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5 Best Places to Live In Florida Gulf Coast

5 Best Places to Live In Florida Gulf Coast

Located in the south-eastern part of the United States, Florida is home to dozens of fun places you can build your life or retire in. It lies on a long flat peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico in the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

To the north, it is bordered by Alabama and Georgia states. Florida State is nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’ due to the amazing measure of sunshine that falls upon the state annually.

Let us all discover the 5 best places to live in Florida Gulf Coast and experience what the state has to offer.

The Florida Gulf Coast 

Among the contiguous US states, Florida boasts the longest coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The Florida Gulf coast specifically covers more than 1,200 miles stretching North West and extending about 100 miles inland.

The Gulf Coast is neighbored by the Atlantic Coast to the east, which is busier in comparison. It boasts plenty of beaches on the Atlantic shores, featuring everything anyone would desire for a summer vacation. The Gulf Coast promises lots of things to see and activities to indulge in, so you don’t have to worry about boring weekends while living here.

If you have considered living on the gulf coast but you don’t know the best places to try, this post is for you. Read on to discover the five best places to live in Florida’s Gulf Coast.

5. Sarasota 

Sarasota city is located in west-central Florida. It is a very sensational place to live for families and retirees alike. From extremely beautiful beaches to outstanding recreational facilities, rich culture, and amazing public amenities, Sarasota gives you plenty of reasons to settle here.

There are six barrier islands sitting on its coastline, with sugar-soft, gleaming white sand, and delightful sunset. If you live in Sarasota, you can rest assured of plenty of opportunities to enjoy your free time.

The barrier islands (keys) are Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Venice, and Manasota Key. The keys are home to some of the most attractive beaches in Florida. What’s more, Sarasota boats large city facilities, promising immense comfort and convenience to its residents.

That’s not all! There is a unique education system in Sarasota, with great schools serving over 43,000 students. The schools hold appreciable and respectable seventh positions among district schools in the state of Florida.

Some of these schools have managed to get excellent marks from the reputable US News, and even ranked among the best schools in America. The best schools include Pine View High School, Sarasota Middle School, Southside Elementary School, and Bay Haven Elementary.

Business is expanding in Sarasota, especially the medical industry. The grocery business and agencies dealing with law enforcement are also big employers in Sarasota. Job opportunities are therefore available, plus life is more affordable here than in most parts of Florida. For instance, Sarasota’s housing is more affordable compared to other coastal cities, whether you are renting or buying. 

Oh, and you also have one more reason to consider living in Sarasota if you’re a golfer. There are hundreds of golf courses available to the residents. The first one ever was introduced by the Scottish settlers back in 1906.

Top Perks 

  • Lots of amazing sandy beaches 
  • Affordable housing 
  • Numerous recreational facilities 
  • Rich culture 
  • Awesome weather 


  • Hurricanes can be a threat 
  • Messy traffic, especially in winter 
  • Summers are hotter 
5 Best Places to Live In Florida Gulf Coast

4. Tampa

Situated in Western-Central Florida, Tampa is famous for modern landmarks, a mix of Spanish and Cuban culture, historic and Modern architecture. Successful business centers and attractive waterways are also among the most conspicuous features of this Florida region.

Tampa is large enough to accommodate the headquarters of major and thriving businesses like Verizon.

Moreover, Tampa is an ideal place to live for retirees as it offers comfortable weather all year round. It can also accommodate other ages because of its welcoming hotel accommodations at affordable prices for all, including families up to individual accommodations.

Alongside the numerous annual festivals, the culture in Tampa is rich and outstandingly welcoming. 

When it comes to attractions, you will be spoilt for options in Tampa. It is home to iconic animals like gentle giants, Florida birds, pop-up turtles, and gators. In addition to the high-quality beaches, and parks, Affordable rent, and an above-average education system, Tampa can be a great place to dwell when considering the Gulf Coast.

Top Perks 

  • Multiple attractions and activities
  • Lots of beaches
  • Rich culture
  • Affordable housing Prices


  • Humidity can be excessive
  • Tropical Storms can be a threat
  • Transportation is a bit wanting

3. Pensacola

Pensacola lies on western Florida’s Panhandle. It is just 20 minutes drive from downtown. The School system is excellent and super recommendable. The cost of living is affordable for all residents. The housing costs are up to 30 percent lower than the United States average.

Pensacola offers great and strong job opportunities due to various industries and businesses, promising a decent future to residents making a living here. It harbors the prestigious National Naval Aviation Museum, where naval pilots carry out their training. 

There are restaurants, beautiful art galleries, and remarkable cultural venues within the town. The beaches have a breathtaking view adding to the town’s beauty.

The city is also called the city of five flags because it has been ruled by Spanish, British, French, Confederacy, and the United States. Despite all the decent perks, however, Pensacola has been associated with higher crime rates, plus it can be vulnerable to extreme weather. 

Top Perks 

  • Affordable living costs 
  • Attractive housing costs 
  • Great employment opportunities 
  • Awesome school system 


  • Vulnerability to harsh weather 
  • Local government performance is a bit wanting 
5 Best Places to Live In Florida Gulf Coast

2. Fort Myers

It is located in southwestern Florida. It is clear to understand its ranking as one of the best due to its access to many beaches and its affordability to all walks of life. It has a developing downtown scene with many shops, bars, and restaurants with patios and outdoor gardens that enhance the comfortable environment.

It is very suitable for families and singles as well. Retirees can also enjoy their sunset ages very comfortably.

The beaches are outstanding and among the best in the world. Sanibel Island, for example, is ranked the second-best beach in Florida and is located in Fort Myers.

The 7-mile beachfront is breathtaking. The climate is inviting and is comfortable to deal with throughout the year. Fort Myers can be a great place to retire on the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

Top Perks 

  • Lots of beaches 
  • Numerous outdoor activities
  • An endearing downtown
  • The weather is great 
  • Affordable 


  • Public Transportation can be a bummer 
  • Tourist Invasions
  • Extreme weather

1. Naples

Naples is located in southwestern Florida. It is ideal for families considering its education, health standards, and safety. The school system in Naples is excellent, and it offers brilliant education to the students, making them reliable in work fields.The crime rate in Naples is very low; hence it has a good sense of security.

Like some other towns, it has very beautiful beaches, and it also provides golf courses to the residents. It is home to some of the top-ranked best beaches in Florida and the US. This city is affordable for families and is most appealing to those who love nature and beach life.

It can sometimes be a bit costly, but the cost matches the kind of amenities used and the top-notch services, be it in the restaurants, bars, resorts, and accommodation facilities.

The water view is exciting, especially when taking your meals or drinks with various resorts and bay sidebars to choose from.

Top Perks 

  • A thriving job market 
  • Incredible weather 
  • A few affordable neighborhoods
  • Mingle with celebrities 
  • Great for retirement 
  • Low crime rates 


  • Traffic can be a challenge 
  • High HOA fees 
  • Tourism congestion 
5 Best Places to Live In Florida Gulf Coast

Other Notable Mentions 

  • Bonita Springs: Sitting just between Naples and Fort Myers along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Bonita Springs is another amazing place to consider living in. It is home to several breathtaking beaches, alongside worthwhile attractions like Preserve State Park Barefoot Beach. The schools here are above average, plus employment opportunities are plentiful. On the downside, crime rates are a bit high in Bonita Springs, plus the costs of living are also not so attractive.
  • Siesta Key:  Also great for retirees who love some leisure and tranquility, Siesta Key is a fine place to live on Florida’s East Coast. Residents get to enjoy lots of sandy beach coastline, mild weather, and lower property taxes. What’s more, there is no income tax on this land!
  • St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg is another popular attraction to new residents, thanks to its affordable living costs and quality healthcare. It also boasts numerous attractions, from museums to art districts, theaters, year-round festivals, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Cape Coral: Cape Coral is also quite affordable, plus it promises lots of employment opportunities thanks to its thriving economy. It can be a great place to live in retirement.

The Florida Gulf Coast, generally, is an interesting and comfortable state to live in. The choice of places to settle in might be challenging because all the places have specific or similar sceneries that might attract you to settle there. 

However, you have to take keen consideration on several things that might affect your lifestyle and that of your family. For instance, you might want to think about things like education, safety, accommodation, affordability, and how comfortable the place is. Hopefully, the above few suggestions will make it easy for you to decide where to settle in Florida’s Gulf Coast. 


Here Are The Best Places To Live In Florida Gulf Coast

  • The Florida Gulf Coast 
  • Sarasota 
  • Tampa 
  • Pensacola 
  • Fort Myers 
  • Naples

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