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8 Best Places to Live in Wyoming (National Parks & Cowboy Towns!)

8 Best Places to Live in Wyoming (National Parks & Cowboy Towns!)

Wyoming is a significant part of history for the many “firsts” that occurred in the state. For starters, it is branded the “Equality State” since it was the first state in the United States to provide women the right to vote. Wyoming is also home to the nation’s first national forest, the Yellowstone Forest Reserve. Besides this, the state offers numerous benefits in terms of taxation, outdoor leisure, and natural beauty. If you are looking to find the perfect Wyoming city to move to, keep reading. 

This blog post will go over the 8 Best Places to Live in Wyoming that you and your family can reside in.

Best Places to Live in Wyoming

#8 Jackson 

The first city you are going to learn about in this video is well-known for its cowboy culture and luxurious lifestyle.  Jackson boasts over 98,000 square miles of wide-open areas occupied by ranches, small-town rodeos, and cowboys. Summer is when this culture truly comes alive, as you will witness people riding horses, fishing, and even climbing mountains.

However, before moving here, you should be aware that this city is neither cheap nor affordable. In fact, Jackson is regarded as one of Wyoming’s wealthiest and most affluent cities. Due to the scarcity of private land in this area, acquiring a property will require a sizable amount of money. According to the Realtor website, the average home value in this city is $2,500,000.

8 Best Places to Live in Wyoming (National Parks & Cowboy Towns!)

#7 Laramie

We are jumping to a more cost-effective city in Wyoming, which is loved by all sports enthusiasts worldwide. While the area does not have any major league professional sports teams, international tourists highly enjoy popular American sports through the state’s minor league clubs. Laramie is also home to the University of Wyoming, which hosts football and basketball events. Another outstanding aspect of this city is its historical landmarks and excellent architectural edifices. The University’s Art Museum, Geological Museum, and the Snowy Range are all popular tourist attractions you should consider visiting. 

Fortunately, housing costs in Laramie are 18% cheaper than the national average. If you wish to acquire a home in this area, you must save approximately $370,000, says The city’s cost of living is also affordable, being around 5% less than the national average.

#6 Lander 

We have yet another city that falls under the relatively affordable category. Home to over 7,500 residents, Zillow finds that the town of Lander has a median home price of $283,759. The Crazy Tourist also recognized the affordability of this city by sharing its reasonable median rent of $739 a month. Because of the rates, this city has grown to become one of the most preferred places among first-time home buyers. 

Therefore, you can expect a community of both professionals and retirees in Lander. This place is also dedicated to local businesses and showcases fun celebrations that promote local musicians and artists. 

#5 Sheridan 

Like the other cities on our list, Sheridan is also famous for its thriving rodeo scene. A visit to Sheridan will give you a taste of what it was like to be a cowboy. One of Wyoming’s most popular carnivals here features all of your favorite rides, games, prizes to look forward to. These events usually start at five in the afternoon and last until midnight. 

In terms of the cost of living, Zillow estimates that the typical home value in the city is $314,170. Furthermore, Sheridan has a cost of living index of 101, which is only slightly higher than the national average of 100.

8 Best Places to Live in Wyoming (National Parks & Cowboy Towns!)

#4 Casper 

Next up, we are going to visit a more family-friendly and busy city of Wyoming. If you have children, they will surely love the skating rinks and interactive exhibits of the area. You can also take advantage of the outdoor areas for some biking, snowboarding, and skiing adventures. Of course, the rodeo scene in this city is also quite evident. Nicknamed as the “Oil City,” Casper has an extensive cowboy history dating back to the discovery of oil in the neighboring Salt Creek Field.

While most of the estimates vary significantly, the cost of living in Wyoming is lower than the U.S. median. In terms of purchasing a home, the prices here average at roughly $250,000, as per recent data released by the Realtor website.

#3 Kemmerer 

Kemmerer is a sparsely populated suburban region, with most residents living in single-family homes surrounded by shops and other businesses. Living here is a wise decision because the place offers many career opportunities you can choose from. Several of the top jobs in this city include mechanical engineering, graphics designing, and IT.

Although it only has roughly 2,700 residents, you will never feel bored or left out in this city. There are tons to do here, like looking at the fascinating dinosaur fossils in the National Monument or even visiting some music festivals. Another perk of living here is that you won’t have to break the bank to purchase a home, for we read from Realtor that the average price sits at $147,000. Overall, the cost of living in Kemmerer is 3% lower than the Wyoming standard. 

#2 Cheyenne

A city abundant with farms and art awaits at our number 2 spot. If you do not know much about the beautiful town of Cheyenne, we are here to tell you that calling this place breathtaking is an understatement. The sites of this city are what defines the true wild west. Here, you will find historical architecture, significant cowboy heritage, impressive galleries, and rodeos. 

Despite all the perks and advantages that this place offers its residents, Cheyenne is not considered an expensive city. The cost of living here is said to be 5% lower than the national average, according to the Payscale website. If you want to buy a home here, expect to pay an average of $325,649, says Zillow.

#1 Cody 

Taking the number one spot on this list of best places to live in Wyoming is none other than Cody. If you are into social cowboy events and outdoor activities, you are in luck. This city hosts an annual stampede event in the name of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody which features historical reenactments of old west shootouts. With the fantastic architecture and the town’s preserved cowboy-days façade, you will definitely get a sense of living in an old west town.
Taking a look at the affordability, the Realtor website estimates the median home value of the area to be at $429,000. Meanwhile, the median listing home price sits at $226 per square foot.

8 Best Places to Live in Wyoming (National Parks & Cowboy Towns!)