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7 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Lakes, Mountains & More!)

7 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Lakes, Mountains & More!)

Are you a big fan of Llamas? If so, then you should head over to the state of Oregon. This magnificent location is also home to numerous rivers of varying sizes and depths. From the natural scenery and entertainment centers to the beautiful people and zero sales tax, Oregon may be the perfect home for you.

In this blog post, we will go over the 7 Best Places to Live in Oregon incase you and your family wish to reside in The Beaver State.

Best Places to Live in Oregon

#7 Hillsboro

The first city we are going to mention in this video is one famous for its tech companies. This city is home to startups, technology powerhouses, software, and social media companies, all of which contribute to one of the fastest expanding industries. Several well-known corporations are represented here, including Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Nike, and Wells Fargo.

Not only is this town modern and rapidly developing, but it also boasts an astonishingly rich history. In fact, Hillsboro has the country’s oldest and largest winery and is home to one of North America’s major solar cell producers.

Affordability-wise, the average property value in Hillsboro is $495,933. This is around 59% more than the national average. However, according to the PayScale website, utility expenses here are 22% cheaper than the national average.

#6 Salem

Next on the list, let us talk about probably one of the most cost-effective cities in terms of real estate. According to Zillow, the typical home value of homes in this city is $397,379. Additionally, Numbeo estimates that the cost of living for a family of four is $3,429 per month without rent. On the other hand, the anticipated monthly expenses for a single individual without rent are $987.

The stunning views are a significant perk of living in Salem. You can visit the Riverfront City Park, Schreiner’s Iris Gardens, or the Enchanted Forest while you’re here. Residents of this city also enjoy a relaxed nature that you will not find in a larger city.

7 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Lakes, Mountains & More!)

#5 Beaverton

Moving on, we have a city that serves excellent coffee and beer. Beaverton is not a conventional suburban community. While it maintains a laid-back atmosphere, it is one of the most diverse cities in Oregon. Beaverton is home to about 100,000 individuals, with approximately one in every five residents being born outside the United States. Additionally, families in the Beaverton School District speak over a hundred different languages.

Having said that, this city does have some decent schools. In fact, Beaverton School District is ranked among the top 93 percent of school districts in Oregon. Several of the city’s 56 schools are also considered to be among the best in the state. In terms of housing, the average home value in Beaverton is $518,484, says Zillow. Overall, the cost of living in this city is 29% more than the national average.

#4 Bend

Are you a sucker for sunshine and nature? Then this is the right place for you.  Bend is blessed with sunshine, natural beauty, and outdoor adventures. The city is home to various sharp mountains, fun hiking trails, and refreshing lakes. Moreover, you can also go snowboarding, rock climbing, or sightseeing. Tourism in this city is thriving, providing opportunities for hospitality and related outdoor recreation professions.

While this area is unquestionably gorgeous, finding an inexpensive place to live will be difficult. According to the Realtor website, the average home in this city is worth $689,000. This is because the city is rapidly running out of buildable land, and more and more people are choosing to move here.

7 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Lakes, Mountains & More!)

#3 Corvallis

Moving on, let us discover the city filled with colorful festivals and absorbing art. Home to Oregon State University, locals of this city enjoy collegiate sports, access to beautiful hikes, and coastal recreation. Like Bend, living in Corvallis is comparable to living in a national park, complete with mountain views, extensive forest, and welcoming areas. Additionally, this city is one of the safest, greenest, and loveliest college towns in the United States.

Corvallis’s median home costs approximately $437,900, according to the Best Places website. Additionally, Numbeo estimates that the monthly cost of living in this area for a single individual without rent is approximately $784. Furthermore, some of the most visited places in this city include the Corvallis Farmers’ Market, Finley National Wildlife Refuge, and the Towns Ciderhouse.

#2 Eugene

Eugene is noted for its year-round temperate environment, which provides residents and visitors with many possibilities for outdoor activities. Furthermore, cycling, kayaking, and rafting are just a few of the adventures available here. The low crime rate and economical transportation are also among the top reasons why people decide to move here.  

This place also attracts individuals with a teaching profession, as the city’s public school district serves as its key employer. You can also discover numerous career prospects here as a lumberjack because Eugene is home to a diverse range of wood-producing firms. Furthermore, the average price of a property in this city is $436,652, according to Zillow, and a family of four monthly expenses is expected to be $3,303 without rent.

#1 Portland 

Finally, we have reached the number one spot on today’s countdown. Welcome to Portland, the city where you can enjoy food trucks, high-quality coffee, and unique art pieces. The city’s residents are kept busy by the abundance of exhibits, clothing stores, and restaurants. As Oregon’s largest city, Portland offers excellent career chances at several well-known companies. US Bank, Nike, Intel, Columbia, and Boeing are just a few of the city’s major employers. If you’re not working, you can unwind in forest parks or on hiking routes. Apart from that, additional exciting activities in this city include attending concerts and art walks.

To live comfortably in Portland, you will need an annual income of between $55,000 and $60,000. Furthermore, the median price of a property in the Portland metro area increased to $542,000, according to the most recent Regional Multiple Listing Service data.

7 Best Places to Live in Oregon (Lakes, Mountains & More!)