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10 Best Places to Live in Montana (Farms, Landscapes & More!)

10 Best Places to Live in Montana (Farms, Landscapes & More!)

Montana is one of the most treasured places in the world. Not only because of its breathtaking beauty and warm community but because you can find zinc, coal, oil, copper, and gold in the state. Besides this, we will find out the other top reasons why moving here will be one of the best decisions you can make in your life. 

In this blog post, we will go over 10 Best Places to Live in Montana and decide where you and your family can reside in!

Best Places to Live in Montana

#10 Missoula 

This list will begin with the lovely city of Missoula. It is Montana’s second-largest city, with a population of almost 74,000. It is also the home of the University of Montana. Found in Montana’s Northern Rockies, this stunning city is home to kayaking experiences, hiking paths, and fishing sites. Missoula is also close to 400 acres of parkland and three mountain ranges, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities for winter skiing and summertime sightseeing.

The city’s downtown serves as an arts and culture magnet for the region, which attracts a large number of tourists each year. Moreover, Missoulian reveals that you can expect to pay an average of $430,000 for a home here.

10 Best Places to Live in Montana (Farms, Landscapes & More!)

#9 Whitefish 

The next city on our list is perhaps best known for Whitefish Lake and the Whitefish Mountain Resort. However, this city is also recognized for its numerous amenities, low crime rate, and top-rated schools. The downtown area in the town is very walkable, and you will have access to snow buses that will help you have access to mountain adventures. 

As for the city’s cost of living, estimates an average property price of $614,100. The prices of residences in the neighborhood have climbed significantly, owing to the increase in demand. 

#8 Livingston

Livingston is a town with a distinct history, a vibrant culture, and a thriving business community. The city’s proximity to Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone River provides residents with numerous outdoor activities. Moreover, cowboys, ranchers, affluent individuals, and artists have all been drawn to this lovely small community.

Because of the benefits this neighborhood provides, it is growing more popular among millennials and families. Best Places estimates the median home price in the area to be $379,600, which is slightly more than the state average. Furthermore, living here is 3% less expensive than the average cost of living in Montana and the United States.

#7 Four Corners

Four Corners is an excellent neighborhood for families and young professionals. Some of the advantages of living here include a high quality of life and an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Living in Montana means enjoying a smaller community with a suburban rural mix. 

According to the Realtor website, homes in Four Corners cost around $775,000. Furthermore, this amounts to a median listing home price per square foot of $349. Overall, the positive attitude of its residents makes Four Corners a safe and happy place to live. 

#6 Dillon

Dillon is one of the top communities in Montana to reside in due to its rich history and natural beauty. Despite its modest size, this city provides a wide range of outdoor options. Additionally, Dillon is safer than 85 percent of cities and towns in the United States. Considering all of this, we can say that this city is ideal for those seeking to raise a family.

The median home value in Dillon is lower than the typical home value in the other cities on our list. According to Zillow, the average cost of a property is approximately $275,247. In general, Dillon’s cost of living is 7% cheaper than the Montana average and 10% lower than the national average.

#5 Billings

Billings may be the ideal location for individuals seeking entertainment amenities. In fact, the city is dubbed Montana’s Trailhead due to its proximity to Big Sky landscapes and public spaces ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Along with several sidewalk patios and independent businesses, major downtown visitor attractions include the Moss Mansion and DanWalt Gardens.

In terms of cost of living, the average home in Billings is worth $311,827, as stated by Zillow. This is regarded as a reasonable price in light of the city’s numerous craft breweries, delectable eateries, and live music venues.

10 Best Places to Live in Montana (Farms, Landscapes & More!)

#4 Helena 

Helena is an excellent choice for families and college graduates looking for reasonable housing and a variety of cultural attractions. Some residents say they choose to live here because of the various career options, which let professionals make a living while also allowing couples to save for a family. 

Due to the high number of business establishments, outdoor scenes, and concert venues, locals here are often entertained and amused. Moreover, Helena’s average home value is $400,567, according to Zillow. 

#3 Orchard Homes

Orchard Homes has 5,800 residents, you get the perfect mix of everything in the town. Residents here have access to excellent schools, job possibilities, and a more relaxing and small town-like atmosphere. Moreover, Hawthorne Elementary School, Target Range Junior High School, and Hellgate Middle School are just a few of the area’s outstanding public schools. 

The average home price in the city is around $312,000, according to Niche. Additionally, rent will average $958.

#2 Belgrade

We will now explore a western community with a rich ranching and farming tradition. Living in Belgrade gives you access to all of the incredible things that can be found in the first city on our list, but at a lower cost. Although the city is growing rapidly, it remains a tiny town where a familiar face may easily be spotted while strolling along the street.

People here enjoy celebrations where local businesses remain open late for shopping and drinks. You can also visit various dining establishments in the region that serve delectable breakfasts and comfort food. Additionally, single-family homes here cost an average of  $793,615, according to Rate. 

#1 Bozeman

Taking the number one spot on our list is none other than the place filled with climactic mountains and remarkable wildlife. The area is home to magnificent deer, moose, bears, and elks. Not only that, Bozeman is a popular destination for students, office workers, and parents. Residents have access to an abundance of arts and culture, ranging from art museums to events and festivals. With a median age of 28, those who live here are primarily working professionals. 

This city is also rather pricey. Best Places estimates the average home price in this area to be $587,600, which almost doubles the national standard of about $269,039 as of January 2021. 

10 Best Places to Live in Montana (Farms, Landscapes & More!)