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10 Best Natural Springs In Florida | Let’s Find Out

10 Best Natural Springs In Florida

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a soothing, natural spring. The best springs in Florida are those that have been around for centuries and contain healing properties. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 best natural springs in Florida that will help you find your own slice of paradise!

The Florida springs are a natural treasure that is often overlooked by the average person. They offer some of the best views in the state, have many historic sites nearby, and are also home to some endangered species. The good news is that there are plenty of places to visit them on your own or with family members or friends.

10 Best Natural Springs In Florida

1. Ginnie Springs

For those who live in Florida but want to get away from the crowds, spend some time at Ginnie Springs. You can enjoy an inner tube ride or go underwater without getting wet by kayaking and paddleboarding.

The water at Ginnie Springs is always 72F/22C, which makes for an absolutely freezing experience.

Ginnie Springs may be open 24/7 for campers, but it also changes depending on the time of day and season.

For example during winter when they close between 6-8pm! And again; hours will vary according to if you’re visiting on a weekday or weekend–so plan ahead before heading out there with your family.

You’ll never find a more perfect getaway than this hidden gem. Located within two hours of Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee is an off the beaten path destination that you can enjoy all year long!

2. Ichetucknee Springs

The Ichetucknee River is a crystal clear and serene lazy river that flows through beautiful Florida. It’s North of Gainesville, so you can find this paradise on your next vacation.

When you’re looking for a break from all the hustle and bustle in downtown Orlando, head out to this state park on Lake Ichetucknee. Pristine waters will gently carry your canoe down river or kayak as we glide through scenic greenery with no end in sight! You can also try scuba diving if that’s what gets your blood pumping – there are plenty of areas marked off limits just waiting to be explored by those willing enough to do so.

The best way though is probably via one of our three easy hiking trails which lead into different parts located at either side (or even underneath) these beautiful springs.

3. Juniper Springs

The main springhead is a perfect location for swimmers, snorkelers and paddlers. Hikers can easily spend all day trudging through the state-wide Florida Trail that winds its way through this area with information about sub tropical flora and fauna on offer to visitors at every turn! It’s one of those springs which you just need to visit – it may not be as pretty or large than other ones nearby.

Juniper Springs is a hidden gem in the Ocala National Forest, where you’ll find palm trees and oak treasured before winding their way to Lake George. Though it’s not as well traveled as other areas of this subtropical forest preserve.

Imagine spending a relaxing evening in the heart of nature. The historic campgrounds and RV parking among some of Florida’s best springs make this an easy task for families looking to unwind on their days off.

4. Alexander Springs

Alexander Springs is the perfect place for you to take a break from your busy routine and enjoy nature. Explore this springs, which housed an indigenous tribe of people who thrived off what’s found here: maples trees with sweetgum leaves; cabbage palms bent low under their weighty fruit bunches; moss-covered rock shelves that extend far beyond sight due to overhanging cliffs where water seeps out among lichens on stone walls lined by ferns like they’re waiting just in case we need them someday too.

The serene views of the fall foliage can be seen from many points in this park. It’s the perfect spot for family fun including biking, horseback riding and fishing or kayaking on one side while you enjoy nature with your rod-and reel on another.

5. Gilchrist Blue Springs

Florida has a diverse array of natural springs, one with clear waters and an eclectic population that you can swim in. Drive 25 miles south from Lake City to experience this amazing place for yourself. This is paradise found! With a wide variety of fish, turtles and invertebrates that call this set in Florida home you’ll be blown away by the natural beauty.

Gilchrist Blue is a great place for photographers and nature lovers, with so much wildlife to see. Get there early in order to avoid disappointment.

6. Weeki Wachee

Diving in Florida is an incredible experience. The clear, blue water feels like you’re the only person that exists and it’s hard to believe this island state has such amazing natural springs with lush green forests all around them. Divers are off exploring freshwater cave systems documented to be North America’s deepest.

With its pristine natural beauty, Weeki Wachee State Park is a perfect destination for events hosted within the state park. Events such as weddings and family gatherings are able to take place with a range of indoor pavilions that offer an incredible view or outdoor areas which can be decorated per your needs!

10 Best Natural Springs In Florida

7. Rainbow Springs

Who says Florida is all about beaches? This cozy spring in the state’s lush Rainforest region offers visitors an opportunity to experience a side of paradise that few get close enough too.

This picturesque site has been affectionately nicknamed “The Queen Of springs” by locals because it truly does deserve such grandiose praise! While most only see tourists crowding around town during their holiday breaks, you’ll find instead a multitude of wildlife peacefully coexisting here among these natural wonders–making for some very unforgettable memories indeed.

Along the banks of this beautiful river you can rent kayaks, canoes and tubes so that your family has a chance to explore natural wildlife. You may see turtles sunning on logs or sharing space with heron and blue ibis in their own little ecosystems while they float downstream! The best part? It’s all right here waiting for you – just make sure not to forget some sunscreen because Florida springs are made during these times when everything is green outside but hot inside due to high temps sometimes reaching upwards into triple digits.

10 Best Natural Springs In Florida

8. Devil’s Den

At the Devil’s Den, they have everything that you and your family could want. Camping sites with cabins to stay in or RV parking for those who love nature travel! There are also heated swimming pools so people of all ages can enjoy themselves at this spring paradise located just outside Tampa Bay on Florida’s west coast near Mullet Key Bight State Park

Mullet Key is one place where legends from long ago come true because nothing else seems possible here—except maybe finding hidden treasure like pirates used too before we had laws against stealing gold doubloons off ships by boarding them without permission-“The Hurricane”

Step into the ethereal world of72 degrees, clear water. Your experience begins as you walk down a wooden staircase and enter an enchanted cavern that appears to open up onto another plane; beneath us lies 54 feet (120 meters) worth of springs covered by crystal-clear aqua waters always found only in Florida’s Natural Springs phenomenon where there are so many unique features it can’t all be encompassed with just one visit.

Located just north of Ocala in Central Florida, you can find the most prehistoric spring.

9. Silver Glen Springs

The best springs in Florida are located at the Ocala National Forest and they’re not just a pretty sight – this spring has been noted for its archeological significance too! Those who visit will notice fossilised snail shells that date back thousands of years, which were left behind by prior inhabitants.

Around this tranquil spring, you’ll find a profusion of trees. Pine and oak both provide shade for swimming or sunbathing while cedar provides wood to cook with when your day is done soaking up all that water has to offer! A variety of fish call these waters home including manatees seeking solace from colder regions further upstream on Saint Johns River.

10. Rock Springs Kelly Park

Kelly Park is an urban oasis for people to escape from the hustle and bustles of life. It’s located in between Apopka, Florida with its natural surroundings that are both captivating as well calming due to their beauty at every turn; you can take a canoe or glass-bottom boat down river until it opens up into open swimming area where there will be fish following your movements closely while turtles swim right next door too.

  • Come enjoy the Florida spring at this beautiful campground. You’ll find plenty of RV parking, pavilions with electricity and water hookups for guests including sewer connection so your home stays clean during staycation or vacation alike! There’s also nature trails to explore on foot – perfect if you need some time away from screens in order to get closer with family members who live far away these days (good thing cell phones don’t work here). This spot won’t disappoint when it comes down to relaxing outdoors activities.
  • If you’re looking for a cooling retreat during the hottest of Florida summers, head to Rock Springs at Kelly Park. It may only peak out around 68 degrees but with its free-flowing springs and lush greenery it’ll be hard not fall in love.
  • Visiting this beautiful spring comes with a price. Kelly Park is an affordable and fun place to visit with family or friends. The entrance fee costs just $3, which will get you into the park for a car full of people; additional charges apply if there are more than two riders in your vehicle! Motorcycles also cost an extra dollar per head so be sure this isn’t overlooked before planning any trips around coming by bike.
  • Kelly Park is the place to take in a beautiful view of the water during any time of year. In summer, it’s open from 8am-8pm and in winter its still an excellent spot for photos but you have one hour more before closing than what was announced!

These 10 beautiful springs are the best of what Florida has to offer. If you’re looking for a place where everyone can have fun while relaxing in the sun, look no further than these watery retreats!

There Are a Few Reasons Why These Springs Are Popular Attractions:

  • They have been formed from natural geologic processes.
  • The water is mostly clear and free of contaminates, making it safe for swimming.
  • If you are looking for a place to escape that has nature at its heart
  • They vary in size from small, secluded caves to large swimming areas complete with diving boards and cafeterias.
  • There is an endless supply of fresh water which means you can enjoy the natural beauty without worrying about your cellphone dying or being pulled away by dangerous currents.
  • You can swim or snorkel in the crystal clear water which is perfect to escape from the heat.

The Spring Has a Variety of Benefits, Including:

 Once you visit one of these springs, there are a few things that it will do for you:

  • Many of the springs contain valuable minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc which can be absorbed through your skin.
  • They will help to heal scars and re-energize muscles after a long day at work or on the field.
  • The spring has been used for centuries by Native Americans who would soak in its therapeutic waters to relieve pain from arthritis and other common ailments.
  • The water is 80-92 degrees, making it the perfect temperature for swimming or snorkeling all year long!
  • They are also great at improving your blood flow which will help to reduce stress, improve circulation and even cure insomnia.
  • They are all free or very affordable to visit which makes it possible for every member of the family to enjoy!

Tips in Visiting Natural Springs in Florida

  • Don’t litter. Take out anything you bring in with you when leaving the springs
  • Be aware of wildlife; they’re wild for a reason!
  • Only swim where it’s allowed and respect signage to avoid fines or injury
  • Pack sunscreen, water shoes (if needed), towels & snacks before coming along on any trip to visit these springs
  • If you get hurt or see someone else who needs help, call 911 immediately!
  • Don’t damage any of the surrounding foliage when parking your car.
  • Before visiting ensure that the area is open and in good condition, not all springs are suitable for swimming.
  • With Florida’s hot temperatures you might want to bring a towel or blanket if planning on getting dry with your clothes off! Make sure there won’t be any miscommunication when it comes down to appropriate clothing at this location – local rules apply!
  • Keep in mind that most of these springs are located within state and national parks so it’s important to check with the park itself before visiting. Some locations require a pass or paid parking near entrance gates while others have specific hours for when they’re open. It’s also best to bring along some cash if you plan on buying anything from the gift shop to help save time if you plan on stopping by.
  • If you plan on swimming, make sure to bring water shoes or sandals. You don’t want any scrapes or cuts from sharp rocks near the edge of a spring!
10 Best Natural Springs In Florida

More Facts About Natural Springs Florida

You may learn something new about springs before your visit!

Why is it important to visit natural springs in Florida?

The fresh, clean water and the surrounding environment make for a beautiful getaway. They’re also great at improving your blood flow which will help to reduce stress, improve circulation and even cure insomnia!

Where can I find more information on visiting these springs? 

There are some helpful tips for visiting natural springs in Florida that can help you to plan your trip.

What are some of the best places for families?

There are a few locations which have children’s play areas or parks nearby, making them perfect for family visits!

Where is it possible to swim and snorkel near these springs?

As long as it’s allowed you should be able to swim and snorkel at any location, but there are some rules so make sure not to damage the surrounding foliage.

What does Florida’s climate have in common with natural springs?

Florida is a very hot state which makes its many natural springs perfect for cooling off on those particularly sunny days!

Are any of these places wheelchair accessible?

At Kelly Park, there is a boardwalk that leads to the spring. It has about 500 feet and is wheelchair accessible. However, the boardwalk is not covered so it gets rather hot during summer months and can be slippery in wet conditions.

Are any of these places good for children?

Yes! Rock Springs at Kelly Park is family friendly all year long because it’s spring has a lower temperature than other springs in Florida that are found to have warmer water. The depth of the spring is also only about 15 feet deep, which makes it perfect for children to play in!

What are some other activities at Kelly Park?

Kelly Park has a variety of amenities including bathrooms, picnic tables and grills, nature trails for hiking or biking on foot or by bike (bikes cost an extra dollar), pavilions for picnics, and a playground.

What are some of the best places to visit in Florida?

The following springs are all great options for outdoor activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing or scuba diving! Some also offer hiking trails while others have nice boardwalks that allow you to get closer than usual to the springs.

Final Thought

These ten natural springs offer some of the best outdoor attractions that Florida has to offer. They are perfect for a hot summer day, group trips with friends and family or even as part of your special honeymoon!

The water is warm enough to swim all year long but also cools you down during those hotter months which make them great year round destinations.

They are all located near state and national parks which means they’re usually clean, well maintained areas with plenty of space for parking. Most springs feature picnic tables or shaded seating alongside cafeterias if you want to stop by on the way back from your visit!

The water is mostly clear (some exceptions) meaning that it’s perfect for snorkeling or swimming. You can see all the way down to the bottom which is a great opportunity for underwater photography!Florida is a great state for those who love the outdoors. It has an abundance of natural springs and some incredible freshwater beaches, which makes it perfect for water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. Visit the best 10 natural springs in Florida if you’re searching for a balance of nature and peace!

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