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7 Best Places to Live in New Jersey (Beaches Included!)

 7 Best Places to Live in New Jersey (Beaches & Busy Roads!)

Most people think that New Jersey is only about the beaches and talented artists. What some are not aware of is that it is more diverse than it seems. While it does boast a lot of refreshing sand and waves, the area also takes pride in its thunderous mountains and other breathtaking natural scenes. If you want to determine the best city in New Jersey for you, keep watching. 

This blog post will go over the 7 Best Places to Live in New Jersey that you and your family can reside in.

Best Places to Live in New Jersey

#7 White Meadow Lake 

Are you on the lookout for a place filled with happy people? If so, then you should head out over to the city of White Meadow Lake. Ranked as one of the happiest places in the state, the community in this area is unparalleled. With a population of a little over 9,500, this city enjoys a lot of striking meadows and lakes. This town is essentially a magnet to those looking to live in a more rural area in the state. 

If you want to live here, Niche estimates an average home value of $353,600. Meanwhile, renting the area will cost you around $1,743. 

 7 Best Places to Live in New Jersey (Beaches & Busy Roads!)

#6 Madison 

Moving on, we have a slightly smaller city with walkable streets, artsy cafes, and lovely galleries. During the summer, this city is said to be filled with ice cream shops and burger stands. Furthermore, Madison is considered as one of the best places for families or children because it has an excellent education system and a diverse town. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by higher education analytics firm College Factual, Madison is one of the most ideal locations in the country for students seeking high-quality education.

While this place offers many compelling great features, Madison is not considered one of the most affordable cities in New Jersey. To acquire a home in this city, you will have to spend an average of $743,200, according to Also, the cost of living in Madison is said to be 64% higher than the US standard. 

#5 Bridgewater 

The next city on our list has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the country by Money Magazine. Known as a farming community, Bridgewater has an abundance of dining options. If you want to learn more about artifacts, you can visit the Geology Museum at Rutgers, where historical bones and other pieces await. Children in this area also enjoy the different sources of entertainment you can find in big towns. There are also a lot of outstanding schools that offer great opportunities for both kids and adults. 

Buying a home here is not too pricey but not too affordable as well. As per recent data released by the Realtor website, the median home price in Bridgewater is almost $500,000. Moreover, Bridgewater received a cost of living score of 161.4 overall, compared to the national average of 100.

#4 Montclair 

Let us now travel to the city that families and professionals across the country highly acknowledge. Montclair is a big and growing city, both in population and size. The town gets even more packed and lively during weekends because of the city’s university. Montclair State University is a school for committed students who enjoy their classes and are well-versed in fields such as business, management, marketing, and communication. Considering that this city holds four distinct districts, you will have countless opportunities to make friends and become more involved in the community.

However, you should know that this city is generally pricey. According to, the median home price in Montclair is $730,000. Furthermore, Upper Montclair, New Jersey’s wealthiest community, is also one of the richest in the country.

#3 Princeton

This next city we are going to talk about is also familiar among college students. Princeton is most well-known for Princeton University, which offers a wide range of classes, exceptional teachers, and an overall high standard of academics. Additionally, this town is renowned for its thriving job market. Princeton is unmistakably a white-collar borough, with 95.74 percent of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs, far higher than the national average. Among the city’s top positions are interior design, biomedical engineering, and Spanish teaching.

As with Montclair, this city is not as affordable as one might wish. As estimated by Zillow, the median property value in Princeton is $737,981, significantly higher than the national average. Additionally, due to the city’s popularity, the housing market is one of the most costly in New Jersey.

 7 Best Places to Live in New Jersey (Beaches & Busy Roads!)

#2 Jersey

Before choosing this city, one thing you should know is that it is one of the most populated areas of the state. While Jersey is not nearly as massive as New York City, it is still a sizable city with plenty to offer in terms of arts and entertainment, cuisine, and more. For such a large city, it is surprisingly affordable. According to, the city’s median property value is $572,300. Therefore, if you want to save some money, living in Jersey City is far better than choosing an expensive NYC borough like Manhattan.

Like the other cities on our list, Jersey has superb schools. In fact, numerous schools in Jersey City are highly rated. Unsurprisingly, US News & World Report ranks New Jersey as the second-best state in the country for education. If you’re a foodie, you’ll also enjoy discovering the region’s numerous cuisines, ranging from Mediterranean to Indian to French and African.

 7 Best Places to Live in New Jersey (Beaches & Busy Roads!)

#1 Ridgewood 

If you want to live your suburban dream, then Ridgewood is for you. Ridgewood is located in Bergen County and is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New Jersey. This town is favored among families due to its general safety. According to NeighborhoodScout’s data, Ridgewood is safer than most American cities, towns, and villages and has a lower crime rate than 71% of New Jersey municipalities.
Another reason residents adore this town is its vibrant community. Considering cultural diversity, Ridgeway has a relatively diverse population. Providing a strong sense of community, many residents enjoy the high level of social involvement here. In terms of affordability, a typical property in this neighborhood costs $814,865, says Zillow.