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10 Best Places to Live in Tennessee (Let’s Move-In)

10 Best Places to Live in Tennessee (Let's Move-In)

Tennessee has a lot more to offer apart from the mouthwatering hot chicken. This place attracts visitors because of its country music and church congregations. If you are thinking of moving here, we will give you ten places that will have you packing your bags instantly.

IIn this blog post, we talk about the 10 Best Places to Live in Tennessee if you ever find yourself wanting to move into The Volunteer State!

Best Places to Live in Tennessee

#10 Oak Ridge 

The first city we will mention in this video is also called the Secret City. This location gained its name due to the thousands of people who worked here without fully understanding what they were doing.   

Living in Oak Ridge offers a suburban vibe, which may appeal to families seeking a safe environment to raise children. Moreover, the American Museum of Science and Energy, the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge, and Haw Ridge Park are just a few of the best locations to explore in this area.  

#9 Nolensville

Next on the list, we are going to visit a city with a flourishing agricultural community. This little Nashville suburb is known for its tight-knit community and a high percentage of expanding families. Additionally, this community benefits from a strong economy and excellent schools, which continue to attract newcomers.

The cost of living in Nolensville is 4% more than the national average. Overall, its residents enjoy a rural lifestyle, with the majority of individuals owning their homes. 

#8 Kingsport

Kingsport is a community in Sullivan County that is continuously growing on both an environmental and social level. In comparison to other cities, Kingsport has an excellent standard of living. Additionally, Kingsport’s cost of living is lower than the national average and most of the state’s cities. It is, in fact, 3% lower than the Tennessee average and 14% lower than the national average. 

Visits to wildlife habitats, boat cruises, and enjoying various parks are just a few of the things you can do in this city. Considering everything, Kingsport is still a well-liked destination, particularly with families and those seeking a pleasant town with an affordable cost of living.

10 Best Places to Live in Tennessee (Let's Move-In)

#7 Hendersonville

Many people prefer Hendersonville as their permanent residence because of the area’s natural beauty and temperate climate. This city is one of the best places in the country to retire, and it’s also one of the loveliest towns in the country.

Hendersonville has 25% fewer housing costs than the national average and 6% fewer utility costs than the national average. This city is also well-known for its cuisine, festivals, and nightlife.

#6 Chattanooga

Moving on, let us look into the city acknowledged for its affordability in housing costs. Local living expenditures here are 8% lower than the national average because of the median property value of $200,000. 

Moreover, Chattanooga is a great place to live, with lots of tourists, lots of outdoor activities, and lots of concerts and other live entertainment. It’s also free of state income taxes, which makes it even better. Most importantly, affordability and a strong economy are two more advantages of living in this city for people considering launching a business or a professional job. 

#5 Collierville

At 48,000 residents, Collierville is one of Tennessee’s best cities. Due to the low cost of living, this is a great place to live, and it is also a very affluent town. Furthermore, the average family income in Tennessee is $110,084, so it is hard not to be impressed by the city’s overall affordability.  

If you want to explore the city a bit more, some famous places you can visit include the W.C. Johnson Park, Museum Of Biblical History, Town Square, and the numerous different churches.

#4 Germantown 

Germantown is home to many retirees and conservatives. This city also has a low crime rate. Specifically,  Germantown has a violent crime victim rate of 1 in 1090 and a property crime rate of 1 in 80. 

The school districts in Germantown are also highly regarded. School districts with top-notch educational options include Farmington Elementary School, Dogwood Elementary School, and Riverdale Elementary School. Here, there are many fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to choose from as well. 

#3 Franklin 

Next up, we have a city located in Williamson County, which is home to almost 78,000 people. The neighborhood has received national acclaim for its outstanding public schools and wide range of social services. With a median property value of $275,000, it’s considerably cheaper than other cities. 

The cost of living in Franklin is lower by 9% compared to the national average and by 10% for utilities. Furthermore, the average yearly pay is $103,543, with a bachelor’s degree holding 58%of the population.

10 Best Places to Live in Tennessee (Let's Move-In)

#2 Nashville 

Down to our last two, Nashville earns the second spot on today’s list. As one of Tennessee’s most well-known and desired cities, Nashville rests on the banks of the Cumberland River. Since the last census, the city’s population has increased by 10%, making it one of the nation’s fastest-growing metro regions. It may be famous for its country music, but you’d be astonished at everything else it has to offer if you visit. For starters, the unemployment rate in Nashville is very low. 

Additionally, the median monthly rent in Nashville is $1,208 for a one-bedroom apartment. So, a recommended annual income of $43,488 equates to a monthly salary of $3,624. Some of the best things you can do here include tasking the hot chicken, seeing the Parthenon, visiting the Hermitage Hotel, and trying the different delectable biscuits.

#1 Brentwood

Finally, we have arrived at the number one spot on our list. Located in the heart of Tennessee’s Volunteer State, Brentwood boasts a population of slightly under 40,000 people. Affluent residents enjoy the area’s lush greenery and gentle hills. When it comes to libraries, the city has one of the best in the country, according to’s list of the top 10.

However, there is a 24% excess over the national average for housing costs in this area. Homes in Brentwood are currently selling for an average of $880,000, with yearly growth projected to be as high as 22.4 percent.

10 Best Places to Live in Tennessee (Let's Move-In)