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15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try (Pizza, Cocktails and More!)

15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try

Dunedin is a great place to live with its gorgeous scenery, friendly locals and delicious cuisine. The restaurants in Dunedin are no exception! We have compiled a list of the best restaurant options for you to try during your next visit.

When you are deciding where to eat, we listed down our 15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try!

15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try

Dunedin, FL is a charming little town on the West Coast of Florida. Filled with eclectic art galleries, boutique shops and amazing restaurants, it’s no wonder that this town is a popular tourist destination. If you’re looking for a great meal while in Dunedin, FL, check out one of these top restaurants.

15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try

1) Tony’s Pizza

The best pizza in Dunedin is here, and it’s time to get your mouth watering. You’re going to love the rich flavors as they fill up on yummy goodness! Tony’s Pizza is one of the most popular pizzerias in Dunedin, so come try their tasty pies. You’ll be able to find other top dishes too on offer at many local restaurants around town like pasta salads calzones sandwiches!

It’s hard to choose from the selection of yummy pizzas at this joint. Why don’t you try out one with ricotta and spinach, or maybe some broccoli mixed in? Or how about something savory like The Bada Bing- sausage plus olive oil rich tomato sauce topped off by mozzarella cheese -yum!

Tony’s Pizza offers something for everyone with their various options, including Margarita pizza. You won’t be able to go home after your meal at Tony’s without some French fries on the side as well!

Address – 320 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

2) Ohana Cafe

If you’re looking for fresh and healthy food, then Ohana Cafe is the place to go. This Hawaiian haunt has hula dancing nights where customers can enjoy live performances while they dine on salads or poke bowls made with local produce straight from Uncle Tom’s garden!

The Ohana Cafe is a cozy, healthy vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. You can choose from lunch boxes ofWraps or rice meals everyday as well as salads that are perfect for dinner!

Your smoothie is the perfect way to end your day. You can choose from a variety of flavors like Magic Mango Kefir or Spinach Colada, but don’t forget about Mommy’s Gluten-Free Treats!

For those looking for an exotic beach retreat, try Ohana Cafe. The food offers a taste of Hawaii with dishes like kalua pork bbq and coconut coconut shrimp served on their signature salad or burrito bowl options that are sure to satisfy any appetite!

Address – 1452 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

3) The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is a seafood restaurant with an upscale dining room that offers elevated American dishes. The Swanky atmosphere will make you feel right at home and amidst the luxury, it’s easy to see why this place has been so popular for years!

The Black Pearl has long been a cherished institution in Pinellas County. It’s founding as an old barbershop and mayor’s office before being heavily renovated to become what it is today, one of Florida’s finest fine dining establishments offering vegan cuisine onsite for dietary restrictions or allergies along with other menu items such pork bacon steak among others you’ll find here!

This restaurant has been around for over 50 years. They are known to take their food seriously and have 12 tables, so reservations aren’t necessary but recommended as they fill up weeks in advance!

Address – 315 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

4) Caracara

Chef Traci, the skilled and talented chef at Caracara brings her unique dishes that are inspired by different cultures around the world. Chef Traci prides herself in being able to create such flavorful menus while still keeping it fresh with bold flavors you can’t get anywhere else!

Caracara is a modern Asian and Latin-inspired restaurant that features bold flavors. The menu offers dishes for every palate, from starters like pickled vegetables or sashimi to entrees such as filet mignon cooked in soy sauce with soy soup dumplings on top!

Caracara is a haven for the innovative, and those with an appetite to try new things. The restaurant was created by three masterminds who have each brought something special in their own way; leaving guests eager not only taste what they’ve cooked but experience it vicariously through these creative minds as well!

Address – 730 Broadway Suite 4, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

5) Cafe Alfresco

Some people might be turned off by Cafe Alfresco’s old-school vibe, but if you’re looking to pick up some lunch or dinner and have an extensive menu ranging from Italian food like pasta dishes with sauce made fresh in house every day of the week–to burgers that will make your taste buds thank us later then this is where it’s at.

Cafe Alfresco is an award-winning bistro serving up light bites and comfort foods, international cuisine from all over the world. The restaurant was opened in 1995 by Peter Kreuziger (chef) with Karl Riedl who were also behind Bon Appetit Restaurant on Water; they’re responsible for bringing this wonderful find right at your doorstep!

Cafe Alfresco, serving up a world of flavors with the unique twist that only Dunedin can provide. Whether you’re looking to sample their delectable dishes or just want some company while enjoying good food and drink after work; we have what our patrons are craving!

Address – 344 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

6) Lane’s Lemonade

The boxcar has a long history. Located on the Pinellas Trail, it once could be found delivering citrus and development to Dunedin in the 1880s when it worked for an orange belt railway company as their delivery vehicle during that time period.

You’ll find a great selection of ice cream, coffee and pastries at Lane’s Lemonade! With fresh squeezed lemonades to vanilla-orange swirl ices with locally sourced pretzels for that extra boost.

Lane has always been a lover of good food, but it wasn’t until she started working at her family’s Italian restaurant that the true passion for cooking was born. Her grandmother taught Lane an important lesson about how nothing brings people together better than great tasting dishes and flavors when they are enjoyed across cultures or religions in this country today!

Address – 349 A Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

7) Casa Tina

At Casa Tina in Dunedin, Florida you’ll find a Mexican tavern with live entertainment and an extensive menu of classic dishes that can be made vegan.

Casa Tina in Dunedin Florida offers a wide variety of dishes that are naturally gluten free, vegan and vegetarian with no additives. Many starter options are also available without bases so you can make your own dish!

Casa Tina in Dunedin, Florida is a true family affair. For years it has been known as an iconic restaurant for its close ties with the community and love that goes into every dish made by Javier & Tina Marie Avila–their children included!

Casa Tina is committed to giving back. Every Monday, the staff of Casa Tina sponsors fundraisers that benefit not only children in need but also communities across town!

Address – 365 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

8) Reboot

Reboot is a neon-lit bar that serves up draft beers and craft ales in an arcade game filled space. With over 14 rotating taps, including some of Florida’s best craft beers and wines as well! They have a collaborative food menu with Coattails, and they also provide something different.

Spoil yourself and your friends with an evening at the Reboot bar. Engage in all sorts of fun activities from video games, drink specials (including beer), food pairings for every game played on any screen! For a fun, affordable dinner out and to avoid breaking the bank visit Reboot in Dunedin. Order drinks at their bar while playing video games on oversized screens above your head!

Address – 248 Scotland St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

9) Pan Y Vino

Step into the cozy confines of Pan Y Vino for a meal you’ll never forget. Tuck in to oven-baked pies filled with delectable Mediterranean flavors, or quench your thirst from their impressive selection of wine and beer brewed right here on premise!

Pan Y Vino offers fresh ingredients, crispy thin crust and wonderful wine selection in a brick oven pizzeria. The perfect combination for locals who want to enjoy some pizza while drinking their favorite wines!

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to pizza at Pan Y Vino, but you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something that suits your taste buds. If a Margherita isn’t quite spicy enough for some spiceheads out there and Chorizo & Cheddar with its salty flavors is just what they need; or maybe someone enjoys their crusts extra crispy then the Pepperoni option would make them happy too!

Address – 369 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try

10) Thai Town

Thai Town is a strip-mall eatery in the heart of town that’s been preparing standards and specialties for years. The restaurant has an ethnic flair to it, with Thai decorating everywhere you look!

At the Thai Town restaurant in Pinellas, Florida you can enjoy authentic and delicious Thai food. The customer favorites include Pad Thai along with our multiple curries such as curry chicken or curry duck breast meat served over jasmine rice topped off with aromatic vegetables making it perfect for those who love spice! Mango Sticky Rice is also highly recommended when dining on site because of its sweet flavor that will not disappoint.

Thai Town in Dunedin is a fantastic place to dine and enjoy some authentic Thai cuisine. I’m not sure what makes their food so amazing, but every time that we visit there are always large portions for the price of just one dish at home! You can expect friendly service from the staff who love cooking up only top- notch dishes on site each day.

Address – 1342 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

11) Flanigan’s Irish Pub

Flanigan’s Irish Pub is a full liquor bar and kitchen restaurant that serves authentic dishes from Ireland. You can enjoy live music with your meal, or while enjoying one of Flanigans cocktails in the lively atmosphere!

Come to Flanigan’s Irish Pub for an evening of fun and entertainment. You’ll enjoy our signature drinks, or if you want something a little stronger we have the perfect drink pairing options that will suit any taste!

Mingle with locals while sipping on one of many delicious cocktails in this cozy atmosphere pub – no matter what kind of music gets your blood pumping head over heels.

Address – 465 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

12) Lucky Lobster

Step into the world of Lucky Lobster, where the seafood is fresh and delectable. The menu offers a variety to suit every taste with dishes like jumbo lump crab cakes or mussels prepared in cedar-plank style as well raw bar favorites such as oysters Rockefeller!

If you love great live music, good food and drink, then Lucky Lobster – Dunedin Wines the Blues is an event not to be missed. With three stages full of classic blues played by some of our best local musicians this afternoon should not just be about enjoying yourself but also raising money for charity!

The Lucky Lobster was featured in The Best of Tampa Bay 2018, a book that promotes the best locales and tourist attractions. Dunedin has made such an impact on our entire greater area that they are now working to create a special “The Best Of” section just for this small town!

Address – 941 Huntley Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

13) Dunedin Smokehouse

It’s not just your average night at the bar. Dunedin Smokehouse has something for everyone with BBQ food, beer and live music to quench your thirst or fill it if you’re thirsty enough!

Dunedin’s favorite BBQ joint is located in a historic downtown setting. The menu offers unique, made-from scratch dishes with traditional favorites and an eclectic twist!

They are all about having a good time at the Dunedin Smokehouse. You can feed your brain with trivia or catch some live music from local bands on any of our 11 TVs, then take in one of our large front patio areas to people watch while enjoying an ice cold craft beer!

Address – 471 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

14) Bon Appetit

Stop for a seafood dinner at the iconic Bon Appetit, with its stunning views and elegant dining room. With an outdoor bar + patio on site as well as one of Miami’s best indoor spaces to enjoy them in style – this is your chance not just to dine but also relax while indulging yourself after all that fun!

With a long-time reputation as one of Florida’s best, this iconic restaurant in Dunedin still rules today. With picturesque views and spectacular seafood sets its benchmark high for all other eateries to aspire too!

In 1976, Peter Kreuziger and Chef Karl Riedl opened the doors to Bon Appétit Restaurant on Dunedin’s waterfront. Over four decades of success in a thriving industry has not gone unnoticed by this duo who are content with just making people happy through good food & drinks—and what could be more fun than that?

Address – 148 Marina Plaza, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

15) Pisces

This sleek, modern sushi joint will have your mouth watering with all of its innovative dishes and tempting treats. With outdoor seating for when the weather’s nice (or not), you can enjoy fresh seafood delicacies while sipping on sale or one their signature cocktails come wintertime!

The modern Pisces is a casual fine dining restaurant that features global cuisine and sushi rolls inspired by it. From caviar to ceviche, they have something on their menu for everyone!

At the heart of this modern casual fine dining restaurant is an expansive menu that features global cuisine and sushi rolls. The Chef’s selection includes appetizers, salads and soups in addition to beef or seafood entrees; all done with his signature style – creating new dishes from familiar ingredients found around the world!

Address – 799 Highland Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

As you see, there are a vast selection of restaurants in Dunedin for you to choose from. No matter what type of food you’re craving, we have something here that will satisfy your taste buds! Whether it’s a night out with live music or simply a good meal, these restaurants are some of the best that the area has to offer – so be sure to check them out during your stay!

15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try

An Overview of Dunedin, Florida

The city of Dunedin is located on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It has beautiful beaches, pine forests and ospreys that can be found in Honeymoon Island State Park. The island provides a great view for those who cross over from it by way of the causeway which offers amazing views across St Joseph Sound and Caladesi Island.

Dunedin is a city of about 36,000 people and it is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays spring training camp. The low crime rates of Dunedin make it a safe place for people to live. Compared with the USA’s average, overall crime in this city is 26% lower and 57% safer than other cities around Florida on our list!

Dunedin, Florida is a small town with many character traits. It’s located along the Gulf Coast just west of Tampa and known for its annual Scottish celebrations (among other things). The downtown area has quaint shops full of local businesses that are perfect if you’re looking to get some shopping done as well! Dunedin, Florida is a great place to live if you’re looking for lower than average housing expenses and higher utility prices.

The beautiful 385-acre barrier island off of Dunedin has four miles of sandy beaches and hiking trails. It is an ideal place for a day trip with family or friends, as you can explore the area while relaxing! After arriving at your hotel/resort destination in Florida go on one (or more) nature walk around this lush wonderland where wildlife abounds!

Reasons Why You Should Visit Dunedin Florida

Dunedin is a small Florida town with many attractions including the Dunedin Dog Park. This dog park has separate fenced areas for big and small dogs, so everyone can enjoy playing off-leash together.

The beautiful people of Dunedin will offer plenty to do here that includes shopping locally at great local boutiques or just hanging out! You can also find plenty of activities here from fishing, golfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

Know some of the reasons why people visit Dunedin, Florida

  • Food – One of the main reasons to visit Dunedin is for the food! There are a variety of different places to eat such as German, Irish, Italian, and several seafood places. If you want to try something new while in Dunedin, you can’t go wrong with the food here!
  • Music – Dunedin is also home to a music and arts scene. There are a variety of different places to go listen to live music, and the people in Dunedin are very friendly and welcoming. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some live music, Dunedin is the place to be!
  • Outdoor Activities – There is an endless amount of outdoor activities to do at any time here. You can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, or even golfing if you like! Don’t forget about the dog park either that has plenty of room for dogs and their owners to run around freely. This dog park is one of Dunedin’s best attractions!
  • Attractions – There are plenty of attractions to visit in Dunedin including the Dunedin Dog Park, Honeymoon Island Beach, B&W Skatepark, and many more. You can also enjoy shopping at local boutiques that are found throughout the city.
  • Visit If You’re A Dog Person – Especially if you have a dog, you’ll love Dunedin! This small town is very pet-friendly and has plenty of activities for both you and your furry friend to do. You can let your dog run free at the dog park, go for a walk on the beach, or even take them paddle boarding with you! Dunedin is the perfect place to visit if you love spending time with your dog.

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Dunedin, Florida. You will love this small town! Make sure to check it out next time you’re looking for some new things to do in Florida!

What is Dunedin, Florida Known For

Dunedin, Florida is a city that has something for everyone. From annual Scottish celebrations and quaint downtown to all its other delights- this small town in the Sunshine State can’t be missed!

The city of Dunedin is home to many beautiful beaches, including the famous Causeway and Honeymoon Island. Caladesi Island State Park also has some impressive seashore scenery that you can explore when looking for a break from all those crowded Florida Beaches!

Dunedin Causeway

The Dunedin Causeway is a beautiful and well-maintained series of three bridges that cross the St. Joseph Sound, part of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

  • The causeways connect Honeymoon Island State Park with mainland – Dunedin Florida via CR 586 which was built in 1963!
  • The Dunedin Causeway is a beautiful, if not slightly frightening man-made clay base formation that connects the town of Dunedin with Honeymoon Island.
  • The Dunedin Causeway is a 15-minute drive from the hustle of downtown. It has exceptionally clear water and white sand beaches that are soft to touch for those who need some relief after their day on land!

If you are looking for a quick escape, the Dunedin Causeway will take your mind away. This 2.5 mile long scenic route leads from Bayshore Boulevard (Alternate 19) directly to Honeymoon Island State Park where it opens up as an entrance into Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches!

Honeymoon Island

The tides that flow through Hurricane Pass, a channel separating Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island, can be intense.

  • Over time this natural process of sand erosion makes it less hospitable for visitors who have to deal with an uncomfortable shoreline when visiting these once beautiful beaches; you might even say they’re cursed!
  • However, for those who take the time to experience what Dunedin and Honeymoon Island have to offer, you’ll find that it was worth the drive!
  • This small town is a bustling place with plenty of events happening all year round. You can find everything from seafood festivals to Scottish Highland Games.

The island is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. The waters are warm and clear, making it an ideal place to swim or fish from shorelines that offer breathtaking views with each turn in the water – not to mention there’s plenty of space on these beaches! Hiking trails lead up through lush vegetation into.

Caladesi Island State Park

Florida’s Caladesi Island State Park is renowned for its pristine white sand beaches and unspoiled natural beauty. Located west of the town of Dunedin, near Clearwater on Florida’s gulf coast.

  • It was awarded America’s Best Beach in 2008 by Dr. Beach Magazine who cited this as an area open to all with water that doesn’t get too deep so you can enjoy worldwide-class swimming without getting wet feet!
  • What’s the best way to get from Clearwater Beach, Florida in order for you can explore Caladesi Island State Park? You take a 20-minute ferry ride or just walk!
  • It’ll only take about an hour if we’re talking foot traffic and not cars because this island has it all with nature as well.

Caladesi Island State Park is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all Florida. Hikers will find wildlife while exploring three miles of nature trails, and beach lovers can enjoy swimming or sunbathing on their pristine white sand shores with crystal blue waters lapping at their feet!

Visiting Dunedin makes it possible for you to try all the restaurants around and get a feel for the town! With all that this small town has to offer, it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite spot for those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From fishing and kayaking, to food trips and watching spectacular sunsets, this is a region that appeals to all!

15 Best Restaurants In Dunedin You Must Try


Take the time to visit Dunedin and feel free to check out what it has to offer today! Returning visitors are known to come back year after year because of how inviting this town makes you feel. They’re not alone. You’ll see why everyone loves Dunedin once they’ve tried their restaurants and all the food for themselves!