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14 Best Pinellas County Beaches in Florida | Must Visit

14 Best Pinellas County Beaches in  Florida

The 14 best Pinellas County beaches in Florida are a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With these different options to choose from, there is something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a beach with clear water or one with a lot of wildlife, we have it all! Read on to find out what makes these beaches so great.

Pinellas County is located in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. With a population of over one million people, Pinellas County is home to some beautiful beaches and landmarks.

14 Best Pinellas County Beaches

1. St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is home to one of Florida’s most popular beaches, Pass-a-Grille! With over two miles of white sand and clear blue water, St. Pete Beach has something for everyone – from the avid fishers looking to cast their lines out into the Gulf of Mexico to those just wanting a place they can relax in the sun.

St. Pete Beach is perfect for families because of the many amenities offered on site – from a lifeguard-protected beach to public restrooms and food concessions, you won’t have to go far to find something you need!

If none of that interests you, head over to one of St. Pete’s famous fishing piers or relax under one of the many cabanas available for rent.

2. Fort De Soto Beach Park

Fort De Soto Dog Beach Park has everything for your pup. From spacious fenced areas that allow dogs of all sizes, to a special space where they get to unleash their inner canine -the Paw Playground!

The Fort is great not only because it provides plenty of room and shelter but also due in large part thanks to its amenities like dog showers during hot weather- don’t forget about those trendy sandals or swimsuits this summertime.

3. Clearwater Beach

The north side of Clearwater Beach is dog-friendly and has bags for your pet to use. Another bonus is the close proximity to Pier 60, where you can make a reservation for an unforgettable sunset dinner cruise!

Clearwater Beach has many attractions that are great family-oriented options such as kayak and paddleboard rentals or parasail rides over the Gulf of Mexico.

4. Caladesi Island State Park

If you’re looking for a beach with clear water, Caladesi Island State Park is the place to go. The shallow waters are perfect for wading or playing in and thanks to their remote location – there’s hardly anyone on the island!

Hiking trails allow visitors to take full advantage of what nature has given this special place while also taking a break from sunbathing.

The beach is open to the public and admission is free!

To get there, take Route 580 East towards Clearwater/Dunedin for about 20 minutes until you see signs for Honeymoon Island State Park. Follow these signs on Alt 19 South across the Caladesi Bridge onto Honeymoon Island Drive (which will take you to the north side of Honeymoon Island). Turn left on Caladesi Road which will lead directly to the beach.

5. Thunderbird Beach Resort

Thunderbird Beach Resort has something for everyone. The resort offers a complete day of fun near the water with an outdoor pool, indoor spa and fitness center!

The beach is home to many amenities including restrooms, showers and food concessions – all within walking distance from your reserved lounge chair or cabana. You can even call ahead to have a gourmet meal waiting for you upon arrival!

Thunderbird is also home to the only dog-friendly beach in all of Clearwater. Dogs are allowed on leashes and must be up to date with vaccinations prior to visiting.

For those interested, there’s a doggy daycare on site that will pamper your pup while you’re enjoying the sun and surf.

14 Best Pinellas County Beaches in  Florida

6. Bermuda Bay by Affordable Beach Condos

Bermuda Bay is a place to relax and be active, with many activities for all ages.

Bermuda Bay is more than just a beach, it’s your home away from the hustle and bustle of life. With so many things to do in Bermuda bay besides sunbathing or playing with friends on watersports like rowing battles you can enjoy this beautiful haven any time! You could book an appointment at one its spas for after swimming over there too (it has some delicious restaurants.

7. North Redington Beach

North Redington Beach is a hidden gem in the heart of Pinellas County where you can find plenty to do and see. Whether it’s kayaking on Shell Key or participating in yoga classes at nearby Redington Shores beach, no day will be boring! For families who want even more adventure try out an all-day photo shoot with Mermaids – they’ll let your kids explore Florida Bay while taking photos that are guaranteed to be magical.

8. Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach is a quiet escape from the usual activities that you may find at other beaches. One of its biggest attractions are pristine, white sand dunes and emerald green waters full of stingrays!

There’s also many opportunities for birdwatchers to enjoy their passion here if they have binoculars or cameras. You can even go fishing on the pier (with a license of course) or hire someone to do it for you.

You can indulge yourself without going bankrupt by doing a scenic walk, golfing, and alligator watching at John’s Pass Village.

9. Bilmar Beach Resort

Bilmar Beach Resort is a family-friendly, beachside hotel that can accommodate up to 200 people at any time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Bilmar Beach Resort is the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate yourself after a long day of work. The resort offers an outdoor beach with crystal clear water, luxurious accommodations in studios or suites depending on your needs (and budget), delicious food from some of Florida’s best restaurants that can be prepared right at any one’s doorstep if they so desire!

10. Pass-A-Grille Dog Beach

Pet owners with dogs can enjoy a sunny day at Pass-a-Grille Dog Beach. With so many things going on, it’s important that you keep your pet under control and away from the Gulf side where they may get into some mischief! Leashed pets are welcome to trot south between First Avenue South (just north) all the way down past Third Avenue North – no worries about getting too close water or people there either since most activity happens inland during prime hours for bird watching season long before sunrise when conditions usually best suit photographers like yourself looking out over beautiful gulf waters filled only by fishing boats already waiting patiently until someone hooks one big.

11. Honeymoon Island State Park

The beach is a place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Florida. From its crystal clear water, to hiking trails that wind through an unadulterated slash pine forest and offer glimpses into nature’s kingdom up high with ospreys watching over us all along their flight paths, this stretch has people perks for everyone who visits.

Honeymoon Island State Park is a state park with both dog-friendly beachfront and activities for people.

12. Apollo Beach

The Apollo Beach Nature Preserve is a place for people to walk their dogs, hang out on the beach, and watch animals.

With a unique beachfront location in the South Shore area of Surfside Boulevard, Apollo Beach will give you and your canine pal an experience like no other. While it’s not always easy for people to enjoy themselves here because there aren’t any waves or swimming beaches – which sounds kind of ironic when thinking about how much attention this place gets as one-of-a-kind destination spot where visitors can take their dogs out onto preserve bay while they see plenty more dolphins than ever before.

There are many things that make Apollo Beach a must-see for tourists, and one of them is the Big Bend Power Station. This beautiful structure not only powers Tampa Bay but also makes it possible to live in comfort with all your electricity needs catered by this great power plant!

13. Indian Rocks Beach

Crystal Beach in Florida is a mix of old and new, with both hotels and vacation rentals available.

Indian Rocks Beach is a refreshing retreat from the bustle of everyday life. The combination between its original character and lively mix makes it ideal for those looking to get away with family or friends while still experiencing some fun beach activities like sandcastles building and wildlife sightings! You might even swim in dolphin-infested waters if that’s your thing — but don’t forget sunscreen (because manatees are known protectors).

14. Belleair Beach

The city of Belleair Beach offers two deep-sea fishing tours, a Segway tour and a history tour.

Join other fishing enthusiasts in a Deep-Sea Fishing Tour aboard the Canaveral Star II. If you wish to immerse yourself in Belleair Beach’s history and culture, choose between 2 hour guided segway tours or mingle with other enthusiasts who have chosen St Petersburg Jungle Prehistory Site History Tours for their program of choice.

Tips before going to Pinellas County Beaches

Here are some helpful tips before heading to any of these beaches:

  • If you’re going swimming, remember that the water is very cold year-round. So make sure you bring a wetsuit or something else to keep yourself warm if this will be your first time in Florida waters! Your best bet is always wearing someone else’s flippers since you’ll need to get used the water temperature before you go swimming.
  • If you’re going fishing, make sure that your boat is properly registered with all relevant authorities in order for when they ask questions about where you are coming from and what exactly are your plans.
  • Get out there early! Florida beaches tend to get crowded during the day, especially on weekends. So be sure you’re up and out there not just with your friends but also with a nice refreshing breakfast ready for when you wake up!
  • Pinellas County beaches are known for their lack of waves which makes it perfect place to swim in calm waters or go kayaking. Just make sure you bring your kayak or paddle board with you — because otherwise, they won’t let you in!
  • The water is known for its murky brown color which makes it difficult to see where the sea starts and ends. So if this will be your first time swimming in Florida waters, stay close to shore until you’re used to the color and density of the water.
  • Since most beaches have no lifeguards, it’s important that everyone swimmers stay close together in a group where possible so as not to get lost or swept away by big waves.
  • Make sure to use plenty of sunscreen because there are no trees on most beaches.
  • Try taking a tour below the pier so you can see what things look like under water before heading out for some deep sea fishing or swimming with dolphins!
  • If you’re not used to walking long distances, bring some water with you to the beach!
  • Bring plenty of cash because many places in Pinellas County do not accept credit cards or personal checks.
14 Best Pinellas County Beaches in  Florida


The beaches in Pinellas County, Florida offer a variety of activities during the day and night for all types of beach enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to go fishing or swim with dolphins, there’s something here for everyone. If this sounds like your type of place too, get packing! We hope these 14 best Pinellas County beaches will help you figure out where to stay while visiting our sunny state.