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7 Best Places to Live in Washington State (Ultra High Quality of Life!)

7 Best Places to Live in Washington State (Ultra High Quality of Life!)

Several things that stand out about Washington state are the high standard in the secondary education system, thriving economy, and apple production. Other than being named after a US president, this state is also famous for the endless career opportunities it offers. Needless to say, a lot of people move to this state in hopes of a brighter future. If you are determined to move to Washington but still not clear about which city you are going to choose, we will help you out. 

This blog post, we will go over The 7 Best Places to Live in Washington State if you and your family wish to reside in The Evergreen State!

Best Places to Live in Washington State

#7 Kirkland

If you are wondering why the name of this city seems oddly familiar, it’s because the private label you know of was named after this place. While the headquarters were once located in this city, they were relocated in 1995 to Issaquah. Nonetheless, the city is well-known throughout the world, not just for the brand but also for its magnificent waterfront parks. Kirkland is home to an excellent park system that is being conserved to this day. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the city’s never-ending wonders.

Living here will be incredibly expensive due to its popularity and economy. Kirkland’s cost of living is significantly higher than the national average. According to Zillow, the average property value in the area is $1,023,625 per square foot.

7 Best Places to Live in Washington State (Ultra High Quality of Life!)

#6 Issaquah

Do you love mountain biking or enjoy a smaller community? If so, then you should consider moving to the city of Issaquah. Issaquah is a desirable location in Washington State due to its superb food and scenic mountain vistas. The top restaurants you should visit are the Flat Iron Grill, Fogo de Chao, and the Well and Table. On the other hand, if you are thinking of doing some outdoor activities, you can go to the Chirico Trail, Cougar Mountain Zoo, or the Seattle Paragliding.

Like Kirkland, you will be spending a large sum of money if you want to live here. The cost of living in Issaquah is 45 percent more than the national average. Moreover, purchasing a property in this neighborhood can cost an average of $987,548, as per recent data released by Zillow. According to Payscale, Issaquah’s housing costs are 77% higher than the national average, while utility costs are 23% higher.

#5 Spokane

Let us move on to a city that is more affordable in Washington State. One-bedroom apartments rent for $935 per month here, making it an excellent option to save money. If you want to live comfortably on an average monthly salary in Spokane, a good wage would be roughly $50,000. On the other hand, if you are considering buying a property in this neighborhood, you should budget an average of $389,900, says Norada Real Estate Investments.

Apart from affordability, one significant perk of living in Spokane is the less congested traffic. Living in this city will give you access to a plethora of ridesharing and taxi firms. Most notably, Spokane has a thriving downtown area complete with an absolutely stunning riverfront park. In general, the place is ideal for hikers, joggers, and meanderers.

7 Best Places to Live in Washington State (Ultra High Quality of Life!)

#4 Sammamish

Let us now travel to the city home to about 64,000 people. Among the many reasons the Sammamish is thriving are its proximity to gorgeous landscapes, accessible trails, and some of Washington’s most pristine lakes. Essentially, you can say that this is a suburban community that offers all of the conveniences and benefits of living in a large city.

However, like the majority of large cities, life here is costly. Sammamish homes typically sell for $1,338,582, says Zillow. The primary reason the median income is so high is that the majority of its citizens work in high-wage sectors. According to the Seattle Times, five of the eight most frequent occupations, which employ 83 percent of all employed residents in Sammamish, provide a median full-time wage of more than $100,000. 

#3 Olympia

Another city you should consider living in is this land named after the magnificent Olympic Mountains. The residents prefer this city because of its family-friendly facilities and affordable rent. Living in this area will give you expenses that are 4% higher than the national average. Compared to most of the cities on our list, this is a good deal. In Olympia, a one-bedroom apartment costs on average $1,462 a month. Meanwhile, the average property value in Olympia, according to Zillow, is $483,228.

Olympia is also an excellent location for job hunting, as the Washington State Capitol or Legislative Building in Olympia is the home of Washington’s government. Furthermore, you should know that the state government is the major employer in the state capital, employing more than 25,000 people to ensure smooth operations.

#2 Redmond

Down to our last two cities, let us talk about the home of both Nintendo and Microsoft. Nintendo established Redmond’s first well-known technological company since Microsoft was based in Bellevue at the time. While the city has significantly developed through the years, Redmond still maintains its natural beauty. Here, you can enjoy biking around the city or enjoying some cultural events. 

If you want to know how much it will cost you to live in this tech-savvy city, housing costs are 86 percent more than the national average, while utility costs are 23 percent higher. Moreover, Zillow reveals that it will cost you around $1,190,190 for a typical home in Redmond. 

#1 Bellevue

We have now arrived at the best city to live in Washington State. Allow me to welcome you to the enchanting town of Bellevue. In French, the name of this city translates to “beautiful view,” and you will not have to witness it yourself before knowing that it is true. Bellevue is Consistently Ranked as a top place to live in many sources. Located across the lake from Seattle, the city is a one-of-a-kind destination, home to the Bellevue Arts Museum and Garden, Mercer Slough Nature Park, and other world-class attractions. However, the perks of living in this city go beyond its natural wonders. Bellevue has a flourishing business scene, with a slew of well-known enterprises headquartered in the neighborhood.

Unlike many large cities, Bellevue has retained its image as a community with excellent schools and low crime, drawing families and couples seeking a safe setting to raise children. In terms of housing, Bellevue has the most competitive market, receiving 91 points out of 100. Additionally, Redfin reports that the average price of a home in this area is $1,320,000.

7 Best Places to Live in Washington State (Ultra High Quality of Life!)