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10 Best Active Retirement Communities in Texas + Reasons

Active Retirement Communities in Texas

The Lone Star State is a great place to live out your retirement years. With low taxes and affordable housing, it’s easy to find the perfect home for you and your family.

If you’re looking for an active lifestyle that won’t cost too much, then Texas has some excellent options in its cities and towns.

In this post we’ll highlight ten of the best retirement communities in Texas where retirees can enjoy their golden years in comfort!

10 Best Active Retirement Communities in Texas

1. Robson Ranch – Denton, TX

Those who like to play golf will feel right at home in Robson Ranch, where it has one of the best active retirement communities and offers 18 holes for your outdoor entertainment. The clubhouse also has a ballroom with many activities on offer- perfect if you just need some time out from work every now again.

There are also many other amenities to enjoy like their ballroom or fitness classes if an afternoon stroll isn’t your thing either way there’s always something new happening here.

The Pinnacle’s state-of the art fitness center is more than just a gym. It has everything you need for an incredible workout, including classes with top instructors and fresh air thanks to its indoor pool! You can also enjoy whirlpools or relax in our sauna before taking one of many options available on their menu from professional hair styling all while being pampered by some friendly staff members who will make sure your day goes smoothly.

2. Onion Creek, Austin – Austin, TX

Onion Creek is an excellent retirement community in Austin that has everything you need to feel at home. It’s one of the best active retirement communities because it provides amenities like a running trail or fitness center- both can help keep your mind and body healthy.

For those who need a little help with daily tasks, assisted living is an option. The Village on the Park has all sorts of amenities for residents including medical care and social programs.

The Onion Creek Club has everything you need to make your new home feel like it was always meant for you. With an on-site fitness center and golf pro shop, we’re sure there will never be a dull moment when living here.

3. Tavolo Park – Dallas, TX

The enchanting Tavolo Park in Dallas is a retirement community with plenty of amenities for seniors. There are several neighborhoods and parks, town lakes that offer fishing opportunities along the banks or on boats you can rent at this facility’s marina. Trails through lush forests provide miles upon miles of nature walks which are sure not only to ease your mind but also keep it active as well.

4. Longhorn Village – Austin, TX

If you’re looking for a place to slow down in your retirement years, Longhorn Village is the place. This active community caters not only those who have retired but also offers inclusive events and activities that keep everyone happy – no matter how old they are or what kind of lifestyle changes occur during this stage of life.

If you’re looking for a retirement community that offers first-class amenities and the best in town, look no further than Longhorn Village. This cozy spot has everything from dining options to fitness classes – all with live music right on site!

The staff at “Longhorn VILLAGE” will make your dreams turn into reality: they offer beautiful living spaces where residents can socialize while enjoying world class services like catered meals every day of the week; clubs tailored specifically towards interest groups such as fishing or tennis enthusiasts; professional support group sessions led by an experienced therapist who knows exactly how people feel after retiring abroad (or just starting out). For they have a team of professionals that work together to keep residents healthy and active.

5. Isabella Village – Savannah, TX

The city of Savannah is a jewel in the South, located only an hour outside of Dallas. The community has country club living thanks to its amenities and planned housing that offers something for everyone.

Isabella Village is the perfect place for an active retirement. Residents can enjoy luxurious amenities and all-inclusive luxuries with their friends or family while taking advantage of this beautifully planned community designed by professionals to make every day feel like vacation.

From the pool, to an extensive library of games for all ages and skill levels in case you need some entertainment while there or just want something new; cafes that will keep your caffeine addiction sated—there’s no shortage here!

Since Isabella Village is located near hiking trails as well as cultural attractions like museums and performing arts venues it’s easy enough on your wallet too because everything is so close by (not that any expense should go into going out). They also provide guests with private water parks making these days long ones filled with only boredom & relaxation after a day spent exploring our fantastic city.

6. The Continental -Austin, TX

The Continental retirement community is a place near the airport and has various amenities.

They can enjoy round the clock dining, shopping and fun games. The Retirement Community specializes in providing an active lifestyle coupled with convenience at your fingertips; without having to leave home early each morning just because there is something onsite worth seeing (whether its sightseeing tours or live entertainment). The community offers many fun things including fitness centers where people who exercise regularly will feel comfortable.

It’s not easy to find the perfect retirement community for you, but with all these amenities and services at The Continental there are no worries. You’ll be able to enjoy your life without having too much work on your hands around.

7. Alamo Country Club – Alamo, Texas

The Alamo Country Club is a small retirement community located in Alamo, Texas.

The Alamo Country Club offers a tranquil, serene environment for those who want to retire in the country. With standard fitness center facilities and other amenities like ballrooms available on site as well as plenty of golf courses within close proximity it really is one dream location among many others.

Alamo Country Club is the perfect place to retire in peace and quiet with no distractions or sounds of cars whizzing by your ears all night long. The community offers a low-maintenance lifestyle where retirees can enjoy their life without having too much work on hand – just relax and have fun!

8. Del Webb Sweetgrass -Del Webb Blvd, Richmond, TX

Del Webb’s Sweetgrass is the perfect place for those who are looking to retire and want privacy, with 500 acres of natural beauty.

You’ll never want for more reasons than you can count when it comes to living in this beautiful location.The natural Creek flows through the property, there are 50 acres of lakeside land including four miles worth that allow visitors ample opportunity for outdoor adventures like fishing or hiking; not just walking either!

And don’t forget about all those courts-tennis included but if basketball net is your game then look no further because they’ve got pickleball too as well as bocce ball available with enough space left over so everyone who visits has room filled by their choice of activity!

Residents can enjoy the recreation center, being out in nature as well as having access to all that is offered at Del Webb Sweetgrass community.

9. Hill Country Retreat – Thornbrooke, San Antonio, TX

If you are looking for a retirement community with plenty of healthy, exciting things to do and see then look no further. The stunning family homes in this amazing development provide an unforeseen number of options that will leave your heart full.

The Resort is a 28,000 square foot facility with beautiful views and wildlife at your doorstep. The amenities are great starting from the resort’s ballroom for social activities or in one of their many hobby rooms where you can play pool on one side while watching TV on another.

The Hill Country Retreat has something that everyone will enjoy. Whether they’re into tennis or walking, this vacation spot offers it all!

10. Atria at the Arboretum – Great Hills Trail, Austin, TX

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, there’s a perfect retirement community waiting in Austin. The Atria at the Arboretum offers everything from fitness and wellness programs to hiking trails to pools with swim-azine barbeque areas!

Amenities include: ample space for dancing or playing cards on our roof deck; fully equipped fitness center complete with yoga studio – all just steps away from some of America’s most beautiful scenic drives such as Lake Travis Trail Drive Road Network provides easy access not only into downtown but also surrounding neighborhoods where one can shop without having leave their car behind–and finally if hosting parties isn’t enough reason alone then consider this fact that this luxurious location offers both a library and theater!

Above are the 10 best active retirement communities in Texas. There’s a retirement community waiting for everyone. Whether they’re interested in fitness, relaxing with friends or family, or enjoying the great outdoors, there’s an active retirement community for them.

Active Retirement Communities in Texas

Reasons Why Texas Is the Place to Retire

  • Lots of sunny days
  • Low cost of living
  • Warm, dry climate with mild winters
  • Great golf courses in Texas
  • Affordable housing
  • Many beautiful beaches and lakes to enjoy throughout the state
  • No income tax for retirees who live outside of Texas all year around – you will only pay Texas state taxes in the month you relocate and stay there
  • Low crime rates in most of the cities within the Lone Star State
  • Close to Mexico and Latin America – excellent places for retirees who want to explore new cultures or experience different types of cuisine.
Active Retirement Communities in Texas

Final Thought

The best active retirement communities in Texas are found all over the state. It’s important to find a community that is perfect for you and your needs, but it can be helpful to know what other people think about their experience before making your decision.

We hope the list of the best active retirement communities in Texas will help you find a community where your needs are met. Whether you’re looking for an independent living facility, assisted living, or nursing home care.

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