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10 Best Beaches Near Ruskin Florida

10 Best Beaches Near Ruskin Florida

A perfect day doesn’t have to be spent at the beach. That’s what you tell yourself when your friends are asking where to go for a weekend getaway. But, this is not entirely true because sometimes it’s just nice to take off your shoes and walk on the sand before you head back home.

This blog post will show you 10 Best Beaches near Ruskin Florida that are worth checking out!

The 10 Best Beaches Near Ruskin Florida

Ruskin, Florida, actually is renowned for its beauty and a whole year of sunshine. You’ll find the several lovely beaches in Ruskin, Florida, that you may get to in this blog: the Four Known Beaches located in Ruskin, which is located within this census-designated place.

For those who want to go out on the town, we’ve compiled a list of beaches in and around Ruskin. We also included some lovely beaches in Manatee County, such as Pinellas County and Coquina Beach, St Pete Beach for example.

This area is ideal for individuals who value seclusion and the beauty of untouched nature. With over 30 miles of sandy beaches, several water sports to try, and exciting local events year-round, this region is a discerning travelers’ choice.

1. Bean Point Located in Anna Maria Island (in Manatee County)

The island of Anna Maria, located in Manatee County on Florida’s southwestern shore, is a long barrier island made up of three towns: Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach. The island has six beaches found in each with its particular charm and attractiveness; Coquina Beach that has been mentioned previously as the most beautiful.

  • For years, Bean Point was a somewhat hidden gem, but it is now widely recognized as a private beach location in Anna Maria Island.
  • It’s important because George Emerson Bean of Little Cayman, being the founder, chose to reside on the island in 1892. Streets, water system, houses, churches, schools, and the island’s first community actually were all built here.
  • Although the buildings have long since vanished, what stays are the beautiful sand and crystal-clear seas, stunning vistas, and breathtaking sunsets free of obstructions. Shelling is also a delightful pastime that is both unique and enjoyable. It’s best during the low tide. Birding and viewing wildlife are other popular activities here.
  • It would be a breathtaking, natural show if the Gulf and Bay waters met at Bean Point. Swimming at Bean Point is hazardous due to the strong current and riptides. It’s dangerous for powerful currents and riptides to form.
  • This is a difficult viewpoint to reach, but it’s well worth the effort. There are no parking lots or lifeguards, but there are signage symbols pointing you to the access points. On-street parking is available.

The free trolley from the Anna Maria City Pier will transport you to Bean Point. Biking to Bean Point is a fantastic method to go there if you own a beachfront or seaside cottage nearby.

Attractions at Bean Point

Bean Point does not offer as many amenities and activities as other beaches on Ana Maria Island, but it does have some appeal owing to its natural, untouched nature.

  • From your perch on the island, you may enjoy breathtaking views of various Downtown St. Petersburg, as well as magnificent perspectives of cosmopolitan Downtown St. Petersburg.
  • The St Petersburg waterfront is also just nearby the well-known Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which links St. Pete with Terra Ceia in Manatee County. It spans 15 miles of water and connects St Petersburg to Manatee County, Terra Ceia, considered an emblem of Florida.
  • The St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport is another option, as well as the beaches of Clearwater and St. Petersburg just a short drive away. A few of the most popular are Phosphate City Park, located on the west bank of Tampa Bay, and Florida Southern College’s Birmingham campus in Milton.

2. The Coquina Beach – Anna Maria Island (in Manatee County)

Coquina Beach is located south of Anna Maria Island in the city of Bradenton. It’s a seaside that hasn’t changed much since 1985, and it’s reminiscent of old-style Florida beaches. Conde Nast Traveler included Coquina Beach in its list of “the 5 best beaches in the world for perfect sand.”

The whitewashed beach is a beautiful and secluded beach, and it’s known for its tall Australian pine trees, which offer shade even in the hottest of seasons. Coquina Beach is quieter than neighboring beaches because of its laid-back and private atmosphere.

To Dos at Coquina Beach

Do the trips on Coquina Beach if you haven’t already. There are boat and eco-tours available, including paragliding. Rent a Jet Ski, a boat, or kayaks.

The cuisine offered in Bradenton Beach is ideal for foodies. There are several dining choices, including barbecue restaurants, bars and cafés, ice cream vendors, family eateries, gourmet restaurants, and more.

Bridge Street Bazaar, The Lot, Sea-Renity Spa and Boutique, and The Back Alley Gift & Coffee Shop are some of the most popular stores for shopping.

3. Pass-A-Grille Beach – St. Pete Beach (Pinellas County)

At the southern tip of Pinellas County, Florida, you’ll find the hamlet of Pass-A-Grille, which is home to a relaxing old Florida beach called Pass-A-Grille Beach. One of the beaches near Ruskin, Florida, actually is close by.

  • It’s lovely, modest, and restful. Along the Gulf Coast is a vast expanse of white sand. The long, undeveloped public beach runs 4 miles to Boca Ciega Bay. You may just pull in and go for a stroll on the beach. There are no crowds, picturesque hotels, or condominiums here.
  • However, there are several facilities available to make your stay as pleasant as possible. This is among the beaches near Ruskin, FL, so you should come see it.
  • There are a number of modern hotels in the region, some of which feature fully equipped kitchens (such as Coconut Inn), and they’re all within walking distance of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. Nearby are clusters of informal seafood restaurants and beach boutiques.
  • You can walk to the center of Pass-a-Grille in minutes, where you’ll discover restaurants and businesses. There are beach cruiser bikes for rent if you want to explore the area.
  • Eighth Avenue has more restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and businesses. This section of the avenue contains a greater number of amenities. More restaurants, galleries, boutiques, outlets, and bars may be found along this stretch. Visit the legendary Hurricane Seafood Restaurant for spectacular sunsets from its rooftop terrace.
  • The beach is also popular for recreational fishing, although the waters are too deep to use a boat. There are BBQ grills available, as well as volleyball courts and picnic areas scattered along the white sand beach. The Gulf Beaches Historical Museum tells the story of the area’s history.

For snorkeling or shelling, take a boat trip to the isolated Shell Key Preserve, an unoccupied barrier island, where you may view dolphins.

4. St. Pete Beach in St. Pete Beach (Pinellas County)

When you visit Pinellas County, you’ll discover a number of amazing beaches. St Pete Beach is one such city, located on an island just to the west part of St. Petersburg.

Dining at several restaurants with gourmet, oyster bars, seafood, family dining, fast food and fine dining are all options. On the south side of the beach there’s lots of bar-hopping as well.

Other Attractions at St. Pete Beach

After a day on the beach in St Petersburg, there are plenty of options for sightseeing in the city. Boutiques, cafés, and bars may be found on Corey Avenue, one of the town’s major streets. Every Sunday, there is a beautiful farmer’s market here.

Spend some time at the Rumfish, that known resort and bar, for an exciting encounter. There are 3 huge aquariums here with some species of marine life from the area. You may snorkel in one of the Rumfish aquariums if you make reservations ahead of time.

5. Treasure Island Beach – Treasure Island (Pinellas County)

Treasure Island is a barrier island just right at Pinellas County, Florida’s west coast. Following the Civil War, its early settlers were fishers, hunters, and perhaps pirates and smugglers.

In 1848, the island’s original owner paid $1.25 per acre for it. In 1915, the first hotel was built on the island. The name “Treasure Island” originated from some inventive individuals who circulated tales of lost treasure in order to make things more interesting.

The island is located near the Gulf and has white sand beaches, clear blue seas, palm trees, and nearby hotels and unique restaurants. St. Petersburg and the major theme parks of Tampa and Central Florida are a short drive away.

Treasure Island Beach is one of the beaches in Ruskin, Florida.

The Beaches of Treasure Island

There are almost 4 miles of beaches, known as neighborhoods, in the city. There are three such areas: one on the mid-island and two along the coast. It’s busy and commercial.

There is a paved bicycle and pedestrian path around the island, as well as three beach trails: The Treasure Island Beach Trail for walking, dog-walking, skateboarding, and bicycling. The beaches on either end of the island are narrower: Sunshine Beach and Sunset Beach.

There are lots of colorful homes in this neighborhood. They are more residential, ranging from beach cottages to Key West-style three-story properties, as well as some smaller “mid-century modern” motels. Sunset Beach has a short boardwalk for strolling and fishing.

Amenities and Events of Treasure Island

In Treasure Island, the tourism sector is flourishing. Summer camp, winter camp, Zumba, yoga, jazzercise, art lessons, tennis instruction and clinics are among the activities available.

Sunset Beach Pavilion, Sunset Vista Park, Weckesser Park, McLaughlin Park, Triangle Park, Rosselli Park, Kingfish Park, and the Treasure Island Community Center Park are some of the parks and trails on Treasure Island.

10 Best Beaches Near Ruskin Florida

6. Beer Can Island Beach Located in Longboat Key

Hooked Spit is a sand spit located between Apollo Beach and South Tampa, which was formerly the site of a phosphate mining operation. It’s generally referred to as the Beer Can Island, although it became known as Greer Island Park after its creation in 1971.

If you’re visiting for the first time, it may be difficult to find. It is quite isolated. What exactly is the name of this island? It’s because boaters like to visit this beach, tie up their boats, and consume beer when you are visiting the island. Many people come here in boats, but many others take a stroll the beach at low tide.

How to Get There

Drive down the N. Shore Road, which ends at a parking lot on the west end. Then walk north heading thru the Gulf of Mexico. The beach will be curving, but keep walking east until you come to the Longboat Pass. You’ll see numerous ancient, fallen trees on the beach, which make lovely, ethereal images with the sky as a backdrop.

  • Many vessels are visible at Longboat Pass; they’re all there for one reason or another. You’d have gone only a quarter of a mile, but it would have been relaxing and the waves pounding on the beach.
  • The beach is completely undeveloped, and also formed by tidal currents. The seashore is lovely and picturesque, and it’s popular with the locals. Some people do, however the riptides at the Longboat Pass are hazardous. It’s safer to swim at North Shore Road and maybe take it across the bridge at Coquina Beach. You can have lifeguards come with you.

Are there any beer bottles, drinking glasses or beer cans on the beach? Nope. Police conduct patrols by boat or some ATVs in the area. Pets as well are extremely prohibited. You will be fined $500 if you are discovered with one.

7. Siesta Key Beach – Siesta Key (Sarasota County)

Siesta Key Beach is unusual because its sand isn’t made of corals, but rather is 99 percent quartz, according to geologists, who claim it must be millions of years old. The crystal sand is smooth, and it’s cool on warm days, the water is turquoise, and the beachside amenities makes it a complete island of paradise.

  • There’s a lot to see and do in Siesta Key, which is about eight miles long and home to a variety of hotels, shopping districts, restaurants, and entertainment. Siesta Beach is open to everyone; it’s popular with families, couples, sports enthusiasts, and people from all walks of life.
  • As a final note, TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice AwardsTM designated Siesta Key Beach as the #1 Beach in the United States in 2020. This is why Siesta Beach is among the most beautiful beaches on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
  • Swimming, shelling, fishing, boating, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, viewing the view, or observing dolphins are all popular pastimes on Siesta Beach. Tennis and volleyball players on the beach play while youngsters enjoy a shaded playground and families gather for picnics along the shore.
  • Sandals, kayaks, and snorkeling gear may all be rented on the premises. Another option is to rent a boat, jet skis, or even surf boards and wetsuits from nearby stores. There are dolphin excursions and sunset cruises available as well.
  • There are a variety of lodging options on the island, ranging from luxury hotels and resorts to condominiums, apartments, and hostels. The beaches are only minutes away from all of them.

The island is home to a variety of restaurants, including waterfront eateries and numerous more located all around the island, which offer a wide range of cuisines as well as bars and pubs with live music. Boutique stores and bazaars can be found on the island.

Things to Do in Siesta Key Beach

Fishing and kayaking trips are the most popular saltwater activities on Siesta Key Beach. Paragliding is also quite popular. A calmer and more soothing alternative is to go on a boat excursion from Siesta Key to other beaches, such as Crescent Beach and Turtle Beach, which will pass by manatee-shaped boats along the way.

The Point of Rocks is a wildlife reserve and birding spot with geologic rock formations; it’s also great for sightings of animals and birds.

Take a bus or minivan trip around Sarasota. There’s also a public art tour and a food walking tour of the city. The world-famous silversmiths of Silver City, Sarasota are a must-see for sterling silver jewelry. In any of the numerous salons, have a relaxing massage or spa treatment, or get a psychic reading as part of a tour.

8. Madeira Beach Located in Madeira Beach (Pinellas County)

With the Gulf of Mexico to the west then unto St. Petersburg to the east, Fort Myers Beach is located at Pinellas County.

The city, which is located north of the Columbia River, also has a nice beach and was ranked as the ninth Beach in the United States by Tripadvisor last year.

The Beach of Madeira Beach

The mile-long stretch of white sand that is facing the clear, and sparkling seas of the Gulf in Madeira Beach is 2 miles long. Travelers remark on how purse and clean the beach actually appears and how warm the water is, as well as on its proximity to a number of facilities.

The beach is actually not overly crowded or commercial, making it perfect for those searching for less-busy settings. Walking and cycling are popular pastimes, with simply chilling out being one of them. Manatees and Seabirds are frequently observed.

Information on Johns Pass

The village of John’s Pass is close to the beach, which isn’t your typical fishing town. There are more than one hundred businesses in the area, including restaurants, retail stores, boat rentals, jet skiing outfits and parasailing. Sightseeing cruises and lunch/dinner cruises are also available.

  • The Hubbard Marina in Johns Pass is ideally suited for beginning boat excursions with a powerboat, Jet Ski, Waverunner or paddleboard. A fishing trip may be launched from Hubbard Marina.
  • You may enjoy your stay at The Wreck with family-friendly adventures like the Pirate Ship Tour, some Beach Games, a Shark Boat Cruise and an Alligator Attraction. There is ample of parking in the village.
  • On the island of Palms, John’s Pass is a popular rest stop with waterfront dining and fresh seafood options. They also have an annual John’s Pass Seafood Festival for visitors and the locals alike, which has all sorts of sea creatures.

9. Indian Rocks Beach – Indian Rocks Beach (Pinellas County)

Tampa or St. Petersburg are only a few hours’ drive from Indian Rocks Beach. The beach is 3 miles long whichruns along the Gulf Coast, with over 27 points of access along Gulf Boulevard.

The beautiful, pristine shores of the Florida Panhandle are a magnet for sun lovers from around the world. The crystal-clear seas, white sand beaches, peaceful and clear waters, and magnificent Gulf of Mexico sunsets attract visitors from all around the world. It has a familial feel to it. Swimmers come to swim, tan on the beachfront

On the beach-lined stretch, you may find hotels, condominiums, and vacation homes. You are already on the beach by stepping outside!

Attractions Indian Rocks Beach

The Indian Rocks Historical Museum is a favorite destination for history enthusiasts. This historic home depicts life in Indian Rocks Beach in the 1940s and 1950s. Kolb Park includes playgrounds, tennis courts, swings, merry go round, picnic areas, a library, and an art center; as well as exceptional ice cream and candy shops.

A modest waterpark with a lazy river, slides, a tiny pool, and swimming areas for kids and adults is called the A Splash Harbour Water Park. Contagious Fishing Charters conduct both short excursions and full-day charters.

The seaside seabird sanctuary is where rescued birds are treated and rehabilitated in order to be released back into the wild. Donations are encouraged.

10. Clearwater Beach Located in Clearwater Beach (Pinellas County)

Clearwater is northwest of Tampa and St. Petersburg. The Gulf of Mexico lies to the west, while Tampa Bay sits to the southeast. Clearwater Beach is known as a gorgeous beach located near Pinellas County’s capital, St. Petersburg.

  • Clearwater Beach, on the west coast of Florida’s panhandle, is a friendly family-friendly location with the known sugar-white sand, several low-key restaurants, a big playground, nightly performances, and other things to do.
  • Clearwater Beach is a popular swimming site with lots of facilities. It’s clean, safe, family-friendly, and has a small-town feel to it. Clearwater is actually the only city in Florida which maintains beach grooming with lifeguards all year.
  • Swimming is fantastic, but there’s also scuba diving, jet skis, snorkeling, speed boats and wave runners. Parasailing is also available if that’s what you like.

There’s a Boardwalk where you can go rollerblading. The new Beach Walk, with some lush beachside walkway, is becoming increasingly popular as visitors may eat, drink, and even play beach volleyball.

More Things to Do

The pier at Clearwater Beach, that is still named after the New York City location. The fishing here isn’t very promising; however, it has become a children’s attraction because of its unusual shape. Street performers come to entertain tourists, including escape artists and stilt walkers. There’s also a beach playground for kids at sunset, as well as a

  • The Clear Water Aquarium is a unique nonprofit that works around the world to protect, rescue, and restore sea life. It also endangered animals or rescues that are injured, such as sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins, birds and otters.
  • The Honeymoon Island State Park, is a lovely honeymoon destination, is the Parks and Gardens; Caladesi Island State Park has a beach, a fishing area and hiking trails. Sand Key Park is ideal for bird viewing – herons, and roseate spoonbills are great horned owls can be seen there.
  • Sunset boat tours, a thriller speedboat trip, dolphin-watching cruises and a pirate cruise are all available from Pier 60.

Every year, there are several events that draw a large number of people to Clearwater Beach. The Sugar Sand Festival in April has musical acts, vendors, art presentations, and famous sand sculptures.

10 Best Beaches Near Ruskin Florida

Ruskin Florida

Ruskin is a census-designated place in Hillsborough County, Florida, that is not recognized as a town. At the time of Hernando de Soto’s exploration in 1539, the region was part of the chiefdom of Uzita. The settlement was established on August 7, 1908, on the banks of the Little Manatee River.

The village and the institution were named for the English writer and social reformist John Ruskin. The Guild of St George, a celebration of labor that was critical to the Arts and Crafts movement of William Morris, was founded by Ruskin, a utopian. Ruskin was an active instructor.

Ruskin is located in Hillsborough County’s south-central region, on the north bank of the Little Manatee River. Apollo Beach and Sun City Center border it to the north, while Gibsonton is to the south. US Route 41 goes through town, heading northwest 10 miles (16 kilometers) to Gibsonton and southeast.


There are several beaches in Ruskin, but they aren’t anywhere near as numerous as those on the other side of the state. We discovered about four nice ones that we’ve included.

These are the beaches located in Ruskin, Florida. We included two of Manatee County’s most popular beaches, which were frequently recommended when visiting Ruskin.

The most popular beaches in this area are in the neighboring county of Pinellas, which is adjacent to Hillsborough. The lovely seaside resorts on the other side of Tampa Bay attract Ruskinites, visitors, and tourists who make organized trips of half an hour to an hour. 

So what are you waiting for? Try to get into these beaches during summer months.

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