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7 Best Places to Live in Georgia (Peanuts, Peaches and Pecans!)

In addition to peaches, Georgia is the nation’s leading producer of peanuts, Vidalia onions, and pecans. This state is also recognized worldwide as the birthplace of fine wine. Overall, Georgia is one of the most interesting and exciting places to live in.

 In this blog post, we will look into The 7 Best Places to Live in Georgia and found out if you wish to move to The Empire State of the South!

Best Places to Live in Georgia!

#7 Woodstock

Let’s start with the thriving city of Woodstock to get this list started. There’s something for everyone in this community. It has a cozy, small-town feel while also having city conveniences like restaurants and shopping venues. Woodstock also has a blooming artistic community in the downtown area, making it a popular tourist destination. Biking, hiking, and visiting parks are just a few of the fun activities to do here. 

There are hundreds of successful local companies in Woodstock, and the region also takes pride in the retail and tourism sites. This city is well-known for its bustling downtown and world-class parks and trails. The town’s residents also benefit from the low cost of living. There are 23% fewer housing costs in Woodstock and 17% fewer utility costs than in the national average. According to Zillow, the median property value in this area is $366,674. 

7 Best Places to Live in Georgia (Peanuts, Peaches and Pecans!)

#6 Gainesville

If you love the views of lakes and refreshing landscapes, then Gainesville should be on top of your list. Living in Gainesville keeps you close to one of the most popular lakes in the country, Lake Lanier. Gainesville is also the primary business center for the majority of northeast Georgia. With a median home price of $297,336, according to Zillow, it’s an attractive option for families.

If you enjoy small-town charm while being close to a big city, you’re going to fall in love with downtown Gainesville. The town features live music and delicious food and a petting zoo, and a variety of other kid-friendly activities. This city is also bustling with activity during the fall as residents enjoy a festival every weekend.

#5 Canton

Moving on, we have a city that frequently rates highly on lists of Georgia’s best places to live. Canton’s downtown is very southern and attractive, which residents and visitors definitely enjoy. The Funk Heritage Center, Etowah River Park, and Lake Arrowhead are just a few of the best locations to visit in this area.

Additionally, living here provides residents with a thick suburban vibe. Private schools are also highly regarded in this area. However, this city is relatively pricey in terms of affordability, as we found on the Realtor website that the median listing home price in the area is $443,500.

#4 Decatur 

Despite its proximity to Atlanta’s central business district, Decatur has a distinct identity. Local pubs, restaurants, and stores cover the small downtown area’s streets, attracting people worldwide. There are several advantages to residing in this city, like the excellent schools and diversified people. The City of Decatur’s 25,000 citizens comprises a varied population spanning generations, races, and socioeconomic classes.

Decatur is also a popular tourist destination, and the city’s good reputation is reflected in its average cost of living. Decatur’s cost of living is 34% more than the Georgia average and 25% higher than the national average. While the median price is approximately $274,694, according to Zillow, many will argue that it is well worth the money.

#3 Athens

Sitting at number three on our list is the city famous for its music scene. It is home to a booming music industry that has produced household names like R.E.M. and the B-52s. Athens is also recognized for its excellent University, the University of Georgia. 

Many people move to this city because of the green spaces, gorgeous falls, stunning springs, and phenomenal cuisine. Overall, Athens is a desirable area to reside in due to its low unemployment rate, inexpensive cost of living, and great quality of life. The property taxes are slightly lower than the national average. Clarke County levies 1.023 percent, slightly less than the national average of 1.08 percent. Zillow reveals that homes here cost an average of $249,947. Additionally, the projected monthly costs for a family of four are 3,072$ without rent.

7 Best Places to Live in Georgia (Peanuts, Peaches and Pecans!)

#2 Johns Creek

Johns Creek is surrounded by trails and parks. This place will also keep you entertained with its endless restaurants, pubs, and nightlife. The schools in this area are among the best in the state, with a nearly 100% high school graduation rate that outperforms both the state and the nation.

Additionally, inhabitants benefit from a low crime rate. Property crime is 75% lower than the national average, and violent crime is 90% lower. Among the other perks of living here is the vibrant and diverse community. According to a report published by Bizjournals, Johns Creek is the wealthiest city in Georgia. In fact, it ranks 95th in the U.S. Research found that Johns Creek has a typical household income of $108,416 and an average property value of $335,900. 

#1 Alpharetta

Finally, we have the top city on our list. This time, we are going to visit a town that also attracts music lovers across the globe. Alpharetta was listed as a top 25 place to live in the United States by Money Magazine. The city is home to an abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels. It’s a bustling place for people looking to become a part of a vibrant community. Despite its modernity and prosperity, Alpharetta has the southern charm that comes with being a Georgian city.

Alpharetta’s median household income is towards the top of the Georgia range, at around $113,000. The median home price is likewise rather high, at $533,382, as estimated by Zillow. Furthermore, the Arboretum at Cogburn Park, the Arboretum at Wills Park, and the Ameris Bank Amphitheater are some of the top sites to explore in this city.

7 Best Places to Live in Georgia (Peanuts, Peaches and Pecans!)