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Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisal Board

Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisers Board, under the umbrella agency of the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing, undertakes the responsibilities of regulating and licensing real estate appraisers in the state of Wisconsin. The board consists of seven members appointed by the Governor. Among the seven members, four are selected from professional fields while the other three from the general public. The administrative services are provided by the Department of Regulation and Licensing with the Wisconsin Appraisers Board serving as an advisory body.

Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisal License

The Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisers Board gives proper advice to the Department regarding appraisal licensing, examinations, education, experience and administration. It can also receive complaints against Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisers, investigate the matter and on the basis of its findings, can take appropriate disciplinary actions. The Wisconsin Appraisal Board is administratively supported by the Bureau of Business and Design Professions within the Department of Regulation and licensing.

The real estate appraisers are the people assigned with the tasks of appraising real property. Appraisal is defined as the estimation of the value of real property whilst taking into account the various aspects of appraisal principles. Naturally, the job of appraisal requires a lot of various types of skills and knowledge.

It is for this reason that the Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisal Board offers licenses and certifications only after ensuring the abilities of potential appraisers. Besides qualifying education and experience, the real estate appraisers in the state of Wisconsin needs to complete continuing education in order to retain their licenses or certificates.

Wisconsin Appraisers

Wisconsin Appraisers wok in close association with a lot of professionals from other areas. Real estate brokers, realtors, sales agent, insurance agent, mortgage loan providers and real estate agents are some of the professionals that need the services of qualified and reliable real estate appraisers for most of their business ventures. The Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisers Board assures them of the quality of real estate appraisers by proper licensure and regulation.

To know more about the Wisconsin Appraisal Board, visit its website.

Real Estate Appraisers Board,
Bureau of Business and Design Professions,
1400 East Washington Avenue,
PO Box 8935,
Madison WI 53708.
Phone: (608) 266-5511

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