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8 Best Places to Live in Tampa Florida (Gulf Coast Beaches)

8 Best Places to Live in Tampa Florida (Gulf Coast Beaches)

You may already be aware of the beauty, wonders, and perks of living in Tampa. But just to give you a brief overview, several of the top reasons why you should consider moving here include low taxes, sunny weather, outstanding schools, and endless sports centers. Therefore, living in this area may be one of the best decisions you can make because of its impressive qualities.  If you are torn within the different neighborhoods, we have ranked them and highlighted their best features for you. 

In this blog post, we will look into The 8 Best Places to Live in Tampa Florida if you ever plan on visiting or settling down in The Big Guava!

Best Places to Live in Tampa Florida

#8 Seminole Heights

We are going to kick start this list with a neighborhood with a vibrant Bohemian vibe. The Seminole Heights neighborhood is a fantastic spot to live in Tampa’s central business district. The community is warm, helpful, and caring, and you will definitely meet many friendly residents around the area. Furthermore, this historic neighborhood has been around for almost a century, as evidenced by the brick streets, refurbished bungalows, and streetcar system. Overall, we can say that this location is ideal for singles and young families looking for an economical yet trendy area to live in the suburbs.

8 Best Places to Live in Tampa Florida (Gulf Coast Beaches)

#7 Bayshore Gardens 

Are you looking for a place that offers impressively low crime rates and lovely sceneries? If so, then you should highly consider moving to Bayshore Gardens. Living in this area will introduce you to an attractive blend of magnificent surroundings and cozy suburban homes. Furthermore, it is an ideal location for individuals seeking a peaceful property with picturesque views. Another perk of living here is the employment rates. As reported by AreaVibes, the median household income in the area is 18% higher than the US average, and the income per capita is at a whopping rate of 106% higher than the US average. 

#6 Beach Park

The next neighborhood we are going to mention in this blog post is one that is highly affluent and therefore expensive. Beach Park is one of Tampa’s most luxurious neighborhoods, with the exception of a handful of small businesses near the community’s northern boundary.

In fact, Zillow reports the typical household value in this area to be $1,103,951. With a population of approximately 6,600 people, this small hamlet is regarded as a hidden treasure in Tampa. Boasting its oak trees and palms, azaleas and dogwood, it has been described as “nature’s beautiful spot.” Furthermore, this area is densely packed with homes of various architectural styles.

#5 SoHo

Moving on, allow me to welcome you to the town full of entertainment hubs and rich culture. Short for South Howard, SoHo is the perfect place for those fond of art galleries, high-end restaurants, and exciting architecture. If you genuinely want to see the beauty and experience the wonders of the place, visit the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Big Cat Rescue, and the ZooTampa at Lowry Park.

Besides this, you can also have numerous outdoor activities at your disposal. Living in SoHo will give you access to strolling in the parks, admiring the stunning river walks, or enjoying fun festivals. 

#4 Palma Ceia 

Preferred by many primarily because of the overall safety of the area, Palma Ceia takes pride in its low crime rate. In fact, residents of this area express that they feel peaceful and calm in the neighborhood, making it the ideal spot to raise children. To add to that, you will find outstanding schools scattered in the area. According to Niche, some of the best public schools worth mentioning include the Terrace Community Middle School, Walker Middle Magnet School, and the Tampa Bay Technical High School.

Like SoHo, it is also difficult to run out of things to do in this area. If you choose to live here, you will experience the privilege of playing around the playgrounds, having dinner in local restaurants, going shopping in local boutiques, and unwinding in the different pubs.

#3 Downtown Tampa 

We are jumping over to one of the liveliest and dynamic places in Tampa. The downtown area is the best place to feel the pulse of Tampa. This neighborhood is home to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, where over a million people gather each year to celebrate special events. Therefore, you can expect to see popular festivals and vibrant cultural celebrations in Downtown Tampa. Because of this, you can understand why an increasing number of people are choosing to move here.

However, fun events are not the only compelling cause for this population growth. This location offers a wide range of living experiences to suit everyone. Another advantage of living here is the affordable cost of living. Overall, the AreaVibes website reveals that the living expense in this neighborhood is 8% lower than the Tampa average, and the housing is notably 27% lower than the national average. 

8 Best Places to Live in Tampa Florida (Gulf Coast Beaches)

#2 Harbour Island 

Down to the last two neighborhoods on our list, let us first visit the town that has been consistently ranked highly in the top places to live in America. Harbour Island comprises private residential areas, such as condos, apartments, single-family homes, and huge housing.

Furthermore, residents of the area claim that this location is perfect for families because it provides safety and a variety of outdoor activities. Moving here also means taking advantage of pleasant weather and property that is conveniently located near businesses. However, AreaVibes discovered that living in Harbour Island is slightly more expensive than in most other parts of the country. Specifically, we found that the cost of living in Harbour is 24% more than the national average. Furthermore, the typical household income of $96,380 is 74% greater than the national average.

#1 Hyde Park 

Historic Hyde Park is widely sought-after because living here will allow you to enjoy both an urban lifestyle and a breathtaking view of the city skyline. Hyde Park provides fast and easy access to superb restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Not only can residents enter pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks whenever they desire, but they also experience a pleasant neighborhood atmosphere and a strong sense of community.

Furthermore, Hyde Park is one of the most fantastic locations to live in Florida because it has excellent schools, family-friendly amenities, and a high median household income. You could expect a high price to go along with these great features. However, the cost of real estate in this area is not as expensive as it appears. The average property value in North Hyde Park, according to Zillow, is $453,259. Furthermore, Niche discovers that the area’s median household income is $159,961.

8 Best Places to Live in Tampa Florida (Gulf Coast Beaches)