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8 Best Beach Towns in Texas | Make Your Choice

Best Beach Towns in Texas

Texas is well-known for its wide open spaces, warm climate, and array of beaches. Though the state has many popular beach towns,the following eight are some of the best. From the North Texas Gulf Coast to South Texas near Mexico, these gems offer something for everyone. So pack your sunscreen and swimsuit and explore what Texas beaches have to offer!

These coastal towns are incredible and should absolutely be on the list. Whether you want to enjoy summer or winter vacation, Texas road trip or water-centric summer getaways these places will not disappoint! Come join and we will explore the 8 best beach towns in Texas.

8 Best Beach Towns in Texas

1. Padre Island

The beaches of Texas are some of America’s most beautiful. One island in particular, Padre, is split into North and South parts to give it its own unique beauty- but they’re not just any two different places! The north side has more rocky coastlines while on the south there’s a lot less rock than what you’ll see up top near Corpus Christi Bay or down below by Gulf Coast towns like Galveston which was heavily damaged during Hurricane Are winds that came ashore back in 1900.

North Padre Island is a haven for those who want to get away from it all. With miles and miles of pristine beaches, you are sure to find your perfect spot on this island destination!

From Malaquite Beach with its changing facilities to Whitecap beach which has scenic views as well covered picnic areas- there’s something in store at every turn. If sunbathing isn’t really what you’re into but rather taking plenty of photos or picking out seashells instead then head over down Little Shell beach where waves aren’t nearly so big making it easy going while still providing some fun surf action shots too if desired (just make sure not expect sand between toes). And lastly Big Shell – don’t let the name fool ya because despite being the longest beach on the island it isn’t really all that wide, but it’s definitely long!

So whether you want to stay up north or venture a bit further down into South Padre Island, there’s plenty of coastline to choose from and activities for everyone. From birding to fishing, kayaking and windsurfing- Padre has it all!

2. Port Aransas

When considering which beaches in Port Aransas to visit, it’s best not to just look at the water. There are so many things that make this beach town special and one of those is how much fun you can have on land too.

Port Aransas Beach may be the best beach in Port A, but there are many other excellent options. IB Magee Park has great amenities for visitors and their campsites provide a serene setting with clear water surrounded by lush greenery or sandy stretches that make it easy to enjoy a day at this spot without worrying about getting dirty from hours of walking along shoreline like you would if camping elsewhere!

The Horace Caldwell Pier also offers some surfing opportunities as well as fishing trips; just remember – permits must be obtained before using any fire pits within designated areas according to rules posted upon entry (and they’re only allowed 3 x 3 feet).

3. Freeport

The Texas coast is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. With excellent fishing opportunities, two marinas and beaches galore you’ll never be bored! Not only that but this coastal area also has historical museums to offer as well as bird observatories perfect if you’re an avid birder or just like animals in general.

Freeport offers more than all these great amenities though; it’s 62 miles away from Houston which means there are plenty of attractions within driving distance such were NASA47 Space Center visitor center among other places worth checking out while on vacation here at home with nature.

Before you go and spend your summer in Freeport, make sure to check out the best beaches around.

Bryan Beach is near this little beach town that offers 3 miles of natural powdery sand ideal for camping or just soaking up some sun with family members on hot days!

Surfside Beach also has lots of golden grains waiting patiently beneath them as well as seashells galore which will be perfect if you love collecting rocks from different places so you can remember where they all came from someday when it’s time to return home again.

4. Corpus Christi

This beach town in Texas has been gaining more and more popularity every year because of its beautiful coastal setting. Not only does it have miles of pristine beaches, but also important conservation areas as well as rich flora and fauna – making this destination perfect for anyone who loves adventure.

Corpus Christi has many beaches to choose from, but if you’re looking for the best of them all then head down JP Luby Beach. It’s an ideal spot in terms of both location and amenities – it offers surfing opportunities as well as other water-based activities like kiteboarding or skim boarding.

For those who just want some time at sea without having their toes burned off by sand fleas look no further than North Beach where there are views overlooking Corpus Christy’s Naval Station which houses historic shipwrecks such as USS Lexington among others!

If surf sessions aren’t really what you’re trying to do, try out Newport Pass beach instead; not only does this stretch have amazing scenery that will make even rainy days feel sunny, but there’s also a great fishing pier to cast your line from.

Just be sure that if you’re going to fish on the beach here in Texas you abide by all state regulations which can be found online or with help from TPWD staff members who are always willing to answer any questions you may have about this process before hitting Corpus Christi beach.

If you take a trip to Corpus Christi, make sure not to miss the best beaches in Texas!

Corpus Christi is full of great options for those who love being near water but if it’s going out on sea that gets your heart racing then head down to Mustang Island where there are miles and miles of perfect waves to surf for all levels of expertise – from beginner to advanced!

This little island is also a great place to camp and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature without having to worry about getting sand in your food.

Best Beach Towns in Texas

5. Bolivar Peninsula

The Bolivar Peninsula is the perfect weekend getaway from Houston. With just a one hour and thirty minute drive, you can spend your days enjoying crystal clear water with interesting historical sites like NASA’s Johnson Space Center or admiring nature at its finest while sipping on cocktails by sunset.

Bolivar Peninsula and the town of Crystal Beach is a gem of an island that offers a nearly limitless amount of opportunities for adventurers. It’s beautiful views, seagulls and dolphins are worth seeing when visiting. The pristine wide sandy beach will have you relaxing under palm trees, swimming in waters deep enough to challenge even those who think they know their stuff- but don’t worry if you can’t make it back up from there because this Texas getaway has plenty more activities planned just waiting with open arms.

6. Rockport

Rockport, Texas is a town that was hit hard during Hurricane Harvey. Although this lovely beach community suffered great losses and damage to property from flooding caused by high winds as well as rain causing localized devastation with massive amounts of watery debris washing ashore on its shores (a phenomenon known locally at “galveston flood”)- they have shown resilience in coming back stronger than ever before.

Located some fifty-two miles west along Highway 35 from its intersection with Interstate 45 lies what many refer to simply as “the Beach.” The shoreline stretches over twelve thousand acres – larger than four average American football fields put side by side-and includes both public land managed through Parks & Wildlife Department jurisdiction (onshore dunes) as well other areas preserved since 1948 under protection.

Head to the Texas Maritime Museum for an educational and scenic coastal drive. Explore all things Gulf Coast, from pirates to oil drilling! As far as sustainability goes Rockport Beach is one mile long blue wave beach dedicated to protecting human health & environment – making it the perfect spot while on your next vacation or business trip down south.

7. Galveston

Galveston is a haven for those who want to escape the hustle and bustles of life. Known as one of America’s most charming beach towns, Galveenton offers an endless number of ways you can enjoy your next Texas Gulf Coast getaway with its fascinating historic architecture, sandy shores first rate restaurants and unique places to stay that are perfect if traveling solo travelers looking forward to experiencing something new while on vacation.

Galveston Island State Park offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking to camp overnight or spend only a day at the beach. The park is home to two thousand acres that are filled with trails and swimming spots as well as restaurants in close proximity so visitors can enjoy their favorite food while enjoying this expansive landscape.

Galveston’s water has a higher number of these particles than other beaches because it is shallow and sediment-filled. However this doesn’t mean there aren’t great places for swimming; Galvatan does offer some beautiful views that won’t disappoint any visitor

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier is the perfect destination for a carnival of your childhood memories. Ride on old-school amusement park rides such as Ferris wheels or carousels while enjoying fried food from nearby vendors and gorgeous sunset views that you can’t find anywhere else in town.

Best Beach Towns in Texas

8. Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a seaside town that offers residents the best of both worlds: fresh seafood, breezy coastal walks and natural beaches.

A favorite beach of many in the Texas Gulf Coast, McFaddin Beach is a part of Port Arthur’s pristine upper Texas coast and sits within McFadden’s National Wildlife Refuge.

If you’re looking for a place to get away, Sea Rim State Park is the perfect destination. The 5 miles of beach are full with salt water that will make your skin tingle and fresh air from heaven!

A naturalist’s paradise where visitors can camp right on the waterfront or go kayaking through clear lagoons lined by mangroves – this park has it all in one convenient location.

The top 10 reasons why Texans are so popular

  1. Texas has beaches
  2. Beautiful Texas sunsets are always amazing.
  3. Friendly people are one the best things about the state of Texas.
  4. The food in Texas is delicious! People love eating tacos, barbecue and more while visiting or living here. The live music scene in this state is also unbeatable- with each town having their own unique sounds.
  5. Texas is known for its big skies- which are especially beautiful at night when the stars come out.
  6. The weather in Texas is perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities, like swimming, hiking and camping. You can find something to do in every season!
  7. Texans are proud of their state’s history and culture- which they are always eager to share with people who visit!
  8. The people are friendly and welcoming
  9. It’s affordable to live in Texas compared to other states
  10. There’s always something to do, whether it’s enjoying the local culture or exploring nature.

Final Thought

The best beach towns in Texas, as we’ve seen, offer something for everyone. Whether you enjoy the water and surf or prefer to spend your days relaxing on a lounge chair with a good book (or both!), there is no shortage of perfect beaches that will suit any taste.

We hope our list of the 8 best beach towns in Texas has been helpful. If you’re looking for a place to go this summer, consult this guide and see if one of these eight destinations is perfect for your needs! Whether it’s surfing or golfing that appeals most to you, we have something for everyone on this list.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen—and don’t worry about forgetting anything else because all of these locations are accessible by car from other major cities across Texas so no matter where you live now, there’s a great destination near enough for a weekend getaway. What do you think? Do any of these places sound like they would be perfect for your family? Which town was your favorite from the list above.