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5 Best Places To Live On East Coast Florida: Top East Coast Florida Towns

best places to live on east coast of florida

Interested in learning about the best places to live on East Coast Florida? There are several reasons why most prefer to live on the coast. The warm weather, the plenty of sunny days, and of course, the sandy beaches are some of the few reasons most people love living in coastal places.

Florida sounds like just the place you need to go to if you are a coast-lover. However, being a big state, you will need to know some of the best places you could set up residence, especially on the East Coast. If the East Coast of Florida crossed your mind, this piece is for you. 

Read on for five of the best East Coast Florida towns.

5 Best Places To Live On East Coast Of Florida

5. Miami 

moving to miami florida

Miami is Florida’s most populous and popular city. Regardless of your occupation, the location offers a variety of job options. At the same time, the area is rich in recreational opportunities, which is why it is a popular tourist destination. Miami is also famous for offering endless opportunities to enjoy the nightlife. This is thanks to the numerous pubs and bars lining the streets of downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

The cost of living in this city, however, is higher than in most other parts of the state. The fast-growing economy and expanding job market, on the other hand, compensate for the increased cost of living. Miami is a great option if you’re looking for a place to call home and don’t mind spending a lot of money. If you love spending time relaxing at the beach, Miami will definitely feel more than home.


  • Year-round fun and leisure
  • Plenty of great beaches


  • High living costs
  • Extreme weather is often a threat

4. St. Augustine 

First, St. Augustine offers a mile-long stretch of beaches, so you can be sure to get all of the fun you desire as far as the Atlantic waters are concerned. It is a fantastic residential area because it is approximately 45 minutes from Jacksonville and only a 2-hour drive from Orlando. Some of the ancient buildings in the city have been turned into shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs, giving you a plethora of options as a resident or visitor for a short stay.

The community of arts and culture infused into the city makes it even more fascinating to live in. It is culturally rich and full of beauty, with a historic downtown to bequeath. There is also a robust job market for those trying to make a living while in St. Augustine. The majority of the residents are retirees, as the area provides them with just the appropriate amount of tranquility and rest.

Despite being known for a high cost of living and an excessive influx of tourists, St. Augustine can be a great place to choose if you plan to settle on Florida’s East Coast. It has actually been named as the best place to live in the entire Florida. 


  • Charming beauty 
  • Plenty of beaches 
  • Culturally and historically rich 
  • Amazing place to interact with tourists 
  • Great for work and play 


  • High costs of living 
  • Sometimes congested by tourists 

3. Daytona Beach 

If you’re on a budget but still want to live on the Florida East Coast close to the beach, the Daytona Beach area might be the best option. For starters, this location has a relatively low cost of living compared to other Florida metro towns. The population is only a tenth of that of Miami, making it a tranquil setting. This is among the reasons Daytona Beach is highly preferred by retirees.

As the name implies, the location is adjacent to a beach, ensuring that you have access to all the fun that comes with having a beach near your home. The place had a growth rate of 9.65% between 2015 and 2019, implying that it will no longer be as simple and inexpensive as it is now in the coming years.

There is a demand for qualified professionals because the area is still expanding, which means that career prospects exist. Daytona Beach can surely be a great place to live and work in. Retirees who want to spend their golden years in tranquility and cool beaches will very much appreciate making this East Coast Florida location a home.


  • Highly affordable to live in 
  • Plenty of beautiful beaches to access 


  • Tourism congestion 
  • Crime reports in some neighborhoods 

2. Orlando 

living in orlando florida

Orlando is one of the best locations to live in because, for starters, it is home to Walt Disney World. It also boasts some of the top beach resorts in Florida, so your leisure side of life is always taken care of as a resident.

The numerous tourist attractions have turned the area into a highly desirable place to reside. Orlando, like most other locations along the Atlantic coast, also boasts warm weather throughout the year.

Nonetheless, the “City Beautiful”, as its nickname goes, is currently experiencing increased living costs. The employment market also strains due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is not to mention the spike in Orlando home values by close to 10.2 percent in 2020/2021. All the same, the 8.62 percent growth rate from 2015 to 2019 indicates that the area can grow in the next few years. The promising economic growth should be a motivator for you to find yourself a place to call home in Orlando.


  • Home to Disney World
  • Warm weather throughout the year
  • Lots of shopping and dining opportunities


  • Summer can get really hot
  • High population growth
  • Lots of tourists
  • Traffic can be a pain

1. Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie is located about halfway between Miami and Orlando. Like Miami and Orlando, the place offers miles of splendid coastline. Being close to the shore makes it fun as it incorporates other major recreational facilities. Compared to many other beach cities, the cost of living here is quite favorable.

Being away from major cities makes Port St. Lucie is a peaceful place, which is why many find it ideal for raising a family or resting during retirement. There may be limited job opportunities as the city is still growing, but within the next few years, this is surely going to change.

The city is known for the tranquil Savannas Preserve State Park sitting on the waters. This is not to mention the St. Lucie River – an aquatic preserve, which runs through Port St. Lucie. Nature lovers appreciate the Botanical Gardens of Port St. Lucie, located in the heart of the city. 

If you’re an avid baseball fan, there’s a chance you are familiar with this city, the New York Mets’ Spring Training home. The city is also known for festivals and celebrations all year round, making the place even more desirable.


  • Affordable living costs
  • Numerous accessible luxury beaches


  • Limited Employment opportunities
  • A bit distant from major FL cities

Other Notable Mentions 

You will never run out of options when it comes to great places to live on Florida’s East Coast. Whether you’re in business, employed, or looking for a decent place to retire, the East Coast seems to have something for everyone. Apart from the five discussed above, below is a quick list of other great cities and towns worth considering for residency in the East Coast, FL.  

  • Palm Beach: Palm Beach is among the most attractive towns in the entire state of Florida. This East Coast West Palm Beach region town offers just the perfect beach life. A lot of top-quality restaurants, pubs and boutiques complete your life as a Palm Beach resident. If you’re after the ocean-front real estate kind of living, look no further than Palm Beach.
  • Melbourne: If a quiet lifestyle is what you’re after, Melbourne, FL can be a great pick. From numerous public parks to great shops, restaurants, and pubs, life is enjoyable here despite being quiet. The school system is excellent, and the cost of living is quite attractive. The major downside is that it is a bit distant from major cities, plus it is fairly associated with crime.
  • Jensen Beach: Sitting between West Palm Beach and Fort Pierce, the coastal town is home to endless shopping opportunities, festivals, seafood, and plenty more. Many seniors retire there, thanks to its affordable living costs and home prices. 
  • Siesta Key:  Also great for retirees who love some leisure and tranquility, Siesta Key is a fine place to live on Florida’s East Coast. Residents get to enjoy lots of sandy beach coastline, mild weather, and lower property taxes. What’s more, there is no income tax on this land!

Best Places To Live On East Coast Florida 

  • 5. Miami
  • 4. St. Augustine
  • 3. Daytona Beach 
  • 2. Orlando 
  • 1. Port St. Lucie

To sum it all up, there are many wonderful areas to live in Florida, especially on the East Coast. Different places will have different things to offer, so make sure you consider the lifestyle you are after before choosing a new residence on Florida’s East Coast. The above few pointers should help make it a breeze for you when making the choice. 

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