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10 Best Beaches in Tampa Florida (MUST SEE!)

10 Best Beaches in Tampa Florida (MUST SEE!)

You’re probably looking for the best beaches in Tampa Florida. We’ve done all the research and compiled a list of the 10 Best Beaches in Tampa Florida that will make your decision much easier. Whether you want to swim, relax on the beach or enjoy some water sports, we have something for everyone!

Tampa, Florida is located on the west coast of Florida, about 80 miles north of Sarasota and has a weather that is perfect for beach goers. With an average temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the water stays warm year round making it great for swimming and other activities.

10 Best Beaches in Tampa Florida

Tampa is home to some great beaches that are perfect for picking up shells or having a picnic on the beach. There are also several water sports available in Tampa which may be very popular with younger children who want more excitement than just swimming!

10 Best Beaches in Tampa Florida (MUST SEE!)

1. Caladesi Island, Dunedin, Florida

The winds howling through Caladesi Island’s sea oats provide a beautiful sound that can be heard for miles. This three mile stretch of white sand is perfect if you’re looking to collect seashells or just relax under an umbrella next to one while sipping on some delicious island lemonade!

The warm water will make your swim feel like paradise – so don’t forget those sunscreen lotion disclaimer before taking off in this picturesque location.

Caladesi Island is an idyllic destination for those who want to escape from the city life. It’s located just north of Clearwater Beach and can be reached by ferry, which makes it a great day trip option.

A three-mile kayak tour through the beautiful mangroves of Caladesi Island will introduce you to a variety of wildlife. You’re likely to spot blue herons, ospreys and bald eagles as well as some fish! There’s also an easy hiking trail which takes visitors on their way around this pristine natural hotspot in Tampa Bay.

2. Indian Rocks Beach, Pinellas, Florida

The IBR Beach is a family-friendly, calm waters beach with over 27 access points along its three mile stretch. It’s known for having soft white sand beaches and being very safe from currents or undertows which can be found elsewhere on these types of shorelines due to their natural location close enough near the mainland but far enough out where waves have more space between them before meeting land.

Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida and a vibrant center of culture and entertainment. The best location for bird watching is the Indian Rocks Nature Preserve, which also has views of dolphins from its beachfront land. If you’re passing through this lovely town, don’t miss its Oktoberfest in October, which is not to be missed if you visit during this period!

If you’re a fan of fishing, the pier located on Gulf Boulevard is the place for you! This spot offers some of the best catches around.

Beach goers will find that Indian Rocks Beach sand is white and powdery–a rarity for Florida beaches. Keep an eye out for shark’s teeth fossils which can be found scattered throughout the shoreline!

3. Sunset Beach, Treasure Island, Florida

South Florida’s Sunset Beach is a popular destination for its laid back atmosphere and LGBT community. Story goes that it was here on this 3.8 mile barrier island that inspired Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” song! The south side beach, with plenty of white sand beaches within walking distance will leave you feeling like there could be no better way to spend your time than right now – especially once sunset starts painting the sky in perfect shades across an amazing horizon line waiting just off shoreline into deep blue waters where ships pass by about every half hour or so during low tide visiting us from around world.

The windy conditions at the beaches of Grand Cayman make it an excellent spot for surfers. Sunset views can be amazing, so if you’re looking to stay until then make sure that parking is free and easy as there will only be Orange or Blue signs with a “P” indicating no permit required!

4. Madeira Beach, Pinellas, Florida

Madeira Beach is a 2.5-mile stretch of powdery white sand that’s perfect for relaxing on the beach or swimming in clear calm water.

Madeira Beach is a Tampa Bay beach perfect for enjoying an evening out. Located about 15 minutes west of downtown St Petersburg and between Treasure Island, Reddington beaches are home to 2-miles stretch of powdery white sand known as “Mad Beach” locally that locals call home with its beautiful views near popular attractions like Sidell Theater or Gulfport Lipsticks Museum & Shop.

This Tampa Bay beach is also pet-friendly!

The best way to take in all of Madeira’s beauty is on a stand up paddle board. You can explore the many mangroves and coves that make up this area.

Locals know how to find some of the best spots for fishing on Madeira Beach–you’ll find the pier full of people catching a wide range of fish.

The local, waterfront restaurant and bar is an excellent place to enjoy a good meal while watching the sunset over Tampa Bay.

The nightlife here can be found in any direction you look; so no matter what side you’re looking at there will always seem something worth checking out!

5. Egmont Key Beach, St. Petersburg, Florida

The finest beaches in the Tampa Bay region are scarred by city life, and you need peace, silence, and solitude to unwind. One of these unexpected gems is Egmont Key Beach, which provides all of this grandeur with an untouched natural environment on a 400-acre island only accessible by boat or ferry.

The white sand and clear blue water at Egmont Key make it a perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. The beach is also a great spot for fishing–you can catch Redfish, Trout, Snapper, Tarpon, and more here.

This state park contains a wildlife sanctuary as well so if you’re looking for some snorkeling opportunities while out there then look no further!

Pack your bags and get away for some much-needed rest. A quiet white sand beach where you can snorkel or just swim in clear blue water with manatees sometimes visible by boat is located on the southeast coast or enjoy collecting seashells on the sea shore. Egmont Key state park is also home to a nature preserve that has wildlife such as gopher tortoises, dolphins birds – all waiting patiently until you get up close so they can share their secrets.

6. St. Pete Beach, St. Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg is a popular destination for many people who want to take advantage of the Florida coast’s beautiful beaches. St Pete Beach actually has its own designated dog-friendly area, where you can find all sorts of fun things like ice cream and fishing poles!

For those looking for something more low key there are other spots along this famous strip with less crowded conditions perfect if your pup needs some space from large crowds while still getting plenty in nose level proximity dolling out swim strokes under their very own power!

This beach is perfect for those looking to escape the city and relax with family or friends. With plenty of restaurants, bars and activities along this strip you’re sure to find something that peaks everyone’s interest! The warm water makes it a great spot for snorkeling as well if you keep an eye out for alligators because even they love a good day at the beach!

7. Pass-A-Grille, Long Key Island, Florida

Pass-a-Grille is a small beach town at the south end of St. Pete Beach with restaurants, retailers and waterfront areas on both gulf coasts as well as an intercoastal waterway that borders it to whichever direction you’re headed.

Pass-a-Grille is a hidden gem of the Tampa Bay area with its pristine white sand beaches and turquoise water that are perfect for swimming, windsurfing or just lounging on towels.

Hurley Park has a great beach for families. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with the kids, head over to 15th Avenue – it has all of your amenities! For those dog lovers out there that want access only when they need or can take their pets too- check this southern tip location because even though dogs aren’t allowed everywhere else on island property owners often let them loose around these parts so have fun running off leash without worrying about getting caught by one pesky police officer.

8. Ben T. Davis Beach, Tampa, Florida

The Tampa Bay area is home to many beautiful beaches, but the largest and most popular one for a recreational walk or bike ride? That would be Ben T. Davis Beach in nearby St Pete Beach Florida! The 1 mile long stretch of sand features palm trees that line its curbside while narrow it may seem at first glance- you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature as soon as your feet hit dry land again after entering this serene environment where wildlife abounds; rabbits cavorting playfully among their fallen foes on freshly dug graves near an old churchyard fence post perhaps just waiting out some last minute passersby before this guy heads to the big “D” in the sky.

When you’re traveling from the airport to downtown Tampa, there’s no better place than Ben T. Davis! The closest beach is about 10 minutes away and can be reached in just 15 more by car or taxi if needed–which would mean that one of these options will always work out perfectly for whatever time zone your flight arrives at 3:00pm EST on Saturday during a weekday week day when visiting family again this year.

A picnic on the beach is a wonderful experience. You can rent bikes, kayaks or paddle boards if you’re looking to get some exercise too! Parking is affordable at just $0.55 per hour which allows visitors to stay as long as they want without breaking their budget – come on down today and make this summer even more awesome than it already promises itself being so close to the sun!

9. Fred Howard Park, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Fred Howard Park is located on the Gulf of Mexico, and it provides access to a 1-mile long causeway. The white sand beaches make for an ideal place to swim or just spend time outdoors with family members during sunset viewing opportunities.

Fred Howard Park is a 25-mile drive from Tampa International Airport. A lush oasis in the middle of pine forests and palm trees, Fred Howard has provided visitors with nearly 200 years worth of history that they can hike or bike through while soaking up some sun on one of our many beautiful beaches!

Fred Howard park is a beautiful and bustling beach with an abundance of outdoor activities for all types. Here you can spend time fishing, swimming in the ocean or lake – even kayaking on its gentle waves! There are also plenty of picnic areas where families like to gather before taking off into their next adventure together at Windy Point Nature preserve just over ten minutes from downtown Gainesville.

10. Honeymoon Island, Dunedin, Florida

At Honeymoon Island, the water is blue and clear – it’s hard to believe that this beautiful spot can also be homey. The park covers 385 acres of land with 2,400 submerged acres as well.

With over four miles of pristine untouched beach, Honeymoon Island State Park is one the best Tampa Bay beaches. The south area has moderate size grassy dunes as well inviting swimming areas where visitors can enjoy sea turtles in their natural environment and swim alongside dolphins who come to visit them while they sunbathe on these beautiful white sand shores!

In addition there’s plenty more fun waiting for you north at Dog Beach – just make sure not get too close without an entourage because wild boar roams this land that used to be cattle pasture back when people lived here full-time instead of working long hours away every day.

Honeymoon Island is a state park located off the coast of Dunedin, Florida. The island encompasses 19 miles and is only accessible by boat or ferry. It’s namesake comes from the fact that it was formerly used as a honeymoon destination for couples. These days, Honeymoon Island offers visitors ample opportunity to swim, sunbathe, and fish in its crystal clear waters.

It also has a nature trail that takes visitors through the island’s maritime hammock and coastal dune ecosystem. There is also a playground and picnic pavilions for those looking to enjoy a meal outdoors. Honeymoon Island makes for an excellent day trip from Tampa Bay!

What More You Need to Know About Tampa Florida Beaches

Is it safe to go for a swim on the beaches?

Absolutely. The beaches in Tampa are very safe and clean, so you won’t have to worry about anything while swimming! Just make sure to bring sunscreen with you.

Do I need a fishing license if I’m only going to fish off one of the beaches in Tampa Bay?

No, you do not need a fishing license if you are only going to fish off the coast. However, there may be size and bag limits on certain types of fish depending on where in Tampa Bay that you plan to go fishing. Please consult a local fishing guide for more information.

What is the best way to get to these beaches?

The best way to get around Tampa Bay and visit all of the ten best beaches on our list is by car. However, if you’re looking to avoid traffic, we recommend using Uber or Lyft!

10 Best Beaches in Tampa Florida (MUST SEE!)

Final Thought

Tampa, Florida is a beautiful city with a multitude of beaches to choose from. If you’re looking for the best beach in Tampa, we have compiled this list just for you! We hope that our 10 Best Beaches in Tampa Florida will help guide your decision on where to spend your next vacation or weekend getaway. Enjoy and happy exploring!