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Wisconsin Foreclosure

Wisconsin Foreclosure rates have created a situation that is shocking & really a matter of concern. As compare to last year, number of foreclosure homes in WI has really gone up, causing a turmoil in the entire real estate market. If homeowners are depressed about the state then buyers are buying foreclosed homes that earlier were beyond the buying capacity of the buyers. But the condition of Racine county is getting better in the number of foreclosures, which seems to be an exception.

Wisconsin Foreclosure Help

By seeing such a scenario, at present there are many non-profit agencies providing Wisconsin foreclosure help to combat the situation. These agencies apart from providing foreclosure help also assist you in lowering your expenses so that you can make the payment of Home Mortgage Loan on time. In the near future the number of foreclosure homes in WI is not expected to decrease any further. Increasing interest rates on the home loans especially on Adjustable rate mortgage and subprime home loans and most of the people have taken these home loans.

WI Foreclosure Laws

First of all to stop the process of foreclosure you will have to understand the Wisconsin foreclosure law. The foreclosure law has judicial as well as non judicial foreclosure process. In non-judicial Wisconsin foreclosure, the process needs advertising the required notices on time and this happens without filing a lawsuit.

Foreclosure Auctions

Notice of foreclosure is first of all recorded with the recorder office in the county. It should contain the place, time and place of the sale. Then it should be published once in every week in the newspaper for six consecutive weeks. The notice should also be served to the borrower but in case he/she is not found then it should be posted at the property or given to the occupant. The foreclosure auction takes place on the said date and place but it can be postponed. Certificate of purchase is given to the highest bidder at the auction in WI.

Wisconsin Foreclosures for Sale

Then after getting information on the WI foreclosure law you should talk to your lender and tell him/her the exact problem you are facing. Mortgage lender can make different plans of paying home loan that will depend upon your financial condition. Partial claims, mortgage restructuring, forbearance etc are few of the Wisconsin foreclosure help provided by the lender. Then on your own you can raise short term funds by selling your car or jewelry so that payment can be made on time. But if you are expecting your financial condition to remain like this for a long then you can go for the WI foreclosure sale or short sale.

You can also talk to the housing counselor in your area for free consultation or at very low price that help you in avoiding the foreclosure. The complete listing of housing counselor is provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For legal formalities you can consult the foreclosure attorneys in Wisconsin who have all the relevant information on the process of Wisconsin foreclosures. is also helping the visitors by providing list of websites showing Wisconsin foreclosures listing and foreclosed homes for sale in WI.
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Website: is a well known name for providing WI foreclosure homes and foreclosure properties in Wisconsin. is associated with investors, agents and foreclosure property seller, lender etc so the listing on foreclosure in WI provided is latest.
Wisconsin Foreclosure Listings
Wisconsin Foreclosure Listings has listing of bank foreclosures, foreclosed homes for sale, Wisconsin home foreclosure and other such distressed properties.

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