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Washington Home Insurance

Home Insurance Companies in Washington give insurance policy that is a contract between homeowner and a company. After taking an insurance policy you pay premiums and in return the home insurance company give financial assistance during catastrophe. You can have different coverages depending upon your need and items at home.

Washington Home Insurance Coverage

Dwelling Coverage: Any damage to your home and adjoining garage etc is covered under this and repair or replacement cost for the same is given. This cost is according to the limit of your home insurance policy. You can also opt for the guaranteed replacement cost where full cost of home is given.

Personal Property Coverage: Under this your personal items and furnishings are covered, which means replacement cost for TV, clothings, expensive items etc is provided if covered in the policy.

Coverages for other structure: Replacement or repair cost for separate and unattached structure is covered.

Personal Liability Coverage: Personal liability coverage protect you from paying for the injury caused to other in your premises due to your negligence. You can also get your other family members covered under this whether staying with you or away.

Washington Home Insurance Companies

Besides these there are many additional coverages that are provided by the different home insurance companies in Washington DC. You can consult the insurance brokers for latest information regarding home insurance policies and different coverages. There also exist separate policies for renters, condo owners, mobile homeowners etc.

Your coverage is a collective decision of many factors such as: Building Material , floor plan, garage, number of rooms and other related factors. Now if your home is protected by home security system then you can ask for the discount. Also if your family members are non-smokers you can avail discount on the home insurance policy in Washington. Taking different policies like auto, liability etc is also beneficial as it help you to get discount.

Washington Insurance Department

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner gives the detailed information regarding insurance policies and coverage. Washington insurance department also make the regulation and provides license related information. The insurance division gives very handy information on this. Below we have mentioned few home insurance companies in Washington DC that provide different types of home insurance policies.
SeQuoia Bank
1629 K Street NorthWest, Washington, DC 20006
Phone Number: (202) 463-1500
Pemco Insurance
Pemco insurance offers more responsive service at competitive rates. They are very flexible and offer variety of discounts to lower your rates even further and thereby help in protecting your most valuable asset.

Web Site:
Bisnett Insurance
Bisnett insurance helps you in selecting the best to meet your needs and offers the most valuable combination of tailored coverage, quality services and fair pricing.

Web Site:

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