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12 Best North Florida Beaches

12 Best North Florida Beaches

With their bubbling waters, sugar-white sands, beautiful facilities, and favorable atmosphere, North Florida beaches have become a central hub for many travelers. If you’re planning to go on vacation any time soon, Florida North beach should be among your top places to visit.

Needless to mention, they are also surrounded by numerous neighborhoods, towns, and cities that you can choose from based on your preferences. The surrounding residential areas near North Florida beaches attract all sorts of dwellers, from business people to employed individuals, families, and retirees.

With this being said, here are 12 of the best north Florida beaches worth checking out.

1. Grayton Beach

Want to unwind and laze around in a calming atmosphere? Grayton beach should be on your next holiday destination list. The surroundings are simply breathtaking. No towering buildings or resorts are distracting your view. While on one of the best beaches in Florida, you get to interact with the natural environment as you wander in the Floridian wilderness.

Grayton provides you with ample, fun time with family or friends. The beach is located about twenty miles from Panama City Beach. It has some of the beautiful duplexes to provide you with utmost relaxation after a long day.  

2. Amelia Island

Amelia is one of Florida’s coastal jewels. Also known as the isle of eight flags, it’s famed for its spotless beaches, natural wildlife sightings, kayaking, canoeing, fishing charters, and tours. If you love art and antiquity Amelia beach has a plateful to ensure your cravings are well satisfied with some of the most gorgeous pieces in their museum.

You can also visit the historic fort clinch state park for ice cream at the different parlors or a meal in their exquisite restaurants.

3. St. Augustine Beach

Florida is known for its pristine beaches and warm-cool climates. It’s a perfect holiday getaway for you and your family. While St. Augustine has several beaches, St Augustine Beach is one of the famous places where everyone seems to be landing in north Florida.

It’s one of the best beaches with a thrilling fishing pier at the beachfront, Splash Park, and sand volleyball. You can also treat your taste buds to a variety of delicious meals at their tropical seaside restaurants.

4. Navarre Beach

A tour to Florida without visiting its charming beaches would be incomplete. Navarre beach will provide you with a serene and quiet beach saunter away from the bustles of the city and help you relax and unwind as you gaze at the white-blue skies lying on the sand.

You can also explore its backwoods adventures, walk barefoot and get some soothing massage on your feet from the silky smooth powdered sand and kayaking.

5. Henderson Beach

Life is full of negative forces. Humans are always on the run, rushing to meet deadlines at work and at home. Henderson beach is one of the best summer hideaways, which can afford you some quietness and some time to relax as you slow down in life.

The white beach sand and sparkling blue waters are simply breathtaking. You can also enjoy short nature walks as you enjoy the fresh air under the canopy of trees.

6. Pensacola

You can never go wrong at Pensacola Beach. It is located in Pensacola, one of the best places to live in northern Florida. It’s one of those beaches in Florida whose memories you live to cherish for a lifetime. This family-friendly beach offers a load of amusing activities for you and your kids.

There are countless beauties at Pensacola beach. One of the main allures on this beach during the winter season is dolphin sightings. Your kids will also enjoy beachcombing, sandcastle building and body surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and many more.  

7. Clearwater Beach 

Clearwater Beach is one of the favorite and most exciting places for beachgoers around the world. It boasts a rich menu of activities to reinvigorate your mind, in the likes of swimming, volleyball, biking, tanning spaces as you soak in some sunshine vitamin.

It offers an awesome view of the ocean during sunset. This beach also features unique sand that is powder soft, which makes it safe for your little ones to play on. You can host some outdoor birthdays as you spoil your family with loads of fun activities like castle building, swimming, water bucket competitions, and the like.

8. Panama City Beach

If you have not been to Panama Beach, you are missing out. Panama is one of the biggest beaches in Florida. It runs over 20 miles. It has an all-rounded menu for those people who like some peace and serenity and those who love the party atmosphere.

It’s a perfect hide-out for vacations, with numerous fun-filled activities for all ages, from fishing to shelling diving, and beach sports.

9. Naples

If you have a fat bank account, Naples will treat you like a king. It has high-end restaurants and first-class hotels to ensure you live your life to the fullest. Beach life is among the reasons people consider moving to Naples, Florida.

Being one of the most elegant destinations in Florida, Naples provides a quiet surrounding with zero distractions. So, if you are the party animal, Naples might disappoint you. Chilling out is the game here. It’s a sweet hotspot with all kinds of delicious cuisine to spoil your taste buds. Naples is a luxurious world on its own.

10. Crescent Beach

With a beautiful coastline and serene atmosphere, Crescent Beach offers you top water sports activities to cheer you up and keep you in shape at the same time. At the Crescent, you can boat ride, go surfing, boogie boarding, or swimming.

Accommodation is well catered for from the beach house rentals, cottages to give you a relaxing goodnight rest and prepare you to jump onto the sandy beach the next day.

11. Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is located in the state’s biggest city. This makes it one of the most liked beaches in Florida. At the nearby Amelia Island, you can take a stroll as you pump your body with some D vitamins from the sun.

There are countless activities to ensure you enjoy your visit to the last bit. The beach offers renting services for beach cruising, which helps you ease down as you explore deep the water’s edge. The beach has some spaces for bike rides as well.

12. Main Beach

If you are tight on the budget, the Main Beach can fit perfectly with your wallet. It has some of the most beautiful natural attractions to treat your family at low prices. Here, you get to enjoy your picnic watching the beach from set tables as you shade from the scorching sun after some barbecue with your glass of cold milkshake. While at the beach, you don’t have to pay a dime for parking your machine, it’s all free.

Holidays can be extremely long and boring indoors. Florida has some of the most exciting beaches where you can treat yourself this coming summer holidays or throughout the season. North Florida is a favorite destination for vacationers from Florida, out of the state, and from abroad.

The main reason is that it is home to some of the most spectacular, charming beaches that seldom disappoint. There is also a lot to see and do while there, making the region a top tourist attraction.

Here are the 12 best North Florida beaches

  • 1. Amelia Island
  • 2. Grayton Beach
  • 3. St. Augustine Beach
  • 4. Navarre Beach
  • 5. Henderson Beach
  • 6. Pensacola
  • 7. Clearwater Beach
  • 8. Panama City Beach
  • 9. Naples
  • 10. Crescent Beach
  • 11. Jacksonville Beach
  • 12. Main Beach

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