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Vermont Property Tax

Vermont Property Tax is assessed and collected at local level, by the municipalities. The local assessing officials are called Listers in Vermont, who are responsible for appraising all taxable property within a municipality. A list of all real property is prepared and individual records for each real property are maintained as per the laws of the state.

Vermont Real Estate Tax Rates are determined locally, by the legislative body of the municipality. While setting the rate of property tax in Vermont, the budgetary expenses of municipalities are taken into account. Moreover, some villages and fire districts also levy property taxes in Vermont.

All real property in Vermont is classified into two categories - homestead property and non-residential property. There is a special tax for education by the name of education tax which is levied on these two categories of property at different rates.

Vermont Property Tax Adjustment

It is the Homestead Declaration that forms the basis for the classification of all property into either homestead or non-residential. To claim a VT property tax adjustment, a resident in Vermont who own and occupy a homestead must file form HS-122 every year. In fact, the filing is compulsory for every resident, even if one does not qualify for the same.

Moreover, Vermont Property Tax Adjustment is made by the local level of appraisal. Each town is notified of the several kinds of VT Property Taxes to be levied. There are several other kinds of Vermont Property Tax Relief Programs available for eligible taxpayers. To know even more about VT Property Tax, visit the official site of Vermont Department of Taxes.

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