, processing or advertising home loan products to buyers and borrowers in the state of Vermont. Mortgage lenders, brokers and bankers are required to hold their license in order to offer their mortgage services in the state. The Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance Securities and Health Care Administration regulates all the aspects of VT mortgage licensing. The department has set certain requirements which the banker and brokers are required to fulfill in order to get their state license.

Vermont Mortgage Broker License Requirements

Applicants seeking mortgage broker license in Vermont are not required to hold any physical office inside the state of Vermont. However, it is essential for the home loan brokers to maintain a surety bond in amount of $10,000 in order to get their license approval. The applicants are also required to submit their recent financial and the detailed proof of their work history. There is no educational or examination requirements in the state of Vermont.

Mortgage Licensing Fees in Vermont

The Vermont Department of Banking requires the applicants to pay a non-refundable investigation fee of $250. Upon approval of the application, a licensing fee of $250 is also required to be paid by the applicants. Home loan brokers in the state can be members of the Vermont Association of Mortgage Brokers or independent entity.

It is essential for the applicants to submit the complete application along with their signature and all the licensing fees and required documents to the Vermont Department of Banking in time. Moreover, they could also seek some assistance from mortgage licensing companies who provide pre-licensing courses and training programs for the applicants seeking mortgage license in Vermont. Such companies are completely easy to find as most of them are available on the Internet.
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