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Washington Real Estate

Washington DC Real Estate is showing boom in the property prices nowadays. Realtors and real estate agents are stating that the realty market will grow further with the new job opportunities and changing economic conditions. Home Builders and developers are also building new homes to further improve the housing sector. But expansion in the real estate is going on in a managing way. Open spaces and farmlands are not disturbed and density of homes is increasing in the urban part of Washington.

Washington DC (District of Columbia) is the city as well as district that is the capital of US and situated on the banks of Potomac River. The city got its name from the first President of US that is George Washington. Washington DC besides home to many government offices is also a tourist spot. People across the world come to visit the museums and monuments of American leaders.

Washington Real Estate Market

There are many real estate agencies and Real Estate Agents that give ample information on the real estate in Washington DC. Real estate investments are very promising because property prices in the city are skyrocketing and anyone who is investing in the realty market can earn good profit. There also exist the Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT) that own income generating real estates. You can get information regarding properties, real estate development and investors from WRIT.

Washington Real Estate Taxes

Washing Real Estate Excise Tax is levied by the state on sales of real estate taking into account the factors like sale price, liens and mortgages. While the excise tax is levied at a rate of 1.28 percent, the taxes imposed by the individual county or city may vary depending upon its size and status under the Growth Management Act (GMA). The State Law also makes it mandatory for the parties involved in the transaction to submit a completed real estate excise tax affidavit to the concerned authority before the preparation of a ownership transfer deed.

In Washington DC, the responsibility to assess property for tax purposes, make changes in ownership title & address, calculate tax and oversee tax relief program lies on the shoulder of the Office of Tax and Revenue. .

The real estate has been classified into three categories for the sake of taxation in Washington DC, namely residential property, commercial property and vacant real property. The rate of tax is the lowest for residential property, though it keeps on changing each year. The Council of the District of Columbia is authorized to make changes in the tax rate and the changed rate can be viewed on the official website of the Office of Tax and Revenue

Washington Real Estate License

To work as full time real estate agents they need to get the license that is given by the Washington State Department of Licensing. The licensing requirements of real estate agents working in Washington DC are handled by the DC Board of Real Estate, which is a division of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), Business and Professional Licensing Administration. The board establishes eligibility criteria for a real estate license and also makes regulation regarding the license renewal requirements for a registered real estate agent.

Furthermore, Real Estate Commission takes the necessary steps and also protects the public interest. Any property transaction taking place in Washington is according to the real estate laws of the state as well as city. You can consult the real estate attorney for more information on the real estate laws and for making legal documents during real estate for sale.

Real Estate Listings and MLS

Properties and real estate in Washington are very hot because of the location. Moreover it is also the most happening city in the US where everyone wants to have a home for own use or investment purposes. You can also be a part of realty in Washington DC by keenly observing the real estate trends. Check different websites and realty magazines to get more information.

Many websites contain a database of real estate listings that help you track the property available for buy, sale or rent anywhere in Washington. These listing database often referred to as real estate mls or multiple listing services are getting popularized for finding a home in the most convenient manner. Apart from this, if you are a property owner, you can make use of such listing services to find the prospective buyer quickly and quite easily. Keep checking the pages of to know more about Washington Real Estate as well as the site offering real estate listing services in the state.

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