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15 Best Pensacola Florida Beaches (Beauty, History & More)

15 Best Pensacola Florida Beaches (Beauty, History & More)

There are many beaches in Pensacola Florida, but which are the best? If you’re looking for a vacation spot this summer, look no further as we list down the 15 Best Pensacola Florida Beaches in this blog post.

There is something on this list for everyone! Whether you want to relax with your family or enjoy some time with friends on the beach, there’s something here that will fit your needs. So pack up and head down south!

Top 15 Best Pensacola Florida Beaches

1. Opal Beach – Pensacola Beach, FL 32561, United States

The stunning beauty of this island will leave you feeling refreshed. The pristine beaches are perfect for relaxation, and there’s plenty to do in case the beach isn’t enough! You can take refreshing dips or wash off all your worries with an outdoor shower under an umbrella while listening to other Mother Nature noises that only exist here-like seagulls cawing at one another overhead as they fly by on currents high tide brings them closer together again before slowly drifting out away from land.

Before you go, you’ll want to bring food and drinks because they don’t usually sell anything near beaches.

I’m not sure if this is true but I heard once that lifeguards at pools keep an eye out for children who may be tempted by drowning in waters or other dangers around.

Opal Beach has a rather interesting history behind it. Hurricane Opal created this coconut grove-style stretch of sand in 1995, and since then it’s been gaining popularity as time goes on!

2. Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier – 41 Fort Pickens Rd #2005, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561, United States

The beautiful beach is only one of the many things that make this place so great. You can enjoy sugar white sand, clean bathrooms with running water right off your feet in any spot you want! And if seafood isn’t what’s on your mind there are plenty or restaurants just waiting for customers nearby making it easy as pie to pick up some dinner before heading over to see all those attractions too.

The Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is a one-of-a-kind experience. From the moment you arrive, your senses are overwhelmed with beautiful views and charming vibes that will take hold of your heartstrings from every direction imaginable.

3. Navarre Beach – Navarre Beach, Pensacola Beach, FL 32566, USA

There are many fun things to suit the outdoor adventurers in your family. Watersports, fishing, a quick visit to an equestrian trail and wandering along its gorgeous beach or clean waters make it one adventure after another.

Navarre Beach is a hidden gem for those looking to get away from the crowds. It’s located 25 miles east of Pensacola and has plenty of space in which you can relax with your loved ones without feeling cramped or traffic-heavy.

15 Best Pensacola Florida Beaches (Beauty, History & More)

4. Casino Beach – 3 Casino Beach Boardwalk, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561, United States

The resort is a fabulous place to visit even if you’re not staying at the hotel. It has an excellent beach with white sand, fishing spots for those who love catching fish on their line and stingrays that swim right alongside them.

The Casino Resort, as it was once known, has been a part of Pensacola’s history since opening in 1931. It offered luxury and refinement to those who could afford it at the time during Florida’s great depression-era.

One of the best features is that they offer free parking, which is a huge bonus. The showers are clean and there’s no need to worry about getting sunburned.

5. Quietwater Beach – Pensacola Beach, FL

The perfect spot for a day trip, this hotel has easy access to all of the fun that Portofino Boardwalk offers. You can visit and explore its local shops while sampling delicious meals from some great restaurants in town.

Your children will be able to play in the safe, shallow water at Quietwater Beach. Unlike other nearby Pensacola beaches that slope down deep with waves crashing very calmly there, this one is perfect for families with small kids who want some peace and quiet time on their vacation.

The bay area is an excellent spot for water sports. You can do many fun things like parasailing, paddleboarding and sunset sailing among other activities that are sure to please any visitor.

If you’re looking for more than just sunsets though there’s plenty here as well – consider snorkeling or dolphin tours if those sound interesting; either way it’ll be hard not come back twice with all these fantastic options available within walking distance from each other.

6. Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier and Observation Post – Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL

Fishing is a popular sport in Florida. In fact, it’s so much of a draw that many beaches have their own fishing pier where you can rent equipment from outfitters and go out on the water to catch some fish! You don’t need any experience or lessons – just find yourself an area with good bait (pompano) then sit back as they bite into your hook for themselves.

The pier is a lovely place to take an early-morning stroll, no matter what time of day.

They also have a great observation deck where you can sit and watch boats pass by on the choppy waters, or take in some of Florida’s most beautiful sunsets from above! There are many benches to rest your weary feet at while watching the waves crash against the pier – it truly is an experience like no other.

The Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier is the longest in Florida, stretching for a whopping 1.471 miles long! With an entry fee of $1 per person to enter and beautiful views galore along this stretch (including picturesque sunsets), you won’t be disappointed if it becomes your destination on vacation or weekends when visiting family.

7. Langdon Beach – Pensacola Beach, FL

For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of life, head out on vacation. The clear waters will soothe your soul as you enjoy white sand beaches with plenty of space for everyone – it’s even kid-friendly.

The best way to enjoy a day at the beach is with your family. You can go swimming, build sandcastles and play games like capture the flag or toss rocks in between two books as cannonballs! Lifeguards patrol this pristine area all day so you know it’ll be safe; there are even shaded picnic tables for those who want their food without having too much sun exposure on them. If water sports aren’t your thing then relax by renting one of our tons-of equipment rentals which includes bikes and kayaks available 24 hours per day 7 days/week.

It’s no surprise that Langdon Beach is a popular destination for visitors to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. With its beautiful views and serene atmosphere, you’ll find yourself coming back again and again!

The $25 entrance fee may seem like an expense but it’s worth every penny if this spectacular spot becomes one of your favorite places in Florida too.

8. Perdido Key Beach – Perdido Key Dr, Pensacola, FL

Perdido Key is an island filled with natural beauty. One of its most notable features are the sea oats, which line both shores and provide perfect protection for wildlife from storms at low tide when waves can seem endless. Beach grass grows throughout much of Perdidos’s landscape-perfect for playing in or just taking walks alongside this soft white sand that contrast beautifully against aquamarine waters.

The Lost Island is a fitting name for this remote area of Florida, where the water looks like it could swallow you up at any moment.

It has been called Perdido Key in Spanish and “The lost island” by many who explore its shores.

A family vacation will not be complete without a trip to the beach. From fishing, swimming and shell-hunting on land or sea life seeing in water for those who prefer shallow depths with lots of colorful reefs – there are so many ways you can have fun at the shore!

9. Gulf Islands National Seashore –  Fort Pickens Rd, Gulf Breeze

During your stay at the beach, you can go on an organized tour or take a more active approach and explore its maritime forests. If photography is what grabs hold of you then head over for some birdwatching; if fishing brings back childhood memories but never had much luck with it – try again because now might be time.

The Seashore is a 160-mile long stretch of pristine sand that spans through the states of Mississippi and Florida. It’s an ideal spot for people, where they can go deeply explore its natural beauty; see countless species in their native habitats or simply enjoy tranquil walks along this wide shoreline with stunning sunsets every night.

10. Dog Park West – Fort Pickens Rd, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561, United States

This beach may be small, but it’s perfect for walking your dogs and getting some exercise.

Dogs and their owners will love the Dog Park West! It’s a beach for pets, with enough space to run around in addition to clear blue waters. If you need some time away from your furry friend but still want them by your side at all times – this is where they can enjoy themselves too.

No need to worry about clean-up! They have Doggie bags, trash bins and wipes available.

11. Big Lagoon State Park -Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola, FL

It’s been a tough few years for Big Lagoon State Park, but it looks like the repairs are coming to an end soon. The park has seen its fair share of damage due in part by Hurricane Sally back in 2020 which left their facilities heavily damaged and not yet completed three years later as they still await funding from 2021 tax dollars or other sources that may provide relief funds available only now through 2022 when pre-Sally conditions were much more manageable before all these disasters hit the shores.

The bugs are nasty in May and June, so don’t forget to bring lots of bug spray. The trails lead through lush forest before ending at an observation tower with views that bridge both oceanfront property on one side and mountain peaks on another; it’s like having your own private island!

It also has several hiking trails leading up into the mountains where catching sunrise or sunset is sure to catch some great photos for friends back home (if they can’t make it out here themselves). If you’re looking more towards nature walks than sunrises/sunset then check out these other paths – there’ll be plenty waiting just waiting their turn too.

12. Johnson Beach – Johnson Beach Rd, Pensacola, FL

Johnson Beach is a 4-mile stretch of white sand on the Gulf Islands National Seashore. The natural beauty will take your breath away, and it’s easy to see why this area was made into one of America’s most beautiful parks! If you have time for just one stroll in Johnson beach park before heading off elsewhere then make sure that these jewels are what catch their eye because they won’t be able to leave until all hours past sunset when admission fees apply at each site or campground within areas under protection by SP+.

The sun shines on this beach, and the sand feels cool under your feet. There are several picnic tables where you can enjoy a day with friends or family while watching children playing in water that reaches up to their waistline. The staff at this park provides lifeguards if needed–they’ll never let anything happen too far out into deep waters by themselves.

The beach is a great place to spend the weekend. The boardwalk provides an opportunity for some peace and relaxation, while the large parking lot means there’s plenty of room available if you want to bike or walk down that away from where your car’s at.

13. Naval Live Oaks Area – Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze, FL

The Brackenridge Trail is a good choice if you’re looking for an easy hike and the chance to enjoy nature. From this point, your destination will be at one of three access points: The main parking area on Gulf Breeze Parkway; or two other options that lead down into Bayview Preserve (if it’s open) where there are plenty more trails perfect for longer walks!

The sight of the beautiful, old oak trees roaming freely through this forest makes it easy to forget you’re in an urban setting. The Naval Live Oaks are open for everyone from 8:00 am – sunset everyday with no admission fee!

14. Fort Pickens –  Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, FL

Fort Pickens is a hidden gem in Florida that has been preserving its peace and tranquility for decades. The campground has one of, if not THE best maintained campsites around! It also comes with an easy walk to beautiful beaches perfect for sunbathing all day long or just taking your family out on nature’s coast line before they head back home again after their summer vacations are over

The state park offers serenity like few other places can offer you–remote enough so there’s no chance whatsoever someone will hear what conversation takes place between two lovers.

Fort Pickens is a historical landmark and should be preserved for future generations. It’s located on Pensacola Beach, so you can enjoy its rich history while visiting the park yourself if it doesn’t charge an entrance fee to enter Fort Pickens Park itself!

15.  Pensacola Beach – Pensacola, FL

The stunning beachfront community of Pensacola, FL is a treasured area on the Gulf Coast. The powdery-sugar white sand beaches are home to some truly magical water that transforms from emerald green as it swims towards you out into royal blue over time – just watch where your feet take you.

As the sun sets over Pensacola Beach, you can take a little stroll and enjoy your evening. Or if it’s getting late into summer then there’ll be live performances at one of many restaurants or bars that line this picturesque stretch!

Is swimming safe on the beach? It depends on certain seasons – especially wintertime when our water has much colder temperatures than what locals would typically experience year round down south (or vice versa).

15 Best Pensacola Florida Beaches (Beauty, History & More)

Final Thought

Pensacola has the perfect mix of beautiful beaches, historic sites, museums and other great attractions. So no matter what you’re looking for in a beach vacation destination, there’s something here to keep everyone happy!

Let our list serve as your guide through this wonderful city – which one will be your favorite

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