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Wisconsin Mortgage License

Wisconsin mortgage license is essential for any individual or company that negotiates, lends, originates or processes home loan products for the home buyers in the state of Wisconsin. It is a legal necessity for the home loan brokers and bankers to have the state license in order to perform their business in the state of Wisconsin. There are certain preconditions, which the brokers and bankers are required to fulfill in order to get their license. It is advisable for the applicants to have a full understanding of all the WI mortgage licensing requirements if they want to get hassle free approval of their application.

Wisconsin Mortgage Broker License Requirements

Home loan brokers and bankers are licensed and regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. As per the requirements of the licensing department, applicants for WI mortgage broker license are not required to hold any physical office inside the state of Wisconsin. However, they should maintain a minimum net worth of $250,000 and provide a surety bond of $10,000 to $120,000 in order to get their license approval. In addition, the state has loan officer and branch licensing requirements. The applicants are also required to pay $750 as initial licensing fee and pass a state exam.

WI Mortgage Licensing for Bankers

Mortgage bankers in Wisconsin are also not required to maintain physical office in order to get their state license. However, they should maintain the minimum net worth and surety bond in same amount as that of the mortgage brokers. There is branch and loan officer licensing requirements for mortgage banker license in Wisconsin. Similarly with home loan brokers, bankers are required to pay a licensing fee of $750 and pass the state examination. Licensed bankers are further required to get their license renewed by paying a renewal fee.

It is essential for the applicants to submit their application together with the licensing fees and the required documents to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. There are also some mortgage licensing companies that are available on the Internet and they provide several training programs and licensing details for the mortgage brokers and bankers. They could easily be contacted and they can hasten the licensing process.
Mortgage News Daily
Mortgage News Daily is one of the leading online information providers specialized in the field of mortgage industry. The company also provide reliable mortgage licensing details of home loan brokers in Wisconsin.
Integrity Mortgage Licensing
You can get your mortgage license in Wisconsin with a little help from Integrity Mortgage Licensing. They offer valuable information on mortgage licensing process prevalent in the state of Wisconsin.
Proschools provide real estate licensing classes and training programs for mortgage brokers and bankers. They are also known for offering details on licensing requirements and mortgage license exam information of various US states.

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