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11 Best Places to Live in Colorado ( Where to Move-In)

11 Best Places to Live in Colorado ( Where to Move-In)

Craft beer is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Colorado. However, this place also offers a lot of superb landscapes, wildlife, and other outdoor activities. Who knows, you may even find your next home in this state of many adventures.

In this blog, we will dive in through the 11 best places to live in Colorado and decide where to move in.

11 Best Places to Live in Colorado

#11 Vail 

Vail is well-known for having Colorado’s largest ski mountain, making it a popular destination for visitors seeking excitement and enjoyment. Vail also provides high-quality lodging, eating, and other festivities. Furthermore, those searching for more of a party vibe will enjoy Vail as well. 

#10 Pueblo 

Next on the list, we have the place dubbed as the “Steel City” of the country. Apart from being one of the biggest US steel-producing cities, Pueblo boasts pleasant weather, a low cost of living, and a wide range of modern services. Moreover, Colorado’s cost of living is also 10 percent lower than the national average, making it an excellent place to retire. 

#9 Louisville

Louisville has an above-average livability rating. This takes into account education, the cost of living, and the general satisfaction of citizens. Also, compared to other suburbs, this city has a lower crime rate. Moreover, the city’s population is only 20,705 people, so it’s ideal for those who want a more laid-back and leisurely pace of life.

#8 Lakewood 

Lakewood offers inexpensive homes, excellent schools, and tranquil, friendly neighborhoods with nearly immediate access to several trails and open space. Additionally, guests claim that residents are generally friendly and hospitable. Some of the best places to visit in Lakewood include Bear Creek Lake Park, Crown Hill Park, Kendrick Lake Park, and Colorado Mills. 

#7 Fort Collins 

Fort Collins is consistently named as one of Colorado’s most remarkable places to live, making it one of the state’s fastest-growing communities. The lovely sunshine is one of the main pleasures of living here. In fact, this region enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Additionally, this location features numerous stunning locations for admiring mother nature’s grandeur. Horseback riding, camping, and water skiing are just a few of the activities available in Fort Collins.

11 Best Places to Live in Colorado ( Where to Move-In)

#6 Denver 

Next on the list, we have a lovely city that exhibits natural beauty and appealing architecture. Some people choose to live here due to the economy’s stability. Agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and tourism are the state’s most significant basic sectors. Additionally, this city is lauded for its rapid economic expansion and affordability. Monthly costs for a single individual are expected to be 1,022 dollars, excluding rent. For comparison, Denver is 24.88 percent less expensive than New York. 

#5 Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a favorite tourist destination for outdoors enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. Pikes Peak, also known as “America’s Mountain,” is located in Colorado Springs, a lot closer to the Rockies than Denver. These interesting areas make the city popular among families and retirees. Moreover, new eateries, co-working spaces, and retail establishments are springing up left and right in the downtown area. This place is also rich in history, as seen in the many old structures still standing today.

11 Best Places to Live in Colorado ( Where to Move-In)

#4 Castle Rock 

Moving on, let us visit a little village known for its warm friendliness. For those looking for a peaceful, family-friendly community, you should highly consider living in Castle Rock. The city has 400 acres of state parks, canyons, and other natural attractions. However, locals’ expenses are 13% higher than national averages. According to the Cost of Living Index, Colorado’s cost of living is also 5% higher than the national average. 

#3 Aurora 

Down to our last three cities on this list, let us look into Aurora. This city is well-known for its rapid job development, particularly in technology and healthcare. The 8,000 acres of open space in Aurora earned it the title of “The Most Active City in America,” according to BetterDoctor. Thus,  this is the ideal location for any outdoor activity. Aurora residents typically spend less than those in other state regions for food, healthcare, utilities, and even housing. However, Aurora’s average cost of living is 17% more than the national average but around 4% less than the Colorado state average.

#2 Boulder 

Boulder is most renowned for its recreational activities, award-winning breweries, and vibrant downtown. Outside Magazine also rated Boulder one of the greatest cycling cities in North America. Another top benefit of living in Boulder is the sense of security. In fact, this is one of the country’s safest cities. Boulder residents have unmatched access to nature. Here, everyone can either go for hikes or have different adventures.

Despite the abundance of snow, Boulder residents enjoy 300 sunny days per year. Additionally, the environment makes it a pleasant place to live, work, play, and explore. The average price of a home sold in Boulder is approximately $710,000. Additionally, Boulder’s cost of living is about 42% higher than the national average and approximately 29% higher than the rest of Colorado.

11 Best Places to Live in Colorado ( Where to Move-In)

#1 Fort Collins

At the top of our list, we have a steadily growing city with a low crime rate. Fort Collins has a plethora of excellent hangout spots. When you’re not attending an event, you can discover some of the top restaurants, patios, pubs, and stores. Additionally, residents of this city enjoy a variety of music events suitable for individuals of all ages.

The city’s housing market is solid and increasing steadily. Moreover, Fort Collins real estate is likely to continue rising in value. That means that if you purchase now, your property will almost certainly be worth more when the time comes to sell. According to the realtor website, the median listing price for a home is approximately $488,000, while the median sales price is roughly $470,000.

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