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Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance

Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance is a way to protect your home, possessions and liability from the unpredictability of changing nature, unlawful activities and sometimes of your own negligence. While a homeowners insurance is meant for those who have the ownership of the houses they live in, a tenant or renter insurance is designed to protect only the personal property of individuals who live on rent. A WI homeowners insurance covers the physical structure of a house as well as the contents commonly found in it. It also helps you pay for liabilities when you accidentally happen to damage someone else's property.

Wisconsin Homeowner Insurance Policy

The usual Wisconsin Homeowner Insurance policy provides a coverage for financial losses of five kinds. These can be damages to the structure of your house, loss or damage of an item of significant value in your possession, an injury or a damage to some other person or property caused inadvertently by you, an injury caused to an individual outside your family member within the premises of your house and the money you spend on living temporarily at some other site away from your home when it gets partially or fully damaged in a disaster. Note the point that your policy does not cover your pet and some items of personal property, though it helps you pay the damages done by your pet to the property of some other person.

Wisconsin Homeowner Insurance Coverage

The coverage to your house and property also includes additional structures, such as a garage or a shed, but the amount of coverage is normally ten percent of the policy limit on your dwelling. On the other hand, the extent of coverage for the personal property, which generally includes furniture pieces, clothings and common household items, is kept at 50 percent of the policy limit.

The basic limit for the personal liability coverage, which applies to only non-auto accidents on and off your property, is usually $100,000 for each occurrence. The policy also covers the medical expenses for a person other than your family members that gets injured while on your property. The coverage limits for such occurrences are $1,000 per person. You can increase the limits for personal liability and medical payments on request, obviously by paying additional cost.

A typical Wisconsin homeowner insurance usually covers 20 percent of the amount of coverages on your house towards the payment of additional living expenses. Apart from these basic coverages, the policy may also covers expenses for debris removal and provides protection against the damages of trees, plants & shrubs found within the premises of your house and the unauthorized use of your credit cards.
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