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12 Best Places to Live in Texas | You Make A Choice

12 Best Places to Live in Texas | You Make A Choice

When looking for a place to call home, you should take factors like career prospects, cost of living, educational options, and even the environment into account. Fortunately, Texas is known for all of the above and more.

In this blog post, we will explore the most fantastic places to live and provide valuable real estate advice. Here is a list of the 12 best places to live in Texas.

12 Best Places to Live in Texas

#12 Arlington

We will begin this list with the city that is recognized for cotton ginning and agricultural products. Arlington is regarded as a haven for both sports lovers and athletes. This city offers the best of both worlds because it is wedged between Dallas and Fort Worth. In terms of real estate, Zillow estimates an average home price of $281,067.

#11 Dallas 

With a population of 1.35 million inhabitants, Dallas is the ninth-largest city in the United States. This city gave rise to a few American culinary favorites, such as German chocolate cake and frozen margaritas. In terms of living expenses, Dallas is much less pricey than other similarly-sized metropolitan US cities. Moreover, according to Payscale, the city has a 2% higher cost of living and a 5% higher cost of housing than the national average. Some of the best neighborhoods to hunt for a home in Dallas include Lakewood, Highland Park, Preston Highland, and Campbell Green. 

12 Best Places to Live in Texas | You Make A Choice

#10 Beaumont

Next, we will visit a historical, artistic, and cultural hotspot of Texas. Beaumont maintains a high standard of living in comparison to other cities. In general, education in the area is excellent, ranking high nationally and statewide. Additionally, Beaumont’s cost of living is lower than the standard. With a median home price of $138,146 as stated in the Zillow website, Beaumont’s housing costs are cheaper than the national average.

#9 Killeen

Killeen is a family-friendly town that benefits from the nearby Fort Hood military base’s economic strength. Moreover, it is easy to get around Killen because of its low cost of living, nice weather, and many transit alternatives. Compared to the rest of the country, housing costs in Killeen are 34% lower, while utility costs are 9% higher than the national average. Here, Zillow found the median home price to be $185,999 and RENTCafe found the average apartment rent to be $865. 

#8 Irving 

Let us now move on to the city where several Fortune 500 firms are located, such as Exxon, Clark, and Fluor. Residents of the Irving community have a median annual household income of $61,937 and experience a slightly higher cost of living than the national rates. This city is also favored because of its overall security and pleasant climate.

12 Best Places to Live in Texas | You Make A Choice

#7 Round Rock

Williamson County’s Round Rock is a great spot to raise a family because of the excellent public schools and beautiful weather. There are also cheaper property tax rates and utility costs here compared to other areas of the country. Forest Creek, Brushy Creek, Teravista, and Behrens Ranch are just a few of the desirable areas in this town.

#6 Frisco

Frisco has the highest average income in Texas, with an annual salary of $127,133. The city also boasts the lowest violent crime rate of any city on our list, making it one of the safest in the whole state. With a median home price of roughly $300,000, this city has seen considerable development in recent decades. This involves a rise in professional opportunities as well as a higher graduation rate.

#5 San Antonio

There are many bars, cafés, restaurants, and parks in San Antonio, making it appealing to families and young employees. Another alluring feature you should consider is the low cost of living in this location. Compared to other large cities in Texas, San Antonio’s cost of living is around 4% lower. As of 2021, Best Places reports the median property price is $220,300, with an average monthly rent of $1,151, according to RENTCafe. 

12 Best Places to Live in Texas | You Make A Choice

#4 Houston

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and one of the most diverse, thanks to significant population growth, low cost of living, and a thriving employment market. This city is also renowned as the epicenter of Texas hip-hop culture. Some of the top benefits of being a resident in this city include endless tasty food choices, numerous green parks, and excellent healthcare. 

#3 Plano

In this city, public transit is quite well-regarded. In fact, it is the greatest in the Dallas-Fort Worth city for air, road, light rail, and rapid transportation. If you move to Plano, you will only be four hours away from most of America’s major continental locations. Residents of this city not only earn more than the national average, but they also pay less in taxes. Housing is another good factor in living here. Zillow estimates the typical home in Plano to be worth $445,746. Furthermore, Realtor estimates the media listing home price to be $183 per square foot.

#2 Fort Worth

Fort Worth benefits from its workforce’s youth, affluence, and intellect by being home to one of Texas’ best institutions, TCU. Texas Christian University offers an incredible community that assists students in obtaining employment. Fort Worth also benefits from a high average annual pay, 

a thriving job market, and a comparatively low cost of living. In terms of housing, US News found the median home price of this city is about $341,464, and residents have an average annual salary of $53,800. 

#1 Austin 

Finally, we have arrived at the top city on our list. Austin is an eccentric metropolis located smack dab in the center of Texas. It is home to the Texas state government and frequently focuses on social development and political movements. Austin is also known for its casual lifestyle, delectable cuisines, and a wide array of outdoor activities. Although Austin’s cost of living is on the pricey side, its wages are also relatively higher than the other cities.

12 Best Places to Live in Texas | You Make A Choice

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