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Washington Mortgage Broker

Washington mortgage broker provide a wide range of services that are quite beneficial for the home buyers and borrowers in the state of Washington. Buying a home is considered as one of the most important purchases that we make in our lifetime. Due to lack of information, a large number of home buyers usually fail to find the suitable loan programs to buy their homes. So, it becomes very important for the home buyers to get some help from mortgage brokers in Washington when looking for home finance loans. Whether you are thinking to buy a town home or a waterfront property , what you have to do is find out a reliable home loan broker company offering their services in the state.

Loan Options at WA Mortgage Brokers

WA mortgage brokers are widely popular for the wide variety of loan programs offered by them. A reliable mortgage broker company will be able to bring several loan options before you. For instance, you can find a number of loan programs that include:
  • New Home Loan: You can obtain this mortgage program if you are a first time home buyer. This loan option has low interest rate condition and flexible repayment features.
  • Refinance Program: If you are a homeowner facing difficulties in making home loan repayments then get a mortgage refinance loan to pay off your current loan term. You could get this loan program to get some extra cash and consolidate your debt or meet some expenses.
  • Bad Credit Loan: This loan term is designed for borrowers having low credit score. The interest rates may be little high in this loan option.
  • Home Equity Loan: A home equity loan allow you to convert the price value in your home to usable cash amount. The equity value of your home should be placed as collateral against the loan term.
  • Fixed and Adjustable-Rate Loan: A fixed-rate mortgage allow you to pay a fixed monthly repayment for the entire loan term. However, an adjustable-rate program allow you to make some changes in your repayment amount.
Online mortgage brokers in Washington also offer many convenient services that are profitable for the borrowers. By finding a reliable online broker you will be able to get free loan quotes, fast loan application and convenient customer support services. Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the mortgage business in the state of Washington. The organization is comprised of home loan brokers offering their services to borrowers and home buyers.

Washington Mortgage Broker License

It is the Department of Financial Institution that is authorized to determine licensing requirements for mortgage brokers in Washington. An applicant seeking mortgage broker license must possess a minimum experience of two years at the time of application. The licensing fee is $1,067 and the candidate is also required to provide a surety bond of $20,000 in addition to a separate bonding for loan officers. They are however exempted from submitting minimum net worth and it is also not necessary for them to maintain a physical office in order to obtain a mortgage broker license in Washington. For more info regarding the licensing requirements and process, you can log on to the official website of the Department of Financial institution.
Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers
Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers represent the mortgage lending industry in the state of Washington. Check the latest details on the association at their official website.

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Absolute Mortgage
Absolute Mortgage can help you get a low rate mortgage program in the state of Washington. They also offer mortgage calculator and friendly customer services to the home buyers and borrowers in the state.

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At, you can get most reliable details on top mortgage brokers operating in the state of Washington. Also check the mortgage rates offered by local lenders at the website of the company.

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