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14 Best Restaurants In Fort Myers You Must Try (Local Favorite Spots!)

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Fort Myers is home to some of the best restaurants in Southwest Florida. From seafood to steaks, Fort Myers has something for everyone. We’ve done all the work for you and compiled a list of the Best Restaurants in Fort Myers You Must Try! What’s your favorite restaurant?

Finding the Best Restaurants In Fort Myers You Must Try

Fort Myers offers an array of restaurants that offer fresh and unique cuisine. You will find French, Italian or Mexican food alongside upscale seafood options in this thriving city!

Any restaurant in Fort Myers Florida that you eat at will have a great meal. However, if you are looking for the best restaurants in Fort Myers Florida to offer you something truly special, then here is the list of the top best restaurants in Fort Myers Florida you should check out!

14 Best Restaurants In Fort Myers You Must Try (Local Favorite Spots!)

1 – Buckingham Farms

Buckingham Farms is a family-owned hydroponic farm with an onsite country store that sells American food using ingredients grown only here.

Buckingham Farms is a 85 acre farm located in Fort Myers, Florida focused on producing fresh quality vegetables. Our delicious farm-to table meals for breakfast and lunch are made from locally sourced ingredients with an emphasis placed on sustainability so you can enjoy them every day!

Wednesday is a great day to go out and enjoy the fresh produce at Buckingham Farms. You can pick up some yummy dinner ingredients, reserve an event venue for your next special occasion or just stock up on delicious goodies! They’re open until 3pm so you’ll have plenty of time before it gets too dark outside in this beautiful weather we’ve been having lately.

2 – Twisted Lobster

Twisted Lobster is the place to go for all your seafood needs. Live lobsters, crabs and more are on display in an environment with colorful marine decor that’ll take you right back out into open waters!

If you’re looking for some of the best seafood in Cape Coral, then look no further than our award-winning restaurant. We have so many specialties to choose from and we promise that after your first bite or sip there will be nothing else but Twist Lobster on your mind!

The Twisted Lobster is the place to go when you’re craving something new and exciting. One taste of their bisque will have your mouth watering for more!

14 Best Restaurants In Fort Myers You Must Try (Local Favorite Spots!)

3 – Cantina 109

The Cantina 109 restaurant and bar specializes in Mexican food, but not just the typical tacos or burritos. They also have tequila flights for those of you who want to get your drink on while dining!

Cantina 109 is a contemporary Mexican restaurant that serves fresh high quality, Tex-Mex. We strive to provide not only terrific food but also an unforgettable experience with our extensive tequila list and plenty of options for those who love cocktails as well!

A unique local atmosphere and an individualized service are the hallmarks of Cantina 109, which strives to be different from other Mexican restaurants in their region.

For those looking for a uniquely local experience, look no further than Cantina 109. The restaurant strives to provide individualized service and an authentic atmosphere that is not found anywhere else in town!

4 – Wisteria Tea Room

The Wisteria Tea Room is a charming tea room set in an historic bungalow with elegant furnishings and local art. They serve lunch fare, such as scones and cookies on their menu to go alongside it or you can just stop by for some sweets like these tempting treats!

The Wisteria Tea Room is a unique tea room that also serves lunch. You can enjoy endless pots of our 35+ flavors, try all your favorite soup and salad dressings in house made at the restaurant with ingredients you’re sure to love or make unforgettable date night reservations now!

The Wisteria Tearoom and Cafe is a perfect place for anyone looking to indulge their taste buds with some classic English tea sandwiches, or enjoy an authentic High Tea Experience.

5 – Ginger Bistro

Ginger Bistro is a Modern, high-ceilinged Chinese restaurant specializing in dim sum and stir-fry. They also offer BBQ classes for those who want to get up close with their food!

Ginger Bistro is an innovative, award-winning restaurant that specializes in traditional Chinese cuisine and has become the premier location for those looking to experience authentic flavors.

The Ginger Bistro offers a modern dining experience with Asian cuisine, BBQ and Dim Sum. The Ginger Bistro is a local Asian restaurant that offers authentic Canton-Chinese food, dim sum and roast duck. They also have ribs for those who love BBQ meat dishes!

6 – El Gaucho Inca

El Gaucho Inca is a Peruvian, Argentinian and Italian restaurant that offers classic dishes from each country in their rustic space.

El Gaucho Inca is a family-owned bistro in the heart of downtown that offers Peruvian and Italian style food. The restaurant provides guests with an authentic dining experience, offering them quality meals at low prices while still maintaining its traditional values.

The El Gaucho Inca offers a unique variety of food options from three different regions, Peru, Argentina and Italy. Whether you’re interested in a classic Peruvian dish like the El Gaucho Ceviche or something from their extensive Italian menu such as an authentic pasta dish, this is the place to go!

7 – Osteria Celli

If you’re looking for an intimate, upscale restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine and a modern rustic interior then Osteria Celli is the place. Benvenuti to Osteria Celli, where our philosophy is to source the best local ingredients and prepare them with both authentic Italian methods.

Osteria Celli’s tiramisu was the lightest, creamiest and most coffee-worthy I’ve ever tasted. Osteria Celli is the place for authentic Italian food. We source our ingredients locally and use both modern cooking methods as well, making sure that you’ll experience every ingredient’s flavor to its fullest!

Osteria Celli Best italian restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a casual, yet elegant meal. With an extensive menu that ranges from pasta and pizza sauces all the way through beef carpaccio or seafood dishes like swordfish calzone — you’re sure not going hungry!

8 – Kumo 

Get your taste buds tingling at Kumo Japanese Steak House & Sushi, where the menu is vast and so are the choices. You can order a hibachi meal for two or an intimate dinner with just yourself and that special someone in mind.

You will be transported to Japan at the Kumo SteakHouse in Fort Myers, Florida. You can enjoy an authentic meal while sipping on some sake and watching your favorite sushi chef prepare fresh fish right before your eyes!

Kumo Japanese Steakhouse: For a true taste of Japan, make reservations at Kumo. The sushi is prepared by the best chefs and served with care to give you an authentic experience like no other!

9 – CRaVE

CRaVE is the place to go for American comfort food. Known for their juicy burgers and mouth watering shakes, CRaVES has something that’ll satisfy any craving! CRaVE Restaurant is a family-owned, modern styled American cuisine restaurant that has been providing delicious food for their customers since 2007.

You won’t just taste the difference, you’ll CRAVE it! CRaVE Restaurant is owned and operated by a local family who uses only fresh ingredients. We have been cooking food consistently since 2007 – all meats are roasted daily in house; smoked bacon & sausages are prepared right before your eyes so that every customer can enjoy their meal at its best possible quality with no preservatives added whatsoever.

Come experience for yourself what makes this place different from any other restaurant around town!

10 – University Grill

The University Grill is an excellent spot for a late night meal with friends. The steak and seafood are cooked just how you like it, while the bar provides enough alcohol to keep everyone lubricated until their next class begins in earnest at 8:00am!

University Grill is a fun place to enjoy some classic American cuisine. The steak, seafood and other hearty dishes crafted in laid back surrounds with a full bar are perfect for when you’re feeling hungry or just want one last drink before heading home after an eventful day at work!

The University Grill is a great place to go for all your seafood and steak needs. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive meal or something more extravagant, there’s something on the menu that will suit any appetite! The patio seating offers gorgeous views of Cypress Lake while being surrounded by lush trees in bloom during springtime months – what better way could there be?

11 – The Veranda 

The Veranda is a historic setting that features upmarket Southern cuisine, and offers visitors the chance to enjoy live piano music in addition.

A romantic garden courtyard awaits you after your meal or drinks at one of our outdoor tables while others listen from inside under warm lights; all surrounded by lush greenery perfect for soaking up some sun before retiring indoors when needed!

Step back in time to one of Florida’s most historic and darling areas, the beautiful city of Fort Myers. Step onto The Veranda for a relaxing escape from hustle-bustle trance-like music that will sooth your ears as you sip on an ice cold drink with friends or family!

The Veranda is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Southwest Florida that offers an incredible dining experience with two turn of the century homes and Southern cuisine. Alongside wine for all tastes, it’s no surprise why The Verandas are ranked as one best new restaurants by some major media outlets!

12 – Cibo

Cibo is a modern, polished Italian restaurant that offers classic plates and diverse wines. They also have happy hour specials to help you make the most out of your meal!

Cibo is a family-owned, single operator business. It first opened its doors on July 30th 2004 with Mediterranean cuisine that is both delicious and diverse from Pastas to Steaks, Seafood like Shrimp or Fish Filet Mignon Marsala Wine Beer Cocktails Desserts. Come in for the most friendly service by professional staff excited about all types of food available including exciting dinner specials!

Cibo is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for an exciting selection of appetizers and salads, as well as entrees that won’t let down your taste buds.

What’s not to love about Cibo? The Italian-inspired menu is full of tempting appetizers like fried goat cheese, ricotta gnocchi and calamari. For pastas there’s Mama’s meat lasagna or chicken veal parmigiana but if you’re looking for something a little different try their house made ravioli special!

13 – Lighthouse Restaurant 

The Lighthouse Restaurant is a beautiful seafood restaurant with a large dining room, ceiling fans and outdoor lounge. Lighthouse Restaurant – Fort Myers Waterfront Dining. The best place to hang out because the food is fabulous, and you’ll have an amazing view with spectacular music while doing so!

The Lighthouse Restaurant offers a great dining experience for guests of Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina. Guests can enjoy the waterfront views and delicious meals without ever leaving indoors!

The Lighthouse Restaurant is a great place to go for those who love fish. You can order whatever type of fresh seafood that you want, such as snapper or mahi-mahi steaks pan fried until they’re golden brown and crispy on the outside while still being juicy inside with your preferred sauce like tartar or teriyaki glaze!

14 – Farmers Market Restaurant

The Farmers Market Restaurant is a quaint and laid-back restaurant, known for their Southern staples made with ingredients from the nearby farmer’s market.

At the Farmers Market Restaurant, we’ve been serving up some of Lee County’s finest southern food for over thirty years. We use recipes passed down by our ancestors who first came to America with Pilgrims on Farms not far from where you are sitting now!

For over 55 years, the patrons of Farmers Market Restaurant have been coming back for more. We provide a taste that only southerners can give you with our home cooking and American-made goods!

Eating at the Farmers Market Restaurant is like taking a step back in time. The food, service and atmosphere are all from decades ago!

14 Best Restaurants In Fort Myers You Must Try (Local Favorite Spots!)

Why Locals and Tourists Love the Food at Fort Myers?

The food at Fort Myers is loved by locals and tourists alike. Some of the reasons why include:

1. The restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines, from American to Thai to Mexican. This means that everyone can find something they love to eat.

2. The prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality of food you get.

3. The restaurants are often family-owned and operated, which means that you get a truly authentic dining experience.

4. The restaurants are usually very laid back and casual, so you can relax and enjoy your meal.

5. The servers are always friendly and welcoming, and they go out of their way to ensure you have a pleasant dining experience.

6. Finally, the food is always delicious!

These are just some of the reasons why locals and tourists love the food in Fort Myers. Stop by one of these great restaurants for your next meal and see if they might be right for you too!

Why Visit Fort Myers?

“Fort Myers, Florida is a great family destination that isn’t as crowded as Orlando or Tampa. This city is known for its beautiful beaches and inviting low key vibe.” – About Fort Myers

The City of Fort Myers Beach is the tourist center of this region and offers many activities, attractions and wonderful places to explore. Visitors head here for the white sand beaches, fishing, kayaking, and nature trails. There are also a variety of shops, restaurants and bars to choose from.

The city is also close to other attractions in Southwest Florida like the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Lovers Key State Park near Bonita Springs and Sanibel Island which is famous for its shelling.

The top reasons why people love to visit for Myers are:

1. Beaches – The white sand beaches and clear waters are definitely a big draw for visitors. There are plenty of activities to enjoy such as swimming, shelling, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

2. Shopping & Dining – There are a variety of shops and restaurants to choose from in the city as well as in the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for something casual or more upscale, you’ll be able to find it here.

3. Low Key Vibe – Fort Myers has a much more laid back vibe than some of the other tourist destinations in Florida. This is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun and sand.

4. Family Friendly – There are plenty of things for families to do in Fort Myers including visiting the beaches, exploring the nature trails, going fishing or simply enjoying the wonderful weather.

5. Weather – The weather in Fort Myers is typically very pleasant with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. This makes it a great place to visit year round.

3. Attractions & Things to Do – There are plenty of things to do in Fort Myers, from beaches to shopping and dining to nature trails.

4. Sports & Recreation – There are plenty of activities for those who enjoy sports and recreation, including fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

5. Nature & Wildlife – Fort Myers is home to a variety of wildlife, including dolphins, manatees and alligators. There are also nature trails to explore.

6. History – The city has a rich history that can be explored at places like the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

7. Nightlife – There are a number of bars and clubs in Fort Myers for those who enjoy a night out on the town.

8. Pet-friendly Lodging and Services – There are a number of pet-friendly accommodations and services for those traveling with a furry friend.

9. Festivals & Events – There are all kinds of festivals and events going on throughout the year in Fort Myers that will please everyone from culture buffs to sports fans.

Here are the top 8 things to do in Fort Myers:

1 . Visit Edison Ford Winter Estates – Enjoy a day of history, fun and educational activities at this award-winning museum. The estate is home to over 20 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds and features guided tours, exhibits, hands-on activities and more.

2 . Visit the Beaches – Fort Myers Beach has some of the best beaches in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida. There are several public access points as well as a great pier with shops and restaurants.

3 . Explore the Nature Trails – The city is home to a number of nature trails that are perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. There’s something for everyone, from easy trails to more challenging ones.

4 . Go Fishing – There are plenty of opportunities for fishing in and around Fort Myers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you’ll find something to love.

5 . Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding – Get out on the water and enjoy the views of Fort Myers from a different perspective. There are plenty of kayaking and paddle boarding rentals available in the area.

6 . Take a Guided Tour – Whether you’re interested in history, nature, fishing or outdoor fun there are guided tours available for everyone.

7 . Enjoy the Nightlife – There are plenty of bars and clubs to enjoy in Fort Myers. If you’re looking for something laid back, there are also some great casual venues here.

8 . Stay at a Pet-friendly Hotel – Many of the hotels and motels in Fort Myers are pet-friendly, however you’ll want to call ahead during high season to make sure they have availability.

14 Best Restaurants In Fort Myers You Must Try (Local Favorite Spots!)


While there are a lot of reasons to visit Fort Myers, what tops it all are its best restaurants. From seafood to Italian to Mexican, there’s something for everyone. So the next time you’re looking for a great place to eat, Fort Myers should be at the top of your list!